Entry 328: The Scarecrow’s Stare

Hang them right

Skin them well

Add the straw

The correct outfit as well

Curse them now

Put them in place

Make sure to give them a smile

Even if you must carve it into their face…

Then put them out

Let them wait

Anything wandering around

Will soon meet its fate

Be it children



Perhaps the lost…

They who enter the fields

Will die there as well



Put into processing as well…

They’ll soon join our family

Protecting us,

From all manner of Hell…

So if you think

Late at night,

Wandering the fields

Seems fun

Never forget,

They lurk out there

Always watching,

You can never escape…

-The Scarecrow’s Stare-


Entry 327: For My Father: Ghosts Of The Past

I heard my fathers voice

I entered the derelict ship

I thought I might find him…


It appears if he’s here

He’s somewhere deeper within

I feel this is a trap


I could never give up on him!

What if he’s here?

What if he’s still alive?

These thoughts

Drive me further inside…

A sickening air

Pervades this place

Something horrific happened here…

Something watches me

I can’t see it


I know it is there

Dad, if you’re alive

I pray for protection

While I walk inside


My radio goes off once again

This time it’s the voice

Of a child…


The voice plays back

Over & over again

I ponder if my radio has somehow picked up

On an old recording

Then, I see it…

Out of the corner of my eye at first

The girl stands,

Just out of sight…

Turning my light

Towards her face

I find nothing

Where once she stood in place…

Continuing deeper within the ship

My radio comes to life again



I hear my name spoken again & again…

The voice coming through

Sounds like a woman


I have your father…


*Radio falls silent*

Tapping upon the interface

Trying to get the voice again

Clearly a trap


I’ll never give up on him…

My radio is dead,

It won’t even turn on

A door opens before me

Into darkness I walk

I try my flashlight

Still, it doesn’t penetrate the shadows

Of the hall ahead…

Walking deeper inside

A silent prayer spoken…

I hear the giant doors slam behind me

As I walk in

Then a haunting laughter

…And darkness…

…Envelop me…

-For My Father: Ghosts Of The Past-

Entry 326: The Elevator

Down and down the elevator goes

Deeper & deeper the despair grows

All the good deeds

Meant nothing in the end

The secret things you did

Your silent sins

Are what fated you to the desolation

You are now facing…

The horror, the shock

The fear of the unknown

All are nothing

Compared to the reality you are about to be shown


…More desperate your soul now gets…

You’d never imagined

A soul could feel such dread.

Down, down, down

The elevator continues to go

Your past memories now overtaking

You fade in and out

As you begin to hear the screams grow


Further down you continue to go

Now you think

You aren’t sure if you want the elevator to keep going

Or you wish it would stop?


The screams are unnerving!

The pain,

The hate,

The sorrow

The sins…

All the souls are becoming more audible

In their torment…

How did it come to this?

You think to yourself

What led you to an elevator to Hell?

Perhaps it was the gambling?

Maybe just the greed?

Maybe it was the woman you left

To carry your seed

The child who grew up

With a mother who cried

The kid who grew with resentment

Till the day his mother died

She’d hung herself,

She lives down here now too

Your son now a killer

…All because of you…

People don’t care about their actions

Or sins

Till judgment comes

And they are sentenced to their ill fated end…

They know from birth

One day they’ll die

Yet most waste this chance

A chance at eternal life

Down, Down, Down…

The elevator continues to go

Your head is throbbing

You’re panic growing,


Yes…soon you’ll know…

The pain you wrought

The suffering you’ve sewn…

The elevator ride seems like it’ll never end

Little do you know

You’re already being tormented…

For part of your punishment

Was to go to a place without end

Forever afraid

Of that elevator stopping

In truth it moves eternally on


Left only with your thoughts

Listening to the screams of others suffering

Wishing your pain,

Your fear would end


Down, Down, Down

The elevator continues


-The Elevator-

Entry 325: My Play Things

The blood of the dead

Is so sweet…

I like to drain them slowly

Watching the life

Leave their eyes

I feel a rush

Most, exhilarating!

Be they hanging upside down

Or laying open,

Draining into a bag

I…love…their faces!

So lifeless,

Like a beautiful piece of art

Grim, in the best sort of way

I’ve been asked,

Why don’t you just drink from the necks?

Like most vampires might…

To this I say


…It would be boring…

I prefer to watch the twitching of the body

The hopelessness as they realize there is no escape

The feeling of dread

In the event I choose to cut them open

The life, as I’ve said…

…Leaving them…

What’s the point of doing the typical thing?

Living up to the stereotype of society?

I like to be unique

I love to do something fresh

One might call it playing with my food

I call it


I’ve been doing this for thousands of years

I won’t stop soon



I do not waste the bodies


I use them to decorate

Sometimes I hang them for others to see

Other times

I prop them up

In my museum…

Forever preserving those ones

So future victims can see

The beautiful art

Of Death…

…That I’ve created…

I won’t lie though,

Sometimes I use it to gloat

Show the other vampires

They’ve got nothing on me…

Most are boring

Many a time,

I toy with them as well

Life is nice

When you’re a queen

I do so love…

-My Play Things-

Entry 324: Hate

It starts as rational thought

It breaks into something that is not

First it’s an opinion

Then, it’s crazed

Perhaps you’re just having a bad day

You think…

Then, that simple opinion

Becomes so much more

You become enraged

You don’t even understand why anymore

The next thing you know

You are pushed further still

The emotional outbursts

Soon lead to your first kill…

It spreads from there,

Every person around you

Each one you encounter

Infected by your despair…

It was just an emotion

An opinion in the beginning you thought

That was before you took a knife

To the person

In your bedroom…

Here you stand,

You’ve turned on the news

The infection is growing inside of you

It’s clear it has made its way to the rest of the world too

Madness is taking over

No one understands why

None of them can think clearly

Act in a manner rational to their fellow man

They only wish to fight

To bring about pain!

It escelates…

No one knows why

Sure, there are opinions & reasons

Or so they are projected all the time…

Ultimately, however,

It is too late

Without rational thought

So grows the hate

The disease was implanted long ago

This is just the nature of humanity

…Or so it goes…

In truth,

I’ve been there all along

Whispering your never ending sweet suffering


…You’ll all kill one another off for me…


Entry 323: In This Place We Kill

There is a room

A happy place

Where people go


…Take care of their frustrations…

In it

There are a set of tools

Tools used,

To vent ones dissatisfactions

If  you happen

Into this place

Wait your turn

You’ll have your time & place

Go into the room

Only if you’ve got nothing left to give

Nothing worth the life you live

For in this place

You are promised your revenge

You are promised

The ability to end things…

If a soul,

Did something terrible

If they…

Got away with it

Then you can summon them here

Be they living or dead

To make them feel the pain

You believe they deserve,

To be getting…

Know though,

You should only do so if you’re sure

The punishment is worth the cost

For you will give your soul in trade

To Hell you will be damned

Eternity will be painful


It’s nothing for someone who’s lost everything


-In This Place We Kill-

Entry 322: The Broadcast

A tune went out

We all heard it well

The tune spoke to us

It said to KILL!!!!!

So as soon as it was broadcast

The killing began in mass!

Murder grew

The body count did too

Yet, no one stopped to consider

Where the broadcast we heard had come from

Nor why,

It caused us to commit murder.


It stopped one day

Only the lives that remained

Were left calm at first,

Then horror struck at what they did!

Followed by the ponderings of what came next?

The broadcast had ended as suddenly as it began

Man & woman killed until then

Your religion,

Your views of world peace

None of it mattered when you heard the signal call out

Some killed themselves after the fact

Assuming they were going to hell after their acts


Some lived broken but, survivors none the less

All pondered

How, where & why

The broadcast had played?

What was the origin of its existence?

Was it a live test ?

For something military?

Why did it stop?

All answers we will forever wonder about

-The Broadcast-