Entry 320: They Call Us The Crimson Dread

I like to draw them out

Take them slowly,

Many a man has been in my bed

None have left

…In one piece…

I like to take the blood

Use it to create the paint

The crimson look, I splash upon

My instruments,

Makes me feel complete…

The skin I twist & tweak

Till it meets my needs

Eventually it will play the most beautiful tune

…For the violins & cellos within my symphony…

I take the meat

Using it as a feast for those who play

Together we eat the meat

Praying a blessing

Just before each symphony…

The souls I keep

Each one consumed

Giving to the sound,

The audience caught in our allure

As silently the souls scream songs…

Such is the nature of each concert

As slowly I draw them in

The men for which I bed

…Their sins never forgiven…

I kill women too

Though they I kill with song…

Suffer the souls do with each note

Every new soul taken added within

Making the perfect sound

For which to kill with again…

We’ve played many a symphony

Some to gain new souls

Others for the already dead

We played for the leader of Death

During their coronation…

We’ve played for the Devil

At Gates Of Hell

Watching as the sinners begged

Mercy be on our souls!

Forgive us our sins!

The beautiful soliloquy of Death I sang

Promised no mercy would be given

Everywhere our songs are heard

All know we are skilled

I lead each symphony

You can call me Red

…The rest of those who hear us…

-They Call Us The Crimson Dread-


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