Entry 119: On The Eve It Comes

*Distant bell tolls*


Listen now kid…you hear that?

If it’s vengeance you seek

Look for the Clocktower and its king!

I heard the words of the Devil In Black

Knowing there was no chance of ever going back

So it was I asked…

What is it I need to do?

A wicked smile came across this Devil’s face

The kind that would make others rethink the choices they are making

I knew though, there was no going back

Likely, Hell is what waited for me after this

First, you need to get inside the Clocktower kid

It just so happens that is something I can do for you

You should be warned though sir…

Once in, there is no coming back

Is this still the destiny of your choosing kid?

I watched the Devil oh so close

His eyes showed he hid something

Still, I did not care

I’d made my choice back when I killed myself

I knew, vengeance was my only drive…

Hell could wait a little longer yet

Yes, I told the Devil as he exhaled smoke from his cigarette

Well then, wait a little longer yet

I’ll get you in kid


The warning signs were there

Everyone was screaming

The bells foretold it’s forthcoming

The Clocktower comes

Ren! Snap out of it!


You’ve been all zoned out

Didn’t you hear?

There’s a soul on the loose!

Refocusing it all made sense

The vision, Sara’s rush

Retaliation hit me like a flood!

If that’s the case, I need to hurry up!

I shot up and ran away

I had to find Sara…before it was too late…


The bell tolled…I couldn’t find the kid anywhere

I suppose in a way it should have been a sign of things

There was no way I could let this kid escape!

I had to find him before it was too late…

The Heart Collector, poor kid

No wonder he made the decisions he made

I couldn’t let him get away though

Something far worse was coming

The bell tolling it was an all to obvious sign

The Clocktower was coming

I couldn’t let that soul run free

Not at all, but especially not with the Clocktower coming!

I’ve lost all trace of him though…

I can only hope to find him soon

For on the horizon the Clocktower looms

-On The Eve It Comes-


Entry 118: I Deal In Souls

You call upon my name

You want something

You must know these things come at a price

Still here we are in the dark of the night

Promisese made, souls soon to be claimed

I’m pretty sure I’m having a good time

So go ahead, what will it be?

Do you need to win that election?

Perhaps you want the looks to attract that certain someone?

Whatever you need, just call upon me

I’ll help you out

There is no doubt

For a time

You’ll live like a God


When the time on that contract is up

You are nothing more than a burned out husk

Some drugged up musician, or celebrity

I’ll be there right in your ear

Whispering your death is near

It is time to collect payment

No escape, no place to hide

Go ahead and cry, it will do nothing

Like a fresh piece of meat

My hounds will feed

They’ll drag your soul to eternity

Should’ve read the the fine print I guess

Perhaps suffered through life instead

Or I don’t know…attained your dreams through hard work?

Ah well, hope you enjoy your eternal hell

Onto the next soul who needs something so desperately…

What would you do for the one thing you want most?

If your feeling desperate enough

Just summon me up

I’m sure we can work out something

Instance gratification for you

An eternity of fun for me


So…what is it you want most?

-I Deal In Souls-

Entry 117: The Devil & The Kid: It All Began With A Knock


I awoke to this sound

It was the last thing I heard before they went to the ground

My parents soaked in blood

It killed them…

It smiled with glee

My mothers and fathers blood…

Still dripping from its teeth!

I stared in fear as I saw it ripping out their hearts

This man, pale as Death, he smiled and said:

I’m a collector of hearts…these are mine now…

I’ll admit, it was a strange thing for this man shaped monster to say

Most notably to a 7 year old, even one with advanced intelligence

It left me there without another word

The Heart Collector, that’s what I’d learn he was called

A gamble most desperate was the one I was going to make

In the hopes I’d fine a way to change everything

I searched for this killer in my own time

To no avail, for of him I could no longer find

Then one day a piece of paper came in the mail

It was addressed from a place called Black Winter

The letter simply said:

Come to Black Winter and perhaps you’ll find The Heart Collector

The one responsible for taking your families life…

I won’t lie to you kid…it’s going to cost you something…

Your life

Looking down now, I soon saw it was signed

The Devil In Black

I had been staying with my Aunt

She was quite the lush

I took a month, thought long and hard

Every night it haunted me…

I saw my dead parents

That monster, carrying their hearts

Internally, I felt like my soul was being ripped apart

I woke up in a sweat one night



Not like I had much left going for me in life anways…

Passed out drunk, it was easy for me

To gain access to the death I seeked

My Aunt’s drunk stupor making her oblivious to everything!

I took a stool and went to the medicine cabinet

It was there I found my Aunt’s collections of sleeping pills

The childproof cap was no match for me

What I did next was surely something for which many will judge me

I took all the pills and went to sleep…


It was here I met Death…or one of them

She looked at me and said

My name is Sara, I’m here for your soul

I will never understand how someone so young

Could do something like this

Though, it isn’t my place to judge

Follow me…I’m sorry kid

I said nothing, simply waited

Soon enough we were there

Welcome To Black Winter the sign had said

Slowly this lady of Death escorted me

Looking around, I saw many things

A lively town, but one of suffering

It was pretty quickly I realized

My post mortem fate, likely wasn’t going to be good

So, what I did next shouldn’t surprise anyone…

We came to a building, taller than the tallest skyscraper I’d ever seen

It was a castle, and as we walked through the courtyard I saw two men

Playing a game of Chess

There was a woman watching too, but none seemed to notice us…

We arrived at the huge black doors and it was here I made my move

I’m sorry mam, I know you don’t understand but I must find him

Do you know who The Heart Collector is?

The woman stopped and she turned to me with a look of shock!

It was then I said:

He took my parents lives…I did this, because,


I threw myself at her, she seemed even more surprised

As my head hit her gut, and I turned and ran

The look in her eyes had said all I needed to know

She knew of this soul

I made a run for it, not sure where to go next

When suddenly I heard in my head…

Hey kid…turn left.

On instinct that’s what I did

Straight into a black void of nothingness…

I came upon the other side into a dark cathedral

Looking up, there he sat, smiling he said:

Nice to meet you kid…I’m The Devil In Black

-The Devil & The Kid: It All Began With A Knock-


Entry 116: Homicidal House Wife

I’m Betty Sue Home Maker to you

I’ll make you some coffee

Get you some food

Do everything a good house wife will do

I’ll say please

Do everything you need

All I want to do is please my husband true

Yes, that’s what a good wife should do

You’ll go out with the boys

Come home late at night

Smelling of Alcohol & dare I say

Another woman’s scent

Oh you look so spent

Poor soul, your life must be so hard

Working all day

Playing with those you wish to play

No worries though

I just want you to know

Like Jekyll and Hyde

I have another side

Once I’m sick of you

Betty Sue Home Maker goes away


Then the real me comes out to play

Just call me…


You are all passed out

I have a knife

I wake you so you can


I cut off your genitals

You let out a scream

Like the woman you know

I do what any good wife would do

I cauterize the wound

You pass out from shock

When you awake I have you bound and tied

I cooked you up a wonderful treat

I make you eat your manhood

A smile on my face

Then I murder and bury you

On to husband number 2

This guy he was so sweet

Doing everything he could to please me

Months we spent in love with one another

He proposes and I say yes

A good housewife wants to please her man

Oh, please him I did…

Our marriage went on for a year or two

Things were perfect

He loved me true

There was just one problem

In bed I found him lacking

So Betty Sue Homemaker grew tired of this

Out comes


Getting him into bed

Giving him perfect head

Riding him perfectly too

Oh the things I want to do to you!

So I tie you up under the guise of trying something new

I then take my knife to you

I cut you up, stab and watch you bleed

All while fucking you violently

Your screams are pure ecstasy

I thank you kindly

Post mortem as I’m disposing of your body

All covered in your blood

I cum

Would you look at that

Oh my

It seems you finally pleased me

I say to the remaining pieces of your body!

Oh well, next husband please?

This drew all sorts of attention

I was arrested

Taken to court

I found my next husband there

With a wink, a cute smile indeed

I played the jury so exquisitely

They found me Not Guilty

I had my way with…

The Prosecuting Attorney

In the bathroom all nice all nice and dirty

We played and he eventually became

Husband number 3

Our marriage was perfect

So was the sex


He was also married to work

Aimed to be

The greatest prosecuting attorney

Black Winter would ever see

Instead the headline read

Prosecuting Attorney lost his head

In shocking accident!

The world saw, the perfect wife

Little did they know Betty Sue Homemaker

Had another side


One second I’m a good soul

Next you are dead


Playing Betty Sue Home Maker

I aim to please

Before killing you with glee

No one…ever truly suspecting me


Would you be my next husband please?


-The Homicidal House Wife-






Entry 115: My Throne Of Bones

Sitting upon my throne of bones

I hear all sorts of things

The suffering of the dead

The agony of their screams

Memories flash of horrors past

Many of them atrocities

They try to say I’m the most evil thing

Yet they were the ones that chose their misery

Every year they come here

Hoping for a future brighter than they have

Always seeking an escape

They find a much worse fate

It is in my Clocktower they learn true suffering

The madness they endure

Their cries of pain

Not a single one of them knows anything about true agony!

The souls of the failed deceased speak to me

In hopes that I feel sympathy for their plight

Their souls grinding eternally in this place

The cogs of a machine truly demented and maddening

Not even they understand TRUE SUFFERING!

Sitting upon my throne of bones

I suffer every day

No one truly understanding the meaning of my fate

I have no doubt that soon enough

Another soul will come to challenge fate

Some soul will believe they can find escape

I wish they would succeed in getting to where I sit

Perhaps then, they will understand the truth of this place

Perhaps…I can finally know peace

Likely though the screams of failure

Will continue to echo from these walls

Another body to decorate this place

Another failure who will beg me for an escape

Surely they must realize The Clocktower King

Can not end their suffering

I sit upon this throne of bones being the only soul

Who truly suffers in this place

I being the only one who knows the truth that waits

Should a soul ever find themselves…

At the feet of my eternal suffering

October is coming soon

No doubt another soul from Black Winter will try again

To escape that place

Someone tries every year in all realities

Here I will sit upon my throne of bones

Hoping they will succeed in getting to me…

-My Throne Of Bones-

















Entry 114: The Violinist

On and on and on she plays

Every nightmare you’ve ever had

Fueled by the tune of her song

The Violinist knows all your fears

Every time she plays a beat

You will twist and turn in sleep filled suffering

A smile very sweet

The young violinist plays a concert you won’t forget

The sound of her violin creating your nightmare fueled insanity!

Should you dream of her twisted smile

It’ll be the last thing you see

Dragged to the darkest depths of your imagination

Trapped there eternally

There will be no escape for you

Just an eternity of nightmares from which…

…You will never wake…

-The Violinist-

Entry 113: Behind The Scythe #2: Ren

Here I sit playing this game

I had hoped the old man playing me

Would have thought it too cliche

To challenge a Reaper to a game of Chess

Seriously, look at this guy

He has no wife, no kids

Nothing left to go back to

They are all here with me

They all died in a landslide

This prick wanted his family to move on!

He pulls me aside and says

Wait, I want to ask you something if that is okay?

Go on my family I will catch up

I am slightly amused that he thinks they are going anywhere

If they tried they’d just be lost

They wouldn’t know where to go and only bad comes of that

Looking at the old croon who waved me over I come up to him and he whispers

Take my family where they need to go, I challenge you for my soul…

…I want a chance at life again…

Don’t tell that crazy old bat though!

That’s my wife if you didn’t know…

I feel a headache coming on old man!

How are you even privy to this information?

I’m not…figured it couldn’t hurt to try!


According to Article 132b Subsection 6

A Reaper is not required to tell a soul about the Game rule

However…if challenged said Reaper must comply

Basically you old bag of wind


It doesn’t say I have to be nice about it though….

A smile in his eyes he says

I choose Chess!

Well fine, I’ll be back

Out of the blue I heard another annoying voice say



OKAY! BYE! *Whispers* Don’t mind him, he’s having a bad day

I’m the guy you want to have take you to the next place anyways…


Soon after he disappears

As he does a table appears

In its center lay a single Chess board

Soon after comes two chairs

Also an all too excited Gina appears…



The man smiles and nods…he seems too entertained




I didn’t bother to tell her she enjoyed her job way too much

For the next seemingly eternity we waited for this old man to make a move…

Then he made the most obvious one!

What took you so long to move your pawn?

It’s a game of souls…I have a lot riding on this…

The look in his eyes was dead serious

Confused I made my move

So, what is it you need to go back for?

Old Lester gave me a smile and said…

I’m keeping that close to the vest young man

What’s it like doing what you do?

Intrigued by his next move I said

I’m in the business of souls, what do you think it’s like?

What aren’t you telling me old man?

We played our game of Chess

As we did our game of conversation continued…

I’d say there is a fair bit to be intrigued about playing this game of Chess

Not everyday you play a game of Chess against Death…

Fair enough, it’s an eternal fate of escorting souls to where they need to go


Is it like an office? Do you have a boss?

Yes, your point?

Curious is all…

Back and forth the game continued

I couldn’t help but feel something wasn’t right

Enough with the stall old man, you are going to lose

I invoke a timed duel…

Gina smiled with delight and said

Timed Duel approved! Participants have 10 seconds to make a move

If you don’t make a move in this time, YOU LOSE!

I wanted to smile but the old man just sped up his game

He was quite good at this…

You been playing Chess your whole life?

Ever since I was 2, and I’m 98 now so…

I get it, you’ve been at it a while

To answer your question from earlier I have many a boss

I may look young but I’ve been in the field for 900 years today…

I’m up for a promotion…it would be a nice change from my everyday

Interesting…well good luck to you. I’m going back though so…

You seem quite confident old man, especially since you are losing

A smile crossed his face like he knew what was going to happen next…

He made a curious move then suddenly Sara ran by…

I forgot about the timed duel…

It all happened so fast

I was distracted by Sara’s pace, and what I felt from her…

Something was very wrong…

I felt dread, saw a kid, then…

The vision ended with…


FUCK! Congrats you old coot…do you mind my asking…

What is it you are headed back for?

With a grand smile he said…

I want to drink all the booze I can and live in peace until I die again!



Fair is fair, go back, just know you can only invoke the game of souls once

Next time, you are done…

Corporate is going to displeased

So much for that promotion…

-Behind The Scythe #2: Ren-




Entry 112: Zack & Jack #1: Recess Fun

I see him some nights

He hides in shadows

For he is shadows

I call him Jack

He claims to be my friend

I believe him

I was at school the other day

I’m in first grade

Recess is my favorite time of day

Mostly because

There is a girl I like

Her name is Tara

She is always so sweet

We play together at recess

Then there is a bully

His name is Max and he is really mean

I told Jack about Max and he promised me he’d help

Tara came up to me wanting to play

Max said I’d best stay away

Tara said Max you don’t own me

Max shoved Tara to the ground

I got angry

It’s a rule, no fighting in school

Jack says it’s not breaking the rules if he does it for me

I watched Max’s shadow change

Shortly after that there was a lot of warm red stuff all over me

I think I saw something covered in red ripped from Max’s chest

There was lot’s of screams and the other kids ran

Tara didn’t though

She said Zack, I like your friend

That was sweet of you to call him to help

I don’t think we will have to worry about Max again

I remember getting a funny feeling when she kissed me on the cheek

The other kids were still running and screaming and the teachers grabbed us

Recess is the best

I went inside and Tara sat next to me smiling when a thought entered my mind

Jack, you don’t think I’ll get cooties do you?

-Zack & Jack #1: Recess Fun-



Entry 111: The Clocktower

Do you hear that sound?

It sounds like a chime

Soon followed by a scream

Ending in the toll of The Death Bell

The Clocktower appears once a year

It remains for 31 days

In Black Winter October is the month

At precisely midnight is when you first hear

The sounds of the Clocktower as it first appears

Once heard it is guaranteed it will begin its work

For every hour that goes by it will scream

And every hour someone in Black Winter will be dead

Their soul will be absorbed by the tower itself

An eternity of torment & suffering their fate

Fueling the madness The Clocktower brings

This isn’t all the Clocktower brings though

No, it is said it draws souls from other worlds

Acting as a gateway it hurls them into

Black Winter where they wait

Perhaps eternally…

You may say to yourself that souls wind up in Black Winter

All the time…

So what’s so special about this?

Well it is said though it brings souls here

It also brings potential escape

If you are willing to take a chance

Go to the Clocktower and gamble your fate

If you manage to get inside

You will have till the end of the month

To escape…

The catch is if you fail

You will suffer an unimaginably tortured fate

One with which there will be no escape

You see, though you will have the month to escape

Every hour, the inner workings of the Clocktower change

A product of the souls it takes

None have yet reached the top

Cries of suffering being all they’ve accomplished

There stands a shadow sometimes seen

Standing on a beam hanging just off the Clocktowers top

It is unknown it’s purpose

Or why it gazes down below

It just comes out and stares on occassion

Until finally once more it returns

Into the black walls of the Clocktowers halls

Do you dare chance fate?

If so, the Clocktower awaits once a year

Perhaps giving you your chance at freedom…

-The ClockTower-











Entry 110: The Perfect Host

What’s that feeling while you sleep?

An itch, a crawl, maybe it’s nothing at all?

A buzzing began not too long ago

Something that started out slight

A low hum

Ignoring it, you went to the mirror

Dawned on your mask

Did that makeup

Stared at your own 19 year old ass

My what a remarkable beauty you are

Men call you baby

Your real name is Katie

They fall over themselves for you

I would too were I anything like them

I suppose in a way, we are quite the same

You got an A in anatomy

I got one in manipulation and psychology

I love to watch someone so innocent and sweet

Fall to the wiles of my corruption

You could have never have known when you saw me that day

Just what my real intentions really were

I remember you, dressed all cute, covering almost everything

You couldn’t hide that ass, though you tried

Your eyes a deep blue, mine an emerald green

I knew the moment our eyes met, you would be my next

So I came up to you, fiery red hair glowing

You were entranced, when you asked me helplessly

Can we be friends?

I of course said yes, knew you would be the perfect soul

A good girl, that would soon change

I spent the rest of your first year of college making that change happen

We became real friends, I built up your confidence

Summer came, you asked me to stay around town

I told you, I hadn’t planned to leave

I would however be out of touch

You could call me if you needed to talk

Abscense makes the heart grow fonder after all

Summer came and went

You called me every night

Some nights I’d answer

Others I would let the phone ring endlessly

You left the sweetest messages

I listened to them all

Your voice let me know it was time to make my move

So first day of Fall semester I did just that

Freshly back for another year of college

I came up to you

I took you by the back of that lovely dark hair

Curly locks in hand, I drug you into the women’s bathroom

Two women, friends, becoming something more quite quickly

You said you didn’t know what was happening but I knew you liked it

I was your first and last kiss, though you don’t know that quite yet

You missed your first class, I was finally able to tap that fine ass

The things we did in that bathroom that day

It would make the most sexually explicit soul




You have been scratching your skin while you sleep

It’s subtle and something you haven’t noticed until tonight

You’ve awoken, something is crawling under your skin

You go to that mirror and strip down to nothing

Surely this must be a dream

Something seems to be crawling underneath that flawless skin

I can see it through your eyes, as you are about to find out

It is going to be quite the surprise

Staring closely you look in the mirror and find

There are tiny things crawling in your eyes!

No worries, they will be out soon

Death will be coming for you

Thank you my sweet Katie

It was over the moment we locked lips

One kiss, a million of my eggs

Poor thing, you fell in love with me

You told me about our future plans

You said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me

That buzzing in your head is quickly becoming a migraine

You can feel the eggs hatching, maggots are falling out of your nose

You are crying in misery

Vomiting up insects

Falling to the floor

You die as more of my eggs hatch and things now feast on your dead body

Now that you are nothing more than a meal

You should know

I always knew…

You’d be the perfect host

-The Perfect Host-