Entry 269: 14-9-7-8-20-13-1-18-5

You’ve awoken

How do you feel?

Is the world a beautiful place?

Is it even real?

No doubt you’d like to stand on your beliefs

No doubt you are thinking, where could I possibly be?

I have the answers you seek

Even those you don’t realize, you need

In order to learn the truth

I require a simple sacrifice from you…


Two holograms of two earths stand before your sight

Choose one…

Left or Right?


Q&A #1

You hold the world in the palm of your hands soul.

If you crush it, everyone dies save for you and one other of your choosing.

The world and time resets, (in a way) and you can rebuild humanity and the world how you want.

In a way this makes you a God.

Do you crush the world and start anew or do you save the world and let it be, hoping for a brighter futur for humanity yet?

Please souls, let me know what you do and why.