Entry 402: Savanna

Rest easy my friend…

This is where your story in this place ends…

I know it all seems pain and misery

Rest assured it’ll less painful than you believe…

Listen closely do you hear that sound?

Can you hear her voice and the choir as it sounds?

She’ll be playing that guitar

As you are closing in on the end

It won’t be long now…

Rest easy, listen closely & listen to the sound…

Her beautiful voice singing and the strum of her guitar

Rest easy listen to the accompanying choir now

Know peace

It won’t be long now…

Soon you’ll be in a better place

No more pain

No more stress

No more playing this game…

Soon you’ll be happy as can be

Your soul departed from your body…

Yes listen to Savanna as she sings

Her voice will wash away all the pain and misery

Listen to her strum

The guitar calling you like a Mother calls to her young

Close your eyes

Don’t worry about your breath

Soon enough you’ll have no regrets

Peacefully and gently you’ll go

All your pain & misery

…Will be no more…

She’s coming to collect

She has good news for you yet…

Listen to her voice as the choir dies down

Listen as her last strings play

Your soul will soon be in a much better place

…No more pain or misery or regret…

She’s just around the bend

She’ll take you to a better place my dear friend

…They call her…