Entry 292: Tape 3

*Playback begins*

What is that sound?

Do you hear it?

I’ve been in this place

For a decade or more

Still it lurks

Still it roars!

The walls shake

I can’t see outside

It’s been a long time

Since I’ve seen true light.

Something is high above

Sometimes I can hear screams


I swear,

It watches me sleep!

How is this possible?

Could it even be truth?

Surely there is no way

It could see me at all.


I’ve been in this bunker

For quite a long time

Cold, concrete walls

Very dim lights.

I don’t remember much

I awoke in this place alone

I’ve never seen another soul


Yet, outside,

They all scream!

They all cry!

Something is out there

Killing them


*Flesh peeling*


I’ve had this incurable itch!

It gets so bad


I have to peel my flesh!

The flesh grow back

The itching seems gone

Then it happens again,

In a different place!

Nothing makes sense anymore

Nothing is right.

Sometimes it all becomes too much

I’ve tried to take my own life!

If I do though,

Be it gun to the head,

Slitting of the wrists,

Taking all the pills & vodka I have,



It matters not…

I always awake,

Wounds always heal

I can hear its roaring

I can hear their screams

I itch

I feel it within my mind

JUST LET ME DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Bunker shakes*

*Playback ends*

-Tape 3-


Entry 291: Some Call Us Death

I am one of many

We all do our part

Keeping a fine balance

Perfecting our art

We are given a bad rep

Many hate what we are

Still we keep going

In spite of it all.

For every person

Regardless of age

Will receive our visit

At the time in which their story

Is on its last page.

Quite often they won’t see it

It’s the twist at the end

Just know when you reach it

It’s easier,

If you just give in.

Young or old

Good or evil

It matters not

Everyone has a finite amount of time

Ticking off their clock.


Once you’ve passed on

Only then will you know

What your life has wrought

So relax,

We aren’t the evil you see

We’re merely doing our job…

-Some Call Us Death-

Entry 290: The Grave

Day 1

We thought it was a lot of fun

Praying to the one who was 6 feet below

A witch they said

Someone who could give you anything

For a simple price

Pray to her

It would change your life!

Day 2

The money turned up

My bank account showed

I was a trillionare

Though cliche’ to wish for money

It may seem,

I thought I’d go with an outrageous amount

Figuring nothing would happen.

Day 3

Anna told me her Mother had returned

She’s been dead for 5 years

We visited her

She was in pristine condition

No memory issues

Save for not knowing she was ever dead

We had dinner with her that night

…Everything seemed fine…

Day 4

Brandon showed off his new car

It was a beauty

Gifted to him

Taxes payed

All of it from praying to the one

In the grave…

Day 5

I returned to the grave

Praying to the one 6 feet below

I heard her whispers

They said,

Offer me your blood

I’ll grant you anything.

I did as she said,

A blood pact made

My crush


Called professing his secret love for me!

Day 6

Anna’s Mom made us a cake

Zack & I went on our first date

This was perfect

The rumors were true!

The one below will grant you anything!

Day 7

Anna won’t reply back

I’ve texted her throughout the day

Still, nothing.

Day 8

Zack & I made out

We were gonna take it a step further


We got a call

It was Brandon’s Mother

…He was in a wreck…

At the scene

…He was pronounced dead…

Day 9

…Something isn’t right…

I was eating my slice of cake

Suddenly something squirmed inside

I spit it out!

Maggots were inside!

Examining the cake

Closer still

I found an eye

The color matches Anna’s!!!!!

Day 10

Anna was on the news this morning

She was dead

Baked into the cake

Sent to us,

Her Mother’s still lifeless corpse

Sat in a chair,

Seemingly having been eating cake.

Day 11

I visited her again

I had to know, what was happening?!

I prayed to her

Asking for her to fix the wrongs

Make everything how it was again

She told me pray harder still

Day 12 was fast approaching

Day 12

Out of curiosity I checked

My Bank Account

Nothing was there

A withdrawal had come

It was Zack

He’d stolen my information

He took the money from my account

He even called to tell me what he did

Bragged about how I was so stupid!

He left me

…For a girl named June…

Day 13

I heard the one below again

She spoke to me of how to right everything again

Slice my throat from ear to ear

Promise my soul eternally

I had nothing left to lose

I did as she said

Day 14

I awoke

My first day

In her grave

She walked above

I rotted below


A dead soul

Eternally locked


-The Grave-

Entry 289: Hunger, Hunger…

Hunger, hunger

I wish to eat

Hunger, hunger

That one looks like it’d make for a delicious treat!

Hunger, hunger

You won’t be a bother for long.

Hunger, hunger

Oh look, there’s two of them!

Hunger, hunger

Watch them walk to school,

Hunger, hunger

Hide among them.

Hunger, Hunger

They’ve returned home

Hunger, hunger

I’m drooling!

Hunger, hunger

Wait for them to go to sleep

Come from the secret place

Skin them alive

Slink away!

Hunger, hunger

The taste of their skin

Is perfect on my tongue.

Hunger, Hunger


Hunger, hunger

You once plagued me so

Hunger, Hunger

Their flesh has me feeling such

…No more…

-Hunger, Hunger-



Entry 288: They Are Always Smiling

Have you seen them?

Do you hear their call?

I swear they are up there!

The damn heathens ate my dog!

Late at night they scurry

They laugh!

I’ve banged upon my ceiling

Ran up to the attic myself

Still the damned things never stop!

We’re gonna eat you too!

You won’t know the night or day

There will be no real hint

No way to tell

Only the sudden sinking of our teeth

Into all your organs

The screams of your dying body

Torn to shreds

The sounds of our giggling!


The things they just said?

I always here them!

I try not sleep!

Still, sometimes I have to


They wait there


I’ve dreamed of them,

Swore they were already eating me!

Only to awake

To find them there staring,


They always smile!

Even as they lick their lips

Grinning with their sharp teeth

…They are waiting for me…

I almost had a heart attack

Not long ago

Simply out of the stress

They’ve put upon me.

I tried to call the police,

I’ve done it so many times

They & the neighborhood think me crazy!

I tried to move,

Leave one night


They threatened to kill my wife!

She left me,

Many years back.

She also thought me crazy

Then, her things she packed!

I thought it a blessing in a way

At least she’d be safe.

Then one night,

One of them came up to me smiling.

They put the DVD within the player

I quickly realizing

My wife was no safer.

A few of them had taped her

In her new place.

They breathed heavily



I wish I could sleep

I’m losing my mind!

Sometimes they whisper things.

The things they say they are going to do to her!

I wish not to fathom the truth

I know my time is soon!



I’m exhausted

My heart doesn’t feel right

I can see them lurking in the shadows

Eyes glowing,

Teeth sharp,

A look of want in their eyes.

I think tonight is the night.

It has to be


I awoke to a screaming sound

Before me eyes

My dead wifes head rolled around!



I’ve tried harming them but, nothing works!

A great feeling of unease overtakes my mind.

They say they have my child

She’ll be one of them soon.

All hope has left me.

The only thing I have left,

Is the sight of these heathens

Tearing into my wifes flesh.

I see her entrails scattered

Their attention now turning completely to me


They whisper to me…

Soon vanishing

I can’t get the images out of my mind

…The damned heathens…

-They Are Always Smiling-

Entry 287: The Monsters Teeth

Here I stand upon the ground

Blades of grass sticking out

Up high above

The single eyed beast stares upon me

This eye sees all

The grass testing, waiting.

In all existence none could see

All along the monster lurking.

It seemed of peace

We seemed the only intelligent life

Some questioned why?

Most, never gaining an answer

Until the day it revealed itself

The reason for our existence

The point of never finding another intelligence was simple

It let us live

All along believing ourselves the only intelligence

In existence.

It waited


Allowing us to learn,

To grow

Upon its body.

We did not see the truth

For how could we

If you told someone the truth

Had you actually known it

No one would believe you.


Calling you mad,

You’d likely wind up locked away

The world forgetting you


Humanity anyways.

There I stare, stuck in place

One eye closing

Darkness growing

The next eye watching high overhead.

The night,

The thing so many fear

Slowly it feeds upon us.

All those years we thought ourselves safe.

Simple souls

Living upon this place.

The monster watched,

Smiling all along

Knowing it’d one day consume us.

You might say


Brought about peace


All the souls that lived a full life were lucky?

The jokes on you…

The monster merely reincarnating your souls

Flavoring you for the inevitable.


All this time

Every time you died

Your memories were locked deep within

Everything you do

Giving a different hint and flavor.

You’ve been a baby many times,

Fallen in love,

Killed before,

Lived all kinds of lives.

The truth is you were merely marinating

As I’ve stated before,

A delicious treat

The Monster savoring the wait

Oh how delicious you’ll all taste

It would think!

I can not look at the moon

Nor the stars

In any way the same as before.

They were mere liars

More teeth

Parts of the beast

Waiting for the next meal


Perhaps you understand my words at present moment?

Perhaps you are extremely confused?

None of that matters for

No God will save you.

The Universe has been here all along

A monster in wait

Soon it will consume all

Soon its appetite will be sated.

It’s folding in on itself

It will all begin & end in the same way

A big bang will rip us to pieces

Our souls consumed

The monster will slumber

Birthing again

A new universe growing the next meal

Letting it simmer for eons


Intelligent life will begin anew

Not likely human.

They’ll never see it happening either

They’ll never know the truth

The previous evidence consumed,

All along the monster will lurk

Waiting to awake again.

Histories, wars, timelines

Creating strife

Flavoring the souls for the inevitable end

The souls upon that new universe

Will never understand

…Their history means nothing…

They are but food

…Living upon…

-The Monsters Teeth-

Entry 286: Betsy Smiles

Hey there

Why so sad?

How about you turn that frown

Upside down!

I’ve got just the thing

I think you’ll need

In order to live

Forever happy!

Here you go

Have this toy

It’ll surely make you a happy little boy

While you’re at it

Look at the smile upon my face

See the happy blood soaked tears

Embrace my gaze.

Yes, there you go

Now, let me inside your home.

Unlock the door

Together we’ll go upstairs

Walk into your parents room

Make them smile too

Oh, you’re just gonna LOVE the things we’ll do!

I’ll give you all the toys you could ever want


You’ll help me saw the bodies…


Together we’ll take the body parts

Create a doll,

Reanimate it,



We’ll then all leave

Moving on to the next happy family!

I think this time we’ll take a chainsaw to them!




The next kid will mean you’ll have a friend

I just love kids!



I believe mommy & daddy will make a good stew

Try some

…Do you like it?…


One more house

This one is going to be a special one too!

Then, we’ll go home

The world will never forget you.

What do we do with this family, you ask?

That’s simple kids!

We’ll wake them!

First though,

We need to strap them down

Then we’ll awaken them,

Smile at them too!

Show them, we’re happy clowns!

Then we get our latest friend

To pour gasoline all over them!


We record it,

Smiling all along!

We’ll need one camera for their deaths

Another for the smiles we’ll show


After we leave

The whole world will see

What a great show we’ve created!

*Lights Match & sets family on fire*

They’ll all smile soon enough.

You’ll see.

One day

*Dark laughter*

…They’ll join us…

-Betsy Smiles-