Entry 408: From Her Soul

From her soul came a sound

From her soul came an epiphany most profound!

From her soul were uttered the words heard only once

Words so powerful

All who heard them

Became one

In her words they found a flame

An all consuming fire

One that still burns them today

From her soul they now cry

Imprisoned but, happy.


No one can say for sure


Should you hear her words you will join them as well

They smile in their torment

Their flesh burned again and again

They laugh in their punishment

A grin most disturbing

Simply seeing such is enough

To end ones life

A price given willingly…

From her soul you’ll hear a name

A name so profound it will spirit you away

In her words it is said you’ll hear your truth

Welcoming eternal torment

Giving yourself up…happily.

-From Her Soul-

Entry 407: It Grows Beneath Them

Every night

I can hear it speak

Its gears having stopped grinding only once completely…

Much like time though

There is never a true end

So night after night

I burn


…I listen…

That sweet chorus of screams

I imagine it lovingly

I can hear it grind

I can hear their SCREAMS!

Time after all…is never dead…completely

It grinds every night

It ticks every day

Though how does one really know the difference?

I know the difference.

I know it well

Day isn’t visible but, time is kept still

The audible screaming is of a specific tune in the day

Then it’s a chorus upon nights fall

I suppose this could all be a hallucination

Another tormented suffering of the madness of HELL!

That all said…

…I know it isn’t…

I…KNOW…the difference…

…It ticks…


Sometimes I even hear it speak into my mind

It is one name

Over and OVER…again…

The name of the one responsible for temporarily stopping its flow

It simply says


It is the only word or name it speaks

It speaks it with a malice that terrifies me!

Even in Hell, I’ve never known a hatred like this!

Over time this thing has grown

Over time it has shared its story

Not through words for it only speaks her name

But, through the ticking

Through the GRINDING!


Everyone who is familiar with what happened that October


…They know the story naturally…


It shares it again

It drags the hatred

Its emotions through our souls

It drives us forward

Over time it has driven us all further MAD!


It has grown

Its gears scream a sound both beautiful and terrifying

In a way, no other has shown

It bides its time

I’m certain the Devil himself

Is wary of this thing

It has slowly formed its own place

Growing more every day

Whispering the screams of its tale

Laughing in endless insanity



-It Grows Beneath Them-

Entry 406: Your Agony Is A Beautiful Thing

I smell it

The sweet scent of honey in the air

I see it

The future home

I know it

The things that dwell within

The memories, the history

All soon to change

I salivate

As I imagine how my first meal in this place will taste

I relish it

The new life

The freedom of a new place

The faces I’ll see & meet

All of them believing

Home is the same as it has ever been…

I know it

The things that it may fear

The unease about tomorrow

The silence as it rests

Every home has a personality

One I’ll soon change

I breathe in

As I get closer to my new nest

Taking in the scent of honey one more time

Before I move in

I’ll admit

You have quite the scent

You’ll make the perfect place to raise my new family

To feed our hungry souls

I watch it as it rests in bed

Late the hour is

I could think of no time better than now

I unlock it

It is now we begin to move in

I unpack

The eggs are ready to be seeded

It’s a quiet process

You’ll never notice

Especially as I grow more comfortable in my new home

Your mind

Slowly begins to break


Drive you to awaken

A cold sweat

A nice temp

The eggs are beginning to fully absorb inside their home

The closer they grow to hatching

The more comfortable we’ll all grow

Now we slowly wait

My influence growing

My eggs swelling

The headaches won’t last long

Pretty soon I’ll be in full control

But…you’ll still be able to feel it all

The eggs hatching

The neverending need to scratch an itch

That has no end

I’ll clean the blood up for you though

It’ll help me grow

Eventually, you’ll want to scream but, that’ll only happen internally

For, by that time, you will be in agony

No one will hear your screams

I’ll be using you to create more eggs & plant them in all your family & friends

When they’re finally ready to hatch

They’ll eat their way through everyone’s skin

For you though, I’ll make it extra slow

I’ll make sure you carve open your own skin

Bit…by bit…you’ll flay yourself

I’ll make sure you feel ALL OF IT!

I’ll keep your soul conscious & aware

As I use your body, my soon to be old home

To continue cutting & peeling you away

Piece by piece

When all your family & friends are finally consumed

I’ll take all of their souls & yours as well

I’ll bathe in the blood of my victims

Soon after we’ll move on

My babies will grow fast

They’ll find new homes of their own

I’ll drag your soul with me

Place to place

I’ll make you relive your agony

Again and again

Oh dear sweet soul

So delicious

You’ll forever be a part of my collection

I’ll smile for the rest of time

Simply knowing

That all your pain will know no end

…Just as with all my other victims…

-Your Agony Is A Beautiful Thing-

Entry 405: It Has No Name

I see it every night

An abyss.

It holds fears unimaginable inside

In my mind, it shifts

In my waking its fear-induced paranoia

…is endless.

I can hear its call from the basement

Yet, every time I have the gall to try to check

I hear its voice at the door & I’m unable to answer it.

When I sleep again

Assuming it is actually asleep I am

I can see its black void staring at me

The steps that spiral down

End abruptly

A black void welcoming me instead

Some nights I swear…I hear it saying

“Step within”…

Some nights I debate doing just that

I ponder…

…what might happen if I did?

Just as I’m about to take that step

I awake

Assuming I’m awake that is.

The black void has no name

I think it an abyss

A portal to another reality.

A night ago I was sure I was going insane


I’m quite sure it said my name.

I remember laughing as I pinched my skin

I’m asleep…right?

Then it said my na-

*Blood soaks the rest*

It Has No Name-

Entry 404: Call Me The Book Of Truth

I watch you

I see you

The real you

The one you hide behind that perfect porcelain face

The same mask you wear every day

All of you

Standing on your plateau

All of you

On a path that goes quite low…

Where you’re headed is a special treat

None of you see that though

You’re too busy

Enjoying the fame & popularity

The vanity of the beauty

The anonymity of your acts

The virtual worship of the blind

The fake appreciation you feign

You tell yourselves you never changed


…We both know you did…

Power is an easy trap to fall into

Fame will not follow where you go after though

No, for all of you

There is a dark place

A place you get closer to every single day

Many will miss you

More will lie about you

But…I’ll have records for all

Your darkest secrets you kept inside

A perfect record is hidden within me

I saw the truth & I recorded it over time

All your darkest secrets are forever mine

Soon enough your true face will be seen

Then you’ll be buried beneath the ground

By the very hands that worshiped you

-Call Me The Book Of Truth-

Entry 403: Fleshly Desires

I whisper to you during the day

I talk to you all night

At first, you thought I was your imagination

Over time, you found

You were not right…

For as I spoke more, you began to feel the urge

An urge to do things you would never do

At least…according to those closest to you.

It was within that first urge I had you tell a lie

Or…when in certain company

Specific truths.

I always start out small

Maybe have an extra slice of pie

Maybe get truly drunk this time

After all…

…who needs those pesky inhibitions?

Certainly not you when in the company of me

My voice became more alluring over time

You tried to resist futilely

Some ill-gotten sense of honor from your early childhood

When they brainwashed you with your “religion of choice”.

For all the bad a holy man would think of me

I’m at least honest in what I do…


…Most of the time that’s true.


I don’t lord fear over you.

No, quite the opposite you’ve come to know

As time continued to fly by

My voice beginning to sound as audible as the one in the bed next to you.

Soon I had to you watching porn

Testing the limits of what you’d give into

I shaped your mind very slowly

I offered you the free will many had promised you

Then…as time went on…I turned your attentions away

Away from your wife

Away from porn

Away from any woman, I didn’t wish to take over

Then came the first night you dreamt of me

Intoxicating as anyone could ever be

It was a subtle smile but, that’s all it really took

You didn’t even see my full face at first.

No, you were focused on my body

My perfect skin

My flawless lips

As well as…

…other qualities…


I let that seed spread

I slowly absorbed your thoughts my friend

You stopped praying to your pathetic God

You began craving me in your every thought

You’d take time personally to pleasure yourself

Thinking only of a simple image in a dream

Not realizing I was slowly spreading

I loved to watch you during that time

The way you’d give yourself to me

The way you’d ignore everything.

Sometimes, you’d do it with your wife sleeping right next to you in bed

It was thrilling!

Until the next time we met

That night you got to gaze upon my entire being

That night you swore yourself to me

You caved…falling to your knees

Slowly you kissed and licked my feet

As time went on, you went further for me

That was always how it was too.

Everything you did was for me

…It’s true.

You told yourself little lies at first but eventually

You caved even more.

I remember the night you took me to bed

First my feet

…then SLOWLY…

…you moved up my leg

I remember moving in

I let you squeeze my ass even as you tasted my sweetest lips

The juices of that kiss left you wishing…nay…BEGGING for more!

Then, just as you were about to fully cave

I made you promise me

We’d meet…the next day.

It’d start simple,

A mere trance

You’d spend your day pleasuring yourself for me

As night fell & the moon was as full as you wished to be within me

It was only then we finally sealed things

That night we made the sweetest and yet most wicked kind of “love”.

That night I got all of you.

I felt you throbbing between my legs

I rode and teased until I was sure you’d given yourself to me…eternally…

Then your wife walked in & I made myself known.

She saw my visage

She saw us becoming one.

She heard my moans & my cries

She saw my smile as tears shed from her eyes

She watched me laugh as I forced her close

I gave you the knife

She begged you to stop but…you knew who you loved most!

So I laughed as we played with her mind

I drove your crazy as you carved her insides

When we were done

We fucked her dead corpse.

It was pleasing, to say the least

I soon licked the knife before turning and slitting your throat…

The look of shock all over your face


…It was better than the blood of your wife I bathed in only moments ago.

Watching that look on your face

OOOh…poor baby…

…You shouldn’t turn me on that way!

I’ll admit I took your soul real slowly

I drained it from your cock as the blood slowly spilled from your throat

You came once or twice

I’ll admit to having used a bit of magic post mortem to finish you a few more times…

It was delightful the mix of semen and blood

Now I own you eternally

You’re my plaything in hell

Thankfully I was able to make it a package deal

I still pimp your wife out to every demon

Who so much as wishes for a piece of her…


All this could’ve been perfect for you

You were once so pure but…I corrupted you

There’s nothing better for me than forcing a holy soul to give in

To that the ultimate temptation

-Fleshly Desires-

Entry 402: Savanna

Rest easy my friend…

This is where your story in this place ends…

I know it all seems pain and misery

Rest assured it’ll less painful than you believe…

Listen closely do you hear that sound?

Can you hear her voice and the choir as it sounds?

She’ll be playing that guitar

As you are closing in on the end

It won’t be long now…

Rest easy, listen closely & listen to the sound…

Her beautiful voice singing and the strum of her guitar

Rest easy listen to the accompanying choir now

Know peace

It won’t be long now…

Soon you’ll be in a better place

No more pain

No more stress

No more playing this game…

Soon you’ll be happy as can be

Your soul departed from your body…

Yes listen to Savanna as she sings

Her voice will wash away all the pain and misery

Listen to her strum

The guitar calling you like a Mother calls to her young

Close your eyes

Don’t worry about your breath

Soon enough you’ll have no regrets

Peacefully and gently you’ll go

All your pain & misery

…Will be no more…

She’s coming to collect

She has good news for you yet…

Listen to her voice as the choir dies down

Listen as her last strings play

Your soul will soon be in a much better place

…No more pain or misery or regret…

She’s just around the bend

She’ll take you to a better place my dear friend

…They call her…


Entry 401: You Complete Me

It’s sweet

The smell I mean…

It’s kind of like when you get the scent of someone you love

The way it sets you on fire…

It’s a bit like that

You see, that scent is what drives me completely!

The ecstasy when we finally meet

The allure of the seduction

The dance of the romance

It all leads to the greatest of finishes

It all leads to the purpose of my very being!

When we finish the dance and we become as one

That is bliss for which nothing will ever compete

Your neck

My fangs

The sweet scent of your blood

Finally draining down my throat


Sir or Madam…

When that is done…

At that moment…

-You Complete Me-

Entry 400: Repeat

*radio plays*

do you have a family?

do you liKe fun?

if so

bring you and your loved ones

to a place so sweet

a real delight

a true treat

a place full of peace

a pla-


*garbled noise…message repeats*

do you have a family?

do you lIke fun?

if so

bring you and your loved ones

to a place so sweet

a real delight

a true treat

a place full of peace

a pla-


*garbled noise…message repeats*

do you have a family?

do you Like fun?

if so

bring you and your loved ones

to a place so sweet

a real delight

a true treat

a place full of peace

a pla-


*garbled noise…message repeats*

do you have a family?

do you Like fun?

if so

bring you and your loved ones

to a place so sweet

a real delight

a true treat

a place full of peace

a pla-


*garbled noise…message repeats*

do you have a family?

do you like fun?

if so

bring you and your loved ones

to a place so sweet

a real delight

a true treat

a place full of peace

a pla-


*garbled noise…message repeats*

do you have a family?

do you like fun?

if so

bring you and your loved ones

To a place so sweet

a real delight

a true treat

a place full of peace

a pla-


*garbled noise…message repeats*

do you Have a family?

do you like fun?

if so

bring you and your loved ones

to a place so sweet

a real delight

a true treat

a place full of peace

a pla-


*garbled noise…message repeats*

do you have a family?

do you likE fun?

if so

bring you and your loved ones

to a place so sweet

a real delight

a true treat

a place full of peace

a pla-


*garbled noise…message repeats*

do you have a faMily?

do you like fun?

if so

bring you and your loved ones

to a place so sweet

a real delight

a true treat

a place full of peace

a pla-




Entry 399: Changed

To Whom It May Concern,

I saw a man near the urn

He stood in that damnable hall

He was roughly 8 foot tall

This isn’t the first time I’ve been perplexed

Something, someone, sometimes several things

I always find them in this place

The problem being the place is never the same

It is constantly changing

I’m not talking about the building as a whole

Just the hall

Or should I say, Halls?

It’s usually something more subtle than a person or thing

Still, I’ve lived here long enough to know that can change

Sometimes it’s the mere color on the wall

Sometimes only the light switch changes are noticeable

I do know one thing is for sure

If you are reading this now

Observe your world

Note the dates, times, things you see

Subtly check on them again

Note what isn’t as it seems

If you notice anything change

Make sure to keep close track of it!

This includes the notes you have

Keep them on you and read them daily!

Sometimes even those will change

Always subtle and you might forget if it’s what you wrote

So to be extra safe

Record your recordings

Make sure everything is the same!

In my case, it’s always these halls

Sometimes I hear whispers come from them

Other times I’ll see them…

…Never mind, it’s best not to mention them…

I’ve already said too much

Just be wary

If you read this note

Observe that which you see

Notate and record your notations

Leave nothing to speculation

Or imperfect perception…

…If you’re reading this…

…It is likely too late…

Subtle things have probably already…