Entry 244: All Fall

I stare upon worlds

I see all realities

I am invincible

One day

I will visit your reality

I am more powerful than Death

More terrifying than the Devil or God

With a simple gaze

I can erase you from existence

There is nothing you can do

I consume all

I bring about the end

I can destroy time

End realities

You cannot fathom

My power

No man nor God

Will ever stop me…

One by one

All fall

The horrors on their faces

The screams of their souls

It all is necessary

Realities need to be cleansed

Existences ended

In the end

…All fall…

You shouldn’t run in fear

Just accept it

(The rest is missing)

-All Fall-


Entry 243: File 01

I’ve seen quite a few odd things in my day. As a Detective you can come across some wild things. Still, few are like these ones. I just label them as files to keep things rather discreet. The truth is they are cases I haven’t quite solved or for which there was some mystery behind that couldn’t be explained.

I’ve been a Detective for about 12 years. I’ve seen some crazy things. File 01 was the first case that left me a bit perplexed. It starts off simple enough. A family is attacked in their home.

The place is broken into, the Father, a Timothy Williams fights back & takes an armed suspect down fairly easily. That isn’t what was such a mystery though. A few months go by & their home is broken into again. According to Gracie, an 89 year old neighbor that called us when the assault happened, this is how it went.

She claimed she’d seen 5, heavily body armored men kick in the door. She said they all seemed to be holding shotguns. Suddenly things get quiet & about 4 minutes later she sees the 5 men walk out into the middle of the street, drop down to their knees & blow their own heads off!

Shortly after, we arrived, questioned everyone & got her story as well as the families. I brought in Timothy for questioning but he didn’t seem too shaken. In fact, he seemed disturbingly calm, considering the situation.

Timothy corroborated Gracie’s story but, acted as though he wasn’t sure why they did what they did. I had nothing I could do at the moment so we considered the deaths suicide. A year passes by, and a black SUV rolls up to their vehicle while driving one day in front of about 7 eye witnesses. They lower their window and point a gun at the families vehicle.

There is screaming from the SUV & then suddenly it speeds ahead & into traffic. A semi side swiped the vehicle & all passengers died. I interviewed Timothy who calmly said he wasn’t sure why anyone was after him. I looked into his background & there was nothing…no reason what so ever for anyone to keep harassing Timothy & his family, unless they were connected to the previous attempts.

Still, why continue? There haven’t been any further attempts on Timothy or his families lives. I offered to put them into protective custody, give them new identities, help them out and try to keep them safe.

Timothy smiled & told me, they’d be fine.

“These things have a way of working themselves out” he said.

A couple weeks go by & one of our own gets up in the middle of the night & walks out the window of his apartment (20 stories up). He dies obviously. Upon further investigation it was found he had ties to those who attacked Timothy’s family.

We don’t have all the details but, we have enough to say he definitively was involved with the other deceased individuals. One of our own, right under our noses & he’d have gotten away with it if he hadn’t committed “Suicide”.

Included in this file is a note I received from Timothy. It read as follows:


Some things are best left a mystery. 


23-5 19-5-5 1-12-12

-File 01-

Entry 242: What’s The First Thing You See?

We see you

Staring at your screen

We know your darkest secrets

The things you won’t say


You are thinking about them now

No worries

We aren’t here to expose you

No, we are here to make you an offer

A 2nd chance of sorts

We can give you anything


The deal though

Goes like this

We will periodically check on you

Anytime you see our symbol

You’ll know

We are watching you

We see all

You have a chance to have anything…

All you have to do

Is complete a series of tests

Are you ready?

If you are reading this

We assume you are…

The first test is simple

Close your eyes…

-What’s The First Thing You See?-


Entry 232: For My Father: Transmission

The transmission went out last night…

My dad is missing

He left for space ages ago

We thought his ship exploded

Then we got a transmission with his voice on it

He seemed distraught

Tormented even…

Heaven knows what he’s been through

So now I head so high above

To the expanse…

Into the unknown…

I’m not sure where he his or if he is even alive

Still, try to find him I must…

I’ve headed out on a private flight

My own ship taking off

I was warned against the mission

Told not to pursue

The chances of finding my Dad were virtually non-existent…

Still, I needed to go on

I needed to know there was a chance he was alive

Or at the very least…

That I might find out what happened to him

Maybe it’s foolish to you or someone from the outside


I must know, if he is alive

Arriving at a ship so far out in space

I’m surprised to find it has no identification

There appears to be no readings of any life

Still, I must try


The radio has gone off…

Is…that…you…my daughter?

-For My Father: Transmission-


Entry 231: I Like To Draw

I like to draw

It’s what I do

Sometimes they tell me what to draw

It’s true

One day I drew a woman across the street

The next day she was found hanging from the balcony

It was just like what they told me to draw

It’s really quite beautiful

The other week I drew a man drowning

Front page news the next day

A rich man fell into the lake


He drowned in more than one way though

As he was drunk upon taking the dip

Too bad for him

He couldn’t kick his bad habits

I drew a flower once

It still stands to this day

It’s in a pot on my window sill

Happily smiling at me

It’s a Sunflower & though it always rains

It’s the bright spot, in my every day

Here’s one of a girl rushing to catch the subway

She did catch it, in a way

I have another here…

It’s of platform 233

You aren’t allowed to see that one though

They say, they don’t want you knowing

I tried drawing a sunny day once

We had a drought for an entire year


No more weather drawings, I fear

There’s this house up the lane

I paint it red, there was a massacre there one night

It was yellow but, internally it bled

I drew a church

It was found to be used to murder a girl once

These are my drawings of the Clock tower…

They didn’t come to me till after the events were complete…

Sara saved everyone.

It’s one of the times I had no clue what to expect

Save for this one…

It hasn’t happened yet

What is it you ask?

I’m not sure

The outline is quite dark

I can’t quite tell what lurks within that storm

A hospital, maybe?

I know it hasn’t happened yet though…

I’ve heard whispers saying it is important but…

I don’t really know…

I just know I drew it shortly after Sara saved everyone…

Over here I have a drawing of a building that burns forever

This one right here is of Winter…she is beautiful, no?

This one is of some kind of monster that waits for you to sleep

Then it viciously murders you

Not uncommon around here but, yeah…

I’m not sure what this one is…

It appears to be eyes staring at a monitor…

If you look closely there is part of what is being written in the picture

The thing that really concerns me though

Is what is in the room with them

They don’t see it

It is there though…

I suppose they are too focused on reading this

To realize it is behind them

Care to guess what will happen next?

-I Like To Draw-

Entry 222: Subway 233

Care to take the subway late at night

If you do you might find

What happened to the others who disappeared

On this day 20 years ago

There are many a rumor

Many a thought

Still, what happened to the passengers

No one is fully sure…

There was said to be a full subway that night

Everyone was packed in real tight

Departing quite quick

They were supposed to have arrived at the next station

In roughly 20 minutes

Waiting all day and night

No one, including the subway itself

Ever arrived…

Impossible as it seemed

Everyone on the subway and the train itself

Vanished eternally.

Several investigations have gone on since

Including one a few years back

The platform had been shut down since


A reporter filmed the subway station that day


All alone & waiting

233 soon arrived

Much to their surprise

Not seen in years the reporter stepped on

Off the Subway went

They continued recording…

The faces in the videos were the same

As the passengers that went missing

On that date

Beginning to fear for their life

They tried to signal for the subway to stop

On & on it went

The passengers suddenly turning and staring

The reporter had come alone

Personally investigating the incident

The lights began to fade in and out

Each time the reporter heard an increasingly disturbing sound

The passengers began smiling

The reporter turned & ran

Banging was heard as the passengers continued staring

Soon a woman in a white dress appeared

The dress soaked in blood

A warped smile from ear to ear

The rest of the passengers began to laugh

Their faces disturbingly gleeful

Then the recording goes black…

The screams of the reporter are heard

Then silence…

A few days later someone wandering the tracks

Found the only known footage of what had happened

The camera was sitting peacefully on the tracks

The subway terminal, had been abandoned…

So just what happened on 233?

Where did all those who vanished end up


-Subway 233-

Entry 221: The Songstress

Can you hear it now?

Can you hear that sound?

She sings a beautiful melody

Is everything a heart could desire

Pointing you on your way

Should you find her

You may well find escape

From this Godforsaken town…

They say she sings a beautiful tune

The story behind it tragic

She tells the tale of her death

As well as all her sadness

She appears only to those who need it most

Hoping to help them find their way

She knows if you see her, you are in a place where escape is nil

Yet there she stands, singing

Trying to help you find your way

If you should find The Songstress

You should listen to what she has to say

She is one of the few hopes for survival in a place like this

Perhaps with her help, you can find escape?

Of all those who have supposedly met her

Only one has ever not been seen again…

No one knows what became of Tommy

Just that he’d visited her

If you listen closely you can find him in her song

One of the few who aren’t sung about in tragedy

She speaks of his will to survive


Though many have tried to ask her what happened to him

The Songstress will tell you

Even she knows not

What fate was dealt to him

Only that he disappeared

Shortly after their meeting

So is there a chance that Tommy found an escape?

Or is it more likely that he is one of the missing

Who’s body simply hasn’t been found?

Black Winter is full of death & suffering

So no one will really know for now


If you listen to The Songstress tune

Perhaps escape will be provided for you…

-The Songstress-