Entry 218: She Seems So Familiar To Me

I saw her the other night

She was just passing through

I’ve seen her before

A time or two

Passing that old house

Continuing down the street

No one is quite sure why

She wanders Black Winters streets

There is speculation

Plenty of confusion

All I know

Is I see her

On occasion…

She smiled at me the other night

It’s the first time she’s noticed me

I smiled back

Such a dork I am…

She’s a young woman

About 19 I’d guess

She’s quite striking…

One night though

I saw her wandering the road

A man walking by

She snapped!

Ripping his spine out

Eating his flesh

Blood spraying all over her

She looked at me


Then she faded once again

Another night went by

She looked normal again…

Always making a point to notice me…

She smiles now, every time

I know she killed that man

He seemed innocent

I can’t help but feel though,

She’s still so sweet

A true beauty

I ponder if she killed the man for me?

He’d done nothing to me of course

Still, she seemed to be showing off

Is that even possible?

A night passes by

I see her again

She smiles up at my window and continues onward

Another night goes by

Again our eyes meet

If I didn’t know any better

I’d say, she’s the woman for me…

She’s dead though,

So could that even be?

Then again,

Black Winter is full of stranger mysteries…

The day comes,

I sleep

The night comes

I awake

The beautiful soul stares up at me again

The sweet smile on her lips

The red hue of the blood from her latest victim

Yes, she must be the woman for me

That’s the only possibility…

A new night has come

She is smiling again

This time she speaks…

“I love you Harold.”

She says to me…

Suddenly I’m overcome

Memories hitting me hard!

I look at my reflection


I’m floating

I try to leave the house

Even the room…

Then it hits me…


“I’ll continue our work, my sweet sir.”

Smiling she fades

Every night a new victim

I, left with the mystery…

I saw a beautiful woman tonight…

She wanders Black Winters streets

I’m not quite sure why

I think she noticed me

It’s strange…

-She Seems So Familiar To Me-


Entry 217: My Latest Masterpiece

The blood

I like it fresh

The taste

Of such sweet flesh

It tastes exquisite

It tastes so perfect

It is me

Sometimes I eat all the flesh

Drink of the blood

Other times I sew the flesh

Making furniture for my home

These things…

Make me feel complete…


I awake to a new day

Go downstairs,

Opening the basement,

Going deeper still,

Then marvel at the thrill

I get every time I create

Ever fresh body

A new piece of art became!

The excess I still use

If not making art

I instead consume.

For in the drinking of the blood

In the tasting of the flesh

I’m a little closer

To my newest masterpiece!

So go ahead

Scream away

Just remember, I’m going to bring you fame

…In a way…

You should be happy

You have a purpose now

You provide for me

Thank you,

So don’t cry

Put a smile on your face

Sing the symphony of pain

Smile as I cut into you today

You were nothing before me

You were a waste of reality


Yes, I’ve filled up the gas for a special piece today

It’s going to be a painting

I’ll paint it red with quite the splash

Splattering you everywhere…

I’ll simply call it…


*Chainsaw revs up*

Smile for me my new piece

Soon you’ll be

-My Latest Masterpiece-