Entry 322: The Broadcast

A tune went out

We all heard it well

The tune spoke to us

It said to KILL!!!!!

So as soon as it was broadcast

The killing began in mass!

Murder grew

The body count did too

Yet, no one stopped to consider

Where the broadcast we heard had come from

Nor why,

It caused us to commit murder.


It stopped one day

Only the lives that remained

Were left calm at first,

Then horror struck at what they did!

Followed by the ponderings of what came next?

The broadcast had ended as suddenly as it began

Man & woman killed until then

Your religion,

Your views of world peace

None of it mattered when you heard the signal call out

Some killed themselves after the fact

Assuming they were going to hell after their acts


Some lived broken but, survivors none the less

All pondered

How, where & why

The broadcast had played?

What was the origin of its existence?

Was it a live test ?

For something military?

Why did it stop?

All answers we will forever wonder about

-The Broadcast-

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