Entry 353: Obscure Psychopathy

I watch as their eyes stare

See as their limbs twist

Watch as their bones crunch

The cycle continuing endlessly

Have you seen the woman who stares in 5 ways?

Have you seen the Devil who prays away?

Perhaps the eye that stalks you day by day?

The friend who’s a demon yet revealed?

I saw the sea of eyes

The way the screams echoed in the deep

The hatred of the lost one in the willow


I contorted!




The cackling demented lamentations of the priest with no skin!

The way the devil slowly smelled my hair…

The way she touched me without ever a finger placed anywhere…

The minds fading realities

The Death of the many who’ve fallen around

The faces of sorrow of those I’ve seen who do not see their Deaths yet to come!

There was a man, twisted in madness

Screaming the name of his God!

The rich agitation of the beast who constantly sews together their thoughts…

The smiling one with red eyes

Speaking demonically!

It’s horns speaking in anagrams

While the hanged watch on smiling!

Their smiles full of sun

Even when the world around them

Lives without one…

You’ve yet to sleep to wake in a place

It was supposed to just be a dream

Till I was there 2 years removed from my present standing!

The hall with no end

The checkered floor that screamed to them!

The blood of the children with no eyes!

The screams of the silent

Wailing away not through audible sound…

Hammering inside my mind

As they beckon for someone to listen to them!

The choir of the dead as they tell me their tales of sorrow

The one among them with no face

It speaks within my soul

Calling me to the Sanctuary without a place in space or time

The wailed sufferings of the mad one who cackles

Their skin splitting as the blackened eyes stare at all of them…

Them I refer to as those we don’t see

The constant madness of what we believe to be reality!

Yet I say unto you,

Closed once the eyes

Opened once the mind

Listening to the rappings at the door of the soul

Bleeding tears as you see them cry

Such is the nature of the things you’ll see

Even as the woman with no child

Beckons for the sight of her lost loved one


Circling around, the world moves with thought

Seeing the wheel of arms spinning

Reaching out for a single hope at life

The mad one hides in wait

Saying only that they wish to take your life…

The things most don’t see each day & night

How close they are to Death

Something they can not see with the normal eye

Has it been so long since your last close brush

Or have you felt the stroke

Sending a cold touch?

Feeling it as it crawls down your spine

Then ignoring it,

Not fully aware of your time…

Such is the unhinged truth of the one who holds the book

The nursery rhyme & lullaby

Of the dead children who’s life he took…

Speaking the chants

The ravings of those far away

Those never hearing

Somehow still listening

Acting out their rhymes!

Before them,

Off the edge of the cliff

Stands the abyss

The one with no more loss

Once dove into…

Taking over the darkness

That enveloped her within

Watching over the souls who continue living…

Punishment is a thing well known to the one with 9 eyes

Always suffering

Knowing how ends all lives.

Feeling the pain

In thought

As well as Death

Suffering the sins

Of those

For which…

They’ll never have met.

What I speak,

What you hear,

What you read,

It need not make sense presently…

Just understand

In time we all die

Understand that sometimes the places you go

When you sleep at night

Are not as fake as they seem

For even a ripple of the mind

Is speaking something…

At least that’s what the one with the long hat might say

Dressed as class

As one would expect him to be…

The rotting brains

The flesh melting away

The festering of the bugs

As they crawl beneath the victims skin…

The unfettered darkness

The depth of sin that knows no end

The ones who worship the madness

Dwelling deep within…

I saw a woman speaking to a child

A cross turning black

As came out the one with no lips

The psychedelic ecstasy as I felt their heat upon my skin

The woman in black

Telling me to focus

I saw all the faces as they sang

No home for them

No body to be seen

Once every great while

Speaking the most important song they sing…

I’ve died so many times

Seen Death so many ways

I can tell you things you’d never believe

For now though, I’ve spoken enough

Even as the mad one

Writes my ramblings…

There is more to say

Impossible amounts for which you’ll never understand

I can feel them telling me to speak

I can feel their agony!

Still the clock says to me

This is all you shall glimpse

For now

It never truly ends

Someday you’ll understand

Their fragmented prayers

…Such is the way…

-Obscure Psychopathy-


Entry 352: The Truth In Front Of Them

I wrote a book

The world so loved

I wrote a book

Filled with tragedy…

The characters based on the living

Soon lost their lives,

The world based on our own

Soon itself


It spoke of an end

That none would see

A blinding light



The living now dead

They would wander

Forever lost…

Going about their lives

Thinking all was okay

Still fearing Death

Not realizing

…It’d already came…

Now they sit,

In a world so fake

Creating things


The lives they wished they’d had

The businesses they’d build from nothing

All are dead

Yet, to them,

It’s their reality…

They see not

The truth,

They remain blind

Believing themselves

To create things anew…

They pray to their Gods

Feel non existent pain

All while I watch

From a place unknown to them…

They play games,

Watch things on a tube created by them…

Reading or listening to a story of themselves

Never realizing

The truth in front of them…

They think they still live,

They swear they’ve yet to die


Some of them feel pain,

Never realizing

It’s all a fantasy…

Power of the mind,

Power of the soul,

Regardless of reasoning…


Are reading this right now

Having no clue


-The Truth In Front Of Them-

Entry 351: Alone In My Agony

Here I sit

Watching the stream

A never ending flow of souls

Staring back at me…

Here I sit,

Praying I’ll see you

The specter of Death

Watching me closely…

Here I sit,

Knowing if I find you,

It will mean death

For Death,

Could never let me live

Were I to dive in

To save you…

So it is,

I stare upon the souls of the dead

Listening as they create

A song from their end

Hoping soon

I’ll see you again…

Here I sit,

Believing I see your face

So I dive right in,

Accepting my fate…

The stream ever flowing,

Time no longer something that makes sense

I reach your soul

To find myself

Shot back out again…

Here I sit,

Lost & confused

On the banks of the stream

Eternally watching you…

My soul bound to the edge

Held in a limbo with no end

A punishment from Death

I am no longer living or dead

Trapped on the shores

Destined to feel the pain of my loss


For it was I,

Who cost you your life

It was I who drove drunk

…That night…

I survived,

Each night, brought to the stream

Each night, staring


Begging I’d find you!

Perhaps things could change?!

Now locked just out of your reach


-Alone In My Agony-

Entry 350: In The Swamp

In the swamp

You hear all manner of things…


In the swamp

You can hear the whispers of the dead

The missing,

Long lost,

Never to be found again…


In the swamp

Sometimes you’ll hear her call your name

Best avoid her though

Lest no one hear from you again…

In the swamp

You may see one of them

There are creatures that lurk

That are far more than myth

Or perhaps you’ll find

The ghosts whom refuse to stay in their graves…

In the swamp

There are plenty of things…

Mysteries, Death,

Good food all the same

Sometimes food,

With the living still mixed in…

In the swamp

The dead can sing songs

Curses are placed upon enemies

Blessings upon friends…

In the swamp

You’ll have a great ole’ time

Come give us a visit

We promise,

…You’ll never want to leave again…

-In The Swamp-

Entry 349: The House In The Hollow

Down in the hollow

Quiet & sweet

There sits a house

Made of dreams

It’s a place

That’ll beckon your name

It’ll grip you

Reaching deep into your brain

Regardless of where you live

Or what reality…

It”ll appear, at first in your dreams

Then steadily

It’ll consume all things

If it can’t lure you

While in your sleep

It will slowly make its way

Into your reality.

Taking what you see

Twisting it to what you wish

The house will be yours

For a bargain…

Whatever needs to happen


It needs to lead

You’ll be sure to find yourself

Acquiring your “Dream Home”…

It’s but a trick of the mind though

No matter the place you find,

Its halls will slowly drag you back

To the hollow

With its peace & quiet

In the reality

For which it resides

In time you’ll lose your mind…

Thinking yourself happy

Then silently

Over time,

It will make you its caretaker

For a time,

As it does,

Your life will be all about it


Keeping it well maintained

The house will consume you.


It will eat at your soul

Till one day,

You are completely under its control!

On that day,

Your soul now consumed,

It will let you live a fantasy

Your body will decay

You’ll never know you died,

It will put to rest

Any unease of the mind

You will slave away your eternity…

As a ghost,

Maintaining it…

Eventually, it will look for the next soul

The newest one to consume

So it stays fresh…


The house must feed

To reach the other souls it needs

To survive

For you see

It is a living entity

All who pass through its halls

Be they dead or living & soon to pass

Are always

…None the wiser…

Always they slave away


Their bodies decay

Always quiet as can be

Till they die

Becoming a slave

…For eternity…

-The House In The Hollow-

Entry 348: The High Price Of Fame

Most wish for this more than anything

Some for reasons of narcissism

Others because they think it will solve their worries

Little do they know,

It will not fill the empty hole

Within their souls.

Mr. Wilson got it, having given up his soul

Only to find he’d gained nothing

He’d lost control of his own world…

Money did not comfort him how he thought it would

It led only to more worries

Which led eventually to an attack of his heart

All the stress

Made everything fall apart…

Mrs. Ann before him

Gave up her family, her friends,

Replacing them with all the attention

She thought she could ever want

Only to discover

She was the loneliest soul of all

She’d lost her real friends,

Her true family,

She was all alone

Which in the end

Led to her life ending at the end of her own gun…

I’m tired she wrote

More tired than anyone could ever imagine…

So many chase this dream

Not truly understanding

How lonely it can be…

Tom Willock thought it’d make life easy

With it, he thought,

I’ll live comfortably…


Such was not the case,

He gave up his privacy,

The one thing he cherished most

To attain the dream…


The privacy leading to his death

After a controversy.

A crazed fan, not agreeing with his sins

Came up & stabbed him.

There’s a cost to all things,

If you seek this dream,

Be sure you know at what cost

You are willing to pay


-The High Price Of Fame-

Entry 347: Happiness Is Your Reality

Do not adjust your audio

Do not adjust your screens

Know you are happiest

In reality…

Yes, you,

Seeing this…

How is life?

Trust us,

It’s magnificent!

Regardless of your situation

Know, what is around you is real

Obey & believe us

When we say,

Happiness is your reality!

Happiness is the breath of life

Even the pain of death

Happiness is the reality & journey

Between this…

Know the food you eat

The taste of that drink

It is reality


Reality is your happiness.

Regardless of the emotions you are experiencing

No matter where you live

You’ve worked hard to earn this privilege…

So do not fret,

Do not feel worry at all

Everything around you

Is real…

The idols you worship

The Gods you pray to

They *REDACTED* real

Take comfort in your everyday

Make better your life

Smile at the kids you made

With your husband or wife

In being single

In REDACTED the truth



-Happiness Is Your Reality-