A (Pre) Christmas Message To All

Hey you lovely souls! I just wanted to let you know I’m going to be away on holiday very soon & that the blog will be returning (Mon-Friday scheduling) Jan. 8th. I had originally intended to keep the blog going until the 22nd but, I’m overwhelmed with quite a many projects & decided I’d stop for the year a little early.

If you don’t know, I have Youtube Page, the blog, I write for several yt pages, & am a Dad on top of every day adulting so, I’m fairly busy & it took a bit to figure out how to balance everything this year & that’s mostly why I basically fell off the earth in terms of commenting.

Enough of that though…

I wanted to take a moment to give a heart felt thank you to every one of you for reading all the creepy & weird shit that pops up on my blog. I already have several entries lined up to kick off the new year come the 8th & beyond. I’ve been very lucky to have the audience I do & I’m grateful to all of you for reading.

Whether you love what I write, hate it or are somewhere in between, I’m grateful that you’ve taken any time to read anything I’ve written here on this blog. I wanted to say, this blog & you all in many ways, have saved my sanity.

A lot has happened over the past year & I’ve been blessed in being able to do what I love most. I will never have the words to be able to say how much you all mean to me. You all were the start of everything in many ways.

I’ve been writing most of my life but, I would never have wound up doing things like YT or writing for the other souls I’ve written for/am writing for today if it weren’t for you all. I mean, when I started this blog, I just thought, I’ll write quietly in my own little corner of the internet and just do my thing.

I never expected anyone to read anything I wrote, or even like it. It’s not that I lacked confidence, I just know a lot of my material is generally not for every soul so to speak. It’s very dark & I don’t believe in censoring what I write. I’m beyond grateful to have found that some of you out there enjoy reading it.

I’m grateful for you all!

I’m truly blessed & will never be able to thank you all enough for being kind enough to read anything I write. I am forever humbled by it & BEYOND GRATEFUL for the kindness you all have shown me since beginning this blog.

It’s been a long road but, you can bet, (so long as there is still breath in my lungs) I will continue to write. I’m excited to write, I LOVE IT! It kills me inside not to write. I don’t feel whole if I’m not writing (which you can bet means I’ll be writing things over the holiday in anticipation of a new year on the blog).

I look forward to the future, to sharing the innumerable mysteries, stories & legends that haunt the town of Black Winter.


I will be eternally grateful to you all. 🙂

Have a very safe & amazing holiday season & an extremely MERRY CHRISTMAS with an even happier NEW YEAR!




Q&A #2

Hello Humanity.

Where are you?

Checked the news lately?

You are making things so easy on me.

Too easy…friends.

You know, I used to think Black Winter was a fucked up place.

That says a lot coming from me.

*Lights cigarette*

*Inhales, then blows out slowly*

I travel from place to place, reality to reality…

I used to have to work, barter for souls.

It used to be somewhat of a challenge.

Look at you now though…

You are just giving yourselves to me in the masses.


The best part, you are too busy fighting one another to notice.

All your religions, ideologies, freedoms, your color…none of this matters.

I don’t care about any of that.  I will take your soul regardless.

You all are doing the busy work for me. All you do is fight.

Your media feeds on that and uses it against you for ratings and money.

They pit you against each other in the false name of giving you the truth.

I was right. Humans as a whole are stupid…so beautifully blind and self centered.

Soon, you are going to wipe one another from this earth.

Then you may find yourself here…or worse.

I see glimpses of hope for you.  Campaigns like Poets For Peace.

That is noble, but silly and useless from where I sit.

You will be drowned out by people’s inability to see beyond themselves.

They will fight, and likely they will ignore you.

Did that hurt you? I promise, it isn’t personal.

I told you that you were noble in your cause but I have seen humanity.

I know what will happen. I’m simply stating you won’t change the world.

No world will be changed. Prove me wrong, I’d love to see that.

Make this a challenge for me!

As it stands now…you all are living on borrowed time.

The cold truth of it all being, you all will be your own end.

I’ll sit back and reap the rewards souls.

I’ve talked enough so on to the question.

Can Humanity Be Saved?

Now then, I want to make myself very clear here.

Give me a valid reason to believe you.

No simple yes or no will suffice.

I want an honest discussion souls!

I look forward to hearing from you.

One last thing, it seems Sinister would like me to say these are my own thoughts. 

It seems he actually believes in causes like Poets For Peace.

Foolish like the rest of you.



Entry 12: Black Winter Radio News-Update 2

<Radio fades in>

Black Winter PD released a statement today about the ongoing investigation into the disappearances around BlackWinter.

Cpt. Willows says they have no new leads on the disappearances of Sara BlackWell, Lucy Wells, or Emily Winters. They do have reason to believe that these may 3 were likely abducted by the as of yet unnamed serial killer lurking here in BlackWinter. They urge the public to call them with any tips and any leads they believe they may have, in regards to this case.

The names of the previous 12 victims are as follows:

Jana Renly (18)

Amber Delany (21)

Vanessa Constanos (28)

LeAnne Darby (17)

Hayley Melbeau (24)

Jessica Sanders (21)

Emilia Sogam (19)

Aurora Bailey (25)

Donna Hedey (40)

Lana Singh (64)

Valyrie Tinly (19)


Ann McGurdy (76)

If you have any information that could lead to the identity of these victims killer(s), this includes info on solving the dot code please call the tip line at 1-800 CrimeWatch or go online and contact the police by email. You can of course remain anonymous.

In other ne-

<Radio turns off>

Entry 8: Rookie Don Winters On His Daughters Disappearance

We got something in the mail today. It was addressed to me. It was a letter, with another dot code…except, we believe it was from the killer. We are releasing it to the public while we work on the case as well.

To Don Winters,

Hello Don. I have something you want. 

You have till Midnight, Sunday morning, and can use any resources you need to crack the code…

……… …….. . …………………. ….. ….. …………. ……… ………… ……………………. 

……………………. …………… ………………… … . ………….. …… ……… ………….. …. …….. ….. ……………… . ………………..

………………. ……………….. ………. …………… . ………….. ………………. 

… …….. ……………… … …….. ……..

You don’t need a key, you need only pay attention. The answers have always been before you. 

Good luck…

It was only after coming home I realized my daughter was missing. Oh God, please say she is safe!

My dear Emily…

We are looking back through evidence but if the public figures this out, or has any clues, please…please let us know!

-Rookie Don Winters at a press conference discussing his missing daughter-

Entry 7: Radio News-Update 1

<Radio breaks in>

In news today the police have uncovered the bodies of 12 victims on an old abandoned farm. They now believe they are dealing with a serial killer. The families of the victims are being contacted and when they are, we will have more details on who the victims were.  

In related news, police are still searching for Sara BlackWell. Not much has been released to us (the press) at this time past, the investigation is ongoing. Could Sara be another victim, or are these cases unrelated? We will update you when we have more.

Information has come forward now that there is now another missing person, but whether she is related to the 12 slain or Sara, is unknown. 19 year old Lucy Wells went missing only a few nights ago. What happened has not been released however police have said they do believe she was kidnapped.

On a brighter note, today the city of-

<Radio is turned off>

Entry 6: Lucy Wells Video Diary Transcript

So…there is this woman missing. They say she is still out there potentially. I don’t understand it.

I think she is probably dead. The police only have a name to go off of…

Sara BlackWell

Sometimes I think to myself, how scary must it be to be where she is right now. I guess if she is dead that would suck, but what if she is still alive?

Could you imagine the horror she is probably going through? The thought is scary to be sure. Then there is the info they released about the dot code. That is what they are calling it anyways. There doesn’t appear to be much to it. There doesn’t appear to be any key.

Who the fuck makes a code with no way to crack it? How the fuck is anyone supposed to crack it? I mean, who are you trying to communicate with? That was probably uncalled for. After all, the police believe that Sara was the one who created it.


Probably to keep information away from whoever she believes was watching her. If I had to guess though, I would say that if there is a key, it is in that house somewhere.

-Lucy Wells Video Diary Transcript-


Entry 5: Rookie Don Winters

The search continues…

I think the public may be as stumped as we are.

The Chief seemed to think he was onto something but no one has heard from him in a couple of days.

We prob shouldn’t worry though…

He said he could be out at least 3 days, even up to a week following this lead.

The guy is a tough SOB, and he brought another detective along as backup and to help.

…Yeah, we shouldn’t worry…

Why is then, I can’t shake the feeling something isn’t right?

-Rookie Don Winters-