Entry 92: Dinner

Mmmm…it felt so good

The moment was wrought with a tension untamed

My gentleman caller all wound up

Nice and firm

All hard, he thought it was ripe for my sucking

Too bad for him I only ever had intentions of cutting

Imagine his shock as I cut it off

Blood going everywhere

My gentleman you’ve gone into shock!

Oh what fun it is to see all your blood

Just another sick depraved fantasy of mine come true

On to the next one I say

She really was quite the jewel

A woman who thought she could not be tamed

I had her eating me out just before ending her life

All in time to make her for dinner

You see, I never waste perfectly good meat!

Don’t take this wrong, it isn’t about the sex

Truthfully it is just about having fun

Just before I devour someone

I liken it to playing with my food

Something mother always complained a lady should never do

Well mother, now you are dead

More meat in my deep freeze

No different than the others in the end

I’m a lady every man and woman desires

I wield real power!

They call me Alice

Stare into my blue eyes

Look how perfect my body is

You know you want a taste

I want to know your deepest depraved desires

We could have real fun you and me…

Dear Sir/Madam,

Would you care to join me for dinner tonight?



Entry 91: My Secret Love

Hi, it is me again

The woman who calls you from time to time

Leaving you messages and poems

Answering machines filled with nothing but my moans

You seem confused, a bit terrified even

I find it quite cute

Even now as I watch you sleep

You having no idea I’m there

Yet some part of you must

You seem uneasy

There is no reason to be

I would never hurt you…unless I must

I killed your best friend, I sent you her head

She tried to come between you and me

We wouldn’t want that now would we?

She had secret feelings for you

They weren’t worthy of your time and attention

You see I stalked her too

I watched and listened to everything she said about you

Then one night I cut her head off as she slept

Shortly after that, I killed all her friends too

Their deaths were much more graphic and filled with blood

It was all for you my secret love

You may be wondering how it is there was no trace of me?

The murderer/your secret lover

No worries, I have the video of what I did

I’ve sent it to your email.

Consider it a gift, a sign of faith

I won’t let anyone come between us

I just finished burying your cat

Damn thing didn’t seem to like me popping in and out so I crept in today

Killing it and leaving your door open, making you think, she got out

Simultaneously leaving you at unease, wondering who came in so easily?

You were so cute calling the police as though there was something they could do

I’ll kill all of them too…do you want me to?

I feel myself breathing heavily, pleasuring myself

Staring at you from your window

Soon, I will come in, then the real fun will begin

I’m going to make you scream

Push your head between my thighs

Lapping me up like the dog I know you are

For men are nothing but beasts

Women need them to please

You won’t be able to say no

We are going to take turns riding one another

You are going to try to break me

I will definitely break you

When we’re through, the neighbors are going to think someone died

Perhaps someone will tonight

I mean if you get the funny idea of rejecting me that is.

See you soon my secret love

I’m always watching you

-My Secret Love-

Entry 90: Nova Daniels #3: Silent Suffering


Do you hear us talking to you in the night?

You don’t respond pretending we aren’t there

We know you hear us

We speak to you of dark things

Only you can hear us for now

Your life is hopeless

You are in Black Winter now

There is no escape for you

Only suffering

Give up, give into the whispers we speak into your mind

You are ours now

Forget all of your past

Your husband is dead

Submit, or we will show you exactly what has become of him

It is something you don’t want to see

We speak truth to you, though you are in denial of what you hear

Come now Nova, hear the whispers in the wind

You are all alone now

There is no one who will help you

Not one soul on the outside solved a single riddle for you

No one offered help to you

You are doomed now soul

Forever you are to roam these woods

Killing other would be souls who come through

This is how it all ends for you

No bloodshed, no violent end

Only silence

Go ahead and try to scream

We think you will find your voice is no longer working


Now you see what we mean

Someone will be here soon, they are walking to their doom

You will kill them

They will be your first

At which point you will be ours

Another denizen of this town

A silent murderer who will only be able to temporarily stop their pain

With each life you take

Go ahead and give into us now

The cold loneliness is how it all ends

Silently you will suffer, wanting to scream

This shall be your fate…


-Nova Daniels #3: Silent Suffering-

Entry 89: A Killer View #2: I Bet You Notice Me Now!

I remember earlier this week

It was the first time you noticed me

You were talking to your best friend June

Before she died

You said who is that handsome man you are about to go out with?

She introduced us, it was too much

Neither of you knowing, you are truly what I desire

Oh yes dear friend we will meet again

Alas, I’m hungry and your friend and I have a date

I wouldn’t want to make her wait

We went out, had a few drinks

She droned on about how she loved to sew and blah blah blah…boring shit!

I smiled and nodded in all the right places

Keeping her enamored and in my good graces

She never had a clue that the entire time I was thinking about you

That night we went to her place and got undressed for some totally kinky sex

Classy guy that I am, I let her choose the position

It seemed predictably so, that someone as boring as her would want to do missionary

So I let her ride, she soon began to cum alive if you get me

The entire time, I thought of you and not the cheap whore I was in bed with

The night was at an end, she begged me to stay, I assured her I would another day

She seemed depressed, like she was thinking she wasn’t good enough

That was what first brought a smile to my face

June must have noticed, her cold blue eyes suddenly lit with fire

She attacked me with a shoe or two, flinging them at my face

I could have easily dodged but I needed a good bruise for the story I was up to

You see, poor June seems to have liked to mix hard drugs with licquor

At least that is what the police report will say

It didn’t take much, everyone knew she had a temper

June had lost a boyfriend or two in the past for domestic violence

Trust me, my research was quite vast

Add in a secret love for mixing liquor with drugs

Doesn’t matter when I make that up

A slanderous word to her that no one else will ever hear

She attacks, I fight back

Self defense, it was all too easy

In an attempt to keep her off me, I had no choice but to push back

Suddenly she trips and busts her head on the edge of her coffee table

Dead, with no one the wiser

You may think it a great risk that I be involved so openly in this

Clearly, even if my story checks out

You at the least will be watching me closely now

Oh but I know this, that is part of the rush!

All the better because I bet you notice me now!

-A Killer View #2: I Bet You Notice Me Now!-


Entry 88: My Sweet & Twisted Torture Factory

Put it close

I want to feel it go in

I want you to tear each an every piece of skin

Slowly, stripping me to nothing but muscle tissue, bone and organs

Slicing/I’m writhing!

I feel it as you bring me close to my temporary end!

Surgically you tear into me

Slicing off my skin!

I’m through with this body, it can rot

I want to hold my soul in for as long as I can

Until bursting in agony and pleasure my soul departs into the next body

Once inside, I’ll invade their mind, slowly driving them insane

Eventually I’ll consume their soul and take their body for a spin

I may do this for months, or decades, or only a few days

Regardless I’ll have fun and in the end be delivered into another body through pain!

You see I’ve already captured my latest victim

Right now she is my slave, doing all I ask, soon I’ll take her body too

The fearful soul will give herself to me just to be free of her drug addled

Fear driven mind

The things I’ve done to her since the kidnapping are all things I’ll tell another time

For now I feel you cutting out my heart and so screaming in agony I must depart

Then off to meet her family and friends, being able to read all her memories

To have some fun…

I’ll make her watch everything I make her do, until she fully surrenders to me

Eventually, I’ll kidnap another victim and the games will begin again

Cycling through my pain, ecstasy, pleasure and end

Rebirth, soul departs, next victim step right up

Oh the things I do and the fun I have too

In my sweet and twisted torture factory!

-My Sweet & Twisted Torture Factory-



Entry 87: The Black Door

Late at night the pounding can be heard

Behind The Black Door lay something that wants out

Or is it someone?


The sound can be heard

What lies beyond the door?

No one knows

All who come near it fear it

Those who go inside

Never come out again

Are they still alive?

No one knows

Sometimes from behind the door come ghostly moans

Some say the door whispers to them

A sweet voice beckoning them to come in

Anyone who does is never heard from again

All anyone knows is stay away from The Black Door

Inscirbed at the top is a message:

All Who Enter Will Find What They Seek, Is That Something Worth Anything?

-The Black Door-

Entry 86: Cancer Kills All

Haunting at night you would give most a fright

Silently wandering the halls

Often chilling to the bone

Happy to witness it is for me

Your eternal suffering

You show me, playing on a loop

The horrible agony you endured

I’ve seen murders, I’ve seen pain

I’ve seen suicides a plenty

You would think I would be mad like all the rest

However, I find this endlessly entrancing

Morbid though it may be

This old man has had his curiosity peaked

Perhaps I’ve seen plenty of tragedy in my time

Maybe I really am insane inside

Still, I just saw a woman get butchered by an axe

The spectral being carrying the weapon said you’ll be next

I told it you can’t threaten death to the already dying

Explaining how soon the cancer would take me as it has all of you

The cancer is the reason I murdered and drove to suicide

Those of you who tried to stay and take care of me

Don’t you see, you all needed to feel my suffering!

It’s why I took an axe to old Betty

Why I drove Samantha insane, with my mad ravings

She thought this place haunted for sure

I took advantage of that, ending her with quite the theatrical display

Eventually leaving her to the inevitable end of that noose

Still, that didn’t suffice me enough to make me feel alive

I ripped Gary in two with a chainsaw, was it as fun for him as it was for me?

Who knows, maybe you should ask his dead spirit!

Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Oh sure, now he won’t speak

I’ll be honest I only killed him to make him shut up!

Then came Beth, she was truly turned on by the idea of death

She also really loved to spread her legs

Shame she had to die, I wanted to keep her on

Dare I say, I might have been in love?

Sadly she met her untimely end

Having accidentally wandered into a trap I set up for someone else

I forgot I’d rigged the light to activate the axe which would be her doom

Decapitated her it did, but at least I can still have fun with the head

Every now and again…

There  were many others to be sure, but they’ll find them soon enough

Soon I’ll be another piece of the history of this mad place

By the time I’m gone, the world will realize what I have done

Down in the darkest parts of the basement walls of these halls

It is there you will find the bodies of all those I’ve killed


So kill me already cancer, will you?

-Cancer Kills All-

Entry 85: The Organ Mans Tune

*Intensely haunting organ music plays*

Hear him play late at night

Dread filled haunting darkness his main key

Your soul ending in misery

If you hear his black tune

Death is coming for you

No one sees him

They only hear him play

Dead they will be before day lights first rays

He has been likened to the Banshee

Or other foreboding omens of death

However the music he plays seeks you out

It isn’t an omen but a guarantee

Your soul will soon join his symphony

It is rumored he plays from the top of a church

However his music has been heard throughout all of Black Winters streets

Those hearing it, always dying in some twisted way

Or by the horrors he summons as he madly plays!

Such is the way The Organ Man plays

Damning all who hear his tune

Taking their souls to their eternal doom

-The Organ Mans Tune-

Entry 84: Death By Burial


Why hello, it seems you’ve woken up.

Such a shame for you, pure glee for me!

I hope you are prepared for what happens next

I guarantee it will be slow

Every gasping breath, a step closer to your death!

I hope you don’t mind

I’ve taken the time to strap you in

Wouldn’t want you escaping what I have planned

After all you will soon know eternal sleep

I’m sure you’ll find it a wonderful peace

I truly hope you understand

This is in your best interests

You will experience the same death my wife once did

She was taken from me just like I’m taking you from your family

It was only when she died that I realized one cannot trust humanity

Sadly my dear this is my revenge

I won’t lie, I take some pleasure in what is going to happen

Perhaps it will get my message across

Perhaps not

Tonight though one thing is for sure

Death by burial it is for you!

*The coffin slams shut and the burial begins, all the while she screams*

-Death By Burial-

Entry 83: Things Heard In The Static #4: I Am Fear

Do you feel that?

That lovely feeling of dread

I creep up inside your head

You look out your door

What is that noise?

No one is there

Still, uneasy is how you feel

Smiling I watch, closer than you think

That slow desperate anxiety is beginning to overtake your mind

I creep closer still

The sun is beginning to disappear

Setting behind the skyline much like your inner peace

Here I am I whisper in your soul

A blackening darkness you can’t control

Try as you might the more you struggle and fight

The tighter my grip gets on what is left of the sanity in your mind

You fight me every second of every day

You tire of this invisible fight no one sees

I’m getting stronger now, you are beginning to lose control



Yes, feed me with your every thought

After all, I am everything you fear because I’m fear itself

I turn everything into something that will potentially kill you

All the pent up anxiety and panic attacks

Oh no, you are struggling to breathe

The very sound of anything at night is one step away from triggering your PTSD!

I’ll just wait and relish as I bring you closer to insanity!

Every waking moment of your life, an endless fight that no one will empathize with

No one will see

Till one day you snap and fall into complete insanity!

I love you, and I’m your best friend

When you are all alone in the insane asylum

In the end…

…I will be the only one to keep you company…

-Things Heard In The Static #4: I Am Fear-