Entry 315: 11

A number

Such a simple thing

Nothing that could hold any sort of malice

Or a similar sort of thing


If these are your thoughts


You see,

11 has always been a bad thing

An omen of bad tidings

A guarantee of a bad day

Often of the worst kinds of things!

It was on an 11th

I lost my car in a horrible wreck

You might say,

Well you lived

So it’s not all bad,



I also lost the love of my life

The poor soul,

Sitting at my side.

The seat belt meant to keep her in


Through the windshield she went

Into the front end of the semi that hit us…

It was on an 11th

I lost the keys to my place

A “kind” soul finding them

Didn’t tell me they’d made a replacement set

Soon after robbing me blind

In the middle of the night!

It was on the 11th I lost my dear ole Mom

The cancer was gone


They missed the tumor in her head

Idiot doctors knew nothing!

I played the lottery once

The only number I didn’t pick

My unlucky one

Which in turn…

Naturally was the one  I missed

Gifting a cool 500 million (after taxes) to a different soul

I wish I’d picked the number then


I know,

I’d probably have been hit by a car

Lost the ticket

Having never won anyways.

Oh, I’m insane you say?!

I’m creating a self fulfilling prophecy I am?!


I’ll tell you this

Every time it’s 11 or the 11th in any way

God help me if it’s the 11th month


Back in 2011

Where I had pretty shit luck…

Something bad always happens

It is a guarantee…

Call it what you want

I’m simply saying

It always happens to me!

If it were that way for you


As most people are afraid of,

It was 13…

Now come, come,

Many of you can’t truly say

You aren’t wary of the date

Especially on a Friday!

Here I am…rambling away

The 11th has come again

I talk to y-


*Choked breathing*


I’ve slipped….





…Stabbed myself…

…On my dinner knife…