Entry 405: It Has No Name

I see it every night

An abyss.

It holds fears unimaginable inside

In my mind, it shifts

In my waking its fear-induced paranoia

…is endless.

I can hear its call from the basement

Yet, every time I have the gall to try to check

I hear its voice at the door & I’m unable to answer it.

When I sleep again

Assuming it is actually asleep I am

I can see its black void staring at me

The steps that spiral down

End abruptly

A black void welcoming me instead

Some nights I swear…I hear it saying

“Step within”…

Some nights I debate doing just that

I ponder…

…what might happen if I did?

Just as I’m about to take that step

I awake

Assuming I’m awake that is.

The black void has no name

I think it an abyss

A portal to another reality.

A night ago I was sure I was going insane


I’m quite sure it said my name.

I remember laughing as I pinched my skin

I’m asleep…right?

Then it said my na-

*Blood soaks the rest*

It Has No Name-

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