Entry 323: In This Place We Kill

There is a room

A happy place

Where people go


…Take care of their frustrations…

In it

There are a set of tools

Tools used,

To vent ones dissatisfactions

If  you happen

Into this place

Wait your turn

You’ll have your time & place

Go into the room

Only if you’ve got nothing left to give

Nothing worth the life you live

For in this place

You are promised your revenge

You are promised

The ability to end things…

If a soul,

Did something terrible

If they…

Got away with it

Then you can summon them here

Be they living or dead

To make them feel the pain

You believe they deserve,

To be getting…

Know though,

You should only do so if you’re sure

The punishment is worth the cost

For you will give your soul in trade

To Hell you will be damned

Eternity will be painful


It’s nothing for someone who’s lost everything


-In This Place We Kill-

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