Entry 390: BWL&L: Where The Pilgrim Goes

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

He burns all that show

Walking through the night

His flame lit bright

You’ll burn in fear if you enter his sight…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

He sees your sins inside

Never let him find you

Or he’ll make you atone

Your world ending

In screams of unimaginable pain

All sin ends in his flames…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old

If he finds you

All will see

The misery of the sins inside you

Shall burn brightly…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

Your ashes he will keep

Leaving a symbol behind for your memories sake

He will soon move on

Burning the next sinner at the stake

You can’t reason with him,

Kill him,

Bargain for your life in any way

Once he’s cleansed you in his fire

Your soul he’ll take…

Down to the gates of never-ending pain

You’ll suffer till the end of days

With a whistle and a hum

They’ll remember your name

Another damned soul

…Taken by The Pilgrims flame…

-Where The Pilgrim Goes-

Entry 389: Road’s End

I was headed from New York

Bound for Chicago

I’d met many a soul along the way

Things were fine

The weather was nice

Till I took a different way

A route not known by GPS

A road that was seemingly endless

On this road, I saw many a soul

Giving some a ride to various spots

Every passenger knew where they wanted to get out

The first hitch hiker I picked up

A woman who looked so lonely

She came into my car

Then she asked

What is the purpose of life, Philip?

I sat for a moment

A tad perplexed

Not just by the question

But by the fact

This woman knew my name

I don’t however, remember giving her such information

I told her, I wasn’t sure

I’d have to think about it, the further I traveled up the road

The woman smiled

It was then she seemed to begin to bleed

Her nose an ocean of red

Now leaking

I asked her if she was okay

The red spilling on her white dress

She smiled and told me

I’m fine. I’ve accepted my end.

You may wish to find the answer to the question I asked before Roads End.

I paused perplexed as she asked me to stop

It was only now I noticed the road was fog-ridden

I asked this woman

What is your name?

She simply smiled before fading away

It was then I swore I saw the faint outline

Of a mansion

I drove on

It began to rain

I pondered the woman’s question before a man came

The man wore black

He had the most mischievous grin

He soon asked:

Going my way?

I slowed my car

Or rather it stopped on its own

The man entered

It started up again

Figured out the meaning of life?

He asked…

I quickly let out a gasp!

Nervously, I listened to the rain pour

Uncomfortably I pondered the question before me

Don’t be afraid…friend.

All eventually ends.

Your next passenger will clear things.

The rain grew heavier

This man in black gave out a cackle

Lighting up a smoke

He laughed at my debacle

Seconds passed,

I turned the radio on

A strange man spoke of murder & mayhem

It was news for a town I’d never heard

Black Winter?

Taking a smooth drag the man in black said

This is my stop friend.

The next thing I knew the man faded in a puff of smoke

Then in the distance, I saw someone else

This man looked bloodied & near death

He soon appeared in the back of my vehicle.

All he said was a one simple thing

I wish I had known the meaning of my life.

The man then convulsed & died in the back.

Freaked out, I stopped my car.

I looked closer at the man

Only to realize

He wore my face

I checked his pockets

His identification read the same!

I turned toward the road

Left in shock

A flood of memories overtook me!

I couldn’t remember how

But, I knew I was dead

My car started up on its own

Then I continued on towards the roads end.

In the rain & fog

I saw a sign

Welcome To Black Winter it read…

I knew then

I’d never appreciated life

I’d died young

I’d arrived


-Roads End-