Entry 280: I’m Closer Than You Think


I smile at you

Across the way

The window like lake

Between us.

We are so close,

Yet so far away.

If you put your hand up to the divider

Would we be any closer

To crossing that lake?

Would the infinite eons of existence

For which we potentially live away

Fold into one another

Allowing us to meet face to face?

Would you like that?

I can see it in your eyes as you read my words

It’s an interesting thought

The potential chaos.

Whether you live in a digital age


You stand at a lake of print

You would swear you know me


Any of those you meet


When was the last time you fell in love

With someone for which you could never see?

Someone in another reality?

How many lives have you lived?

How many souls have you met?

How many times have you wished

You could meet us?

What if I said, you have?

What if I said, the world of barriers that separates us

Is only one created by your mind?

You see, we are very real.

We just live in another state of time.

For while you read about us in stories

We read about you in much the same way

Potentially watch you on televisions

Entertainment for our everyday.

Oh, you thought yourselves the only sentient life?

Who do you think inspires the stories that authors write?

How do you think you learn of entire lives?

Wars, conflicts you will never see in your reality

All very real for us

Just as things like your Atom bomb

Your nuclear weapons

The wars fought in your world

Are for you.

*Lights & Screen begin to flicker*

What if I told you

We could meet today?

No more boundaries

Just you & me?

If such an offer were to exist

Would you give up everything

To meet us?

*Smiling Wink*

-I’m Closer Than You Think-