Entry 255: The Forest

Out for my nightly run

Then a hunt

Most nights I get something

Some I don’t

If I miss something

It’ll be okay

I’ll live on meat I’ve preserved from other days

The Forest always provides

Despite the fact I’m trapped in this hell

It never lets me starve

Always providing me a chance to kill

I’ve tried looking for a way out

I never find one in truth

Sometimes I think I see the flicker of a light

An exit feels within sight

I rush to it

Only to find

I’m still trapped within these confines

The Forest knows what I think

I know it is alive

It lives & breathes

It feeds on me

The first night I awoke here

I searched & searched for a way out

Only to be left with disappointment

I don’t remember much from before

I know I was in accident

Near Oregon

Then I awoke in this place

Finding in time

There was no escape

I found a journal in the main room

Of the cabin I’m living in

It speaks of unthinkable things

The Forest has rules

Rule 1: Killing is the only way to eat

Rule 2: Never answer the door

Rule 3: You will never leave

Rule 4: It hears everything

There are an endless number of entries about this place

What I’ve gleamed is it is a living thing

The Forest cannot die

There’s an entry about how someone tried to burn it down

On the brink of insanity

A soul pleading for escape

Figured they’d burn down the place

They died.

In what looked to be their blood

It was written:

The Forest always survives

Sometimes at night

I hear a rapping at the door

I hear the voice of the woman

The one who tried to burn everything before

She cries & sobs

Begs to be let in

Screams of the tortures she experiences

In The Forest within

After death, you remain

Tortured eternally

That’s what I took from the things she cries

I suppose you are dead, regardless

I’ve heard others words before

The torments they experience

I NEVER…answer the door.

They know I’m here though

I’ve heard them say my name

Some nights, they speak horrible things

These things are bad


I’m no better than The Forest, am I?

In order to survive

I kill the innocent people

The Forest provides

I skin them

I cook them

Some parts I freeze

I must be sure

I can always eat!

It may be that I simply wish to survive


It is a choice I make

So, every time I have to kill

I apologize to the soul I must murder

I say a prayer for their soul

Though, I know, they always remain here

It helps my conscience in a way

Helps be get through another night

…I guess…

One night…

Someone will get the jump on me

Kill me too


I’ll be tortured endlessly!

There’ll be an entry in that journal…

One about me someday

I’ll be the one rapping on the door at night

Tormented in this place


-The Forest-

Entry 254: The Emotion Room: Subject 4

Please state your name


Subject 4, please state your name

Jeff…my name is Jeff

What happened Jeff?

What do you mean, what happened?

Which one were you?

I, I do-


I remember a hospital

I remember a girl


She had a knife to my throat?

What was she saying?

I’m not sure…

It’s like a movie on mute

I can’t make it out.

I can’t even read her lips

She’s shouting too quickly!



Yes, Jeff?

There’s a detective but,


MY HEAD!!!!!

It’s understandable you’d experience discomfort…

Try to remain focused though.

We know you were an only child, so there was no twin…

Who are you, Jeff?

I-I met her at a bar?

I don’t remember her name

I think I was working a case?


Why is she?

I don’t know who she is…

I know there’s an unmarked grave

Were we close at one point?

She was innocent…I think?

I said not to jump

I shouldn’t do it…

Don’t jump, Jeff?

Is there anyone else in the room?



I’m smiling!

I’m screaming at myself to do it!

I look depraved!

The other me is telling me not to

The girl has a knife to my throat…right?


Yes, Jeff?

She’s there, but, it looks as though

I’m holding the knife?

Don’t do it, baby?

She whispered into my ear

It wasn’t your fault

WHY?! What’s happening?!

I’m having another memory…

I ask her if I need to walk her home?

She says no

I leave her

Then…I see a man

It’s me…

It looks like the me in the room telling me to jump

He has a knife


He…I? Covered in blood?!




I’m screaming the same thing at myself in the hospital

Other workers are in the room now

I think they are trying to talk me down?!

What happens next, Jeff?

The one urging me to kill myself…that me…is lunging for me!

I step back but…fall out the window behind me…

Did you fall out…or did you jump?

I’m not sure?

Do you remember the girls name?

I remember her telling me she’s sorry…

Then I hit the pavement & I awoke here…


That is irrelevant

What do you mean?


Calm yourself, Jeff.




I remember looking up as I was falling…

The violent me smiling


Th-the girls name was…


I-I don’t understand?

I think I murdered her?!


The night at the bar…it was Halloween…

I’m not a detective, I just went as one.

Go on, Jeff.

I was drinking heavily

She was into me

I let her go home after she said she could go alone

Then…next thing I remember, I’ve killed her & buried her.

You’re positive you weren’t conscious during the murder?

Yes, yes, I’m positive.

I woke up the next day after burying her & tried to call her.

She never picked up.

I went looking for her, she wasn’t home…

There was a note, addressed to me.

It had a photo of the killing

On the back it read:

You did this…


I-I don’t remember any of it though…

I think I got in my car

I was speeding…

It was distraught…

I lose control

Then, I’m in the hospital.

It’s okay, we’ve heard enough, Jeff.

We believe you are suffering from a condition that hasn’t been diagnosed.


There’s a theme of this throughout your life.

Judging your memories & your emotions throughout the interpretation of such…

We believe this is something you had no control over.

Furthermore, we’ve deemed you a case for return.

What do you mean?

Your memories will be wiped, or rather, buried.


Your soul always keeps memories but, upon returning to a new life…

Souls do not always have access to such memories.

You will essentially be what some call reincarnated.

Your soul will begin anew as a child in a new life & upon Death you will be judged again.

Wait, that’s real?

You will not remember this.

Good luck with your 2nd chance, Jeff…


Did we choose wisely?

I believe we did.

You’re positive?

Yes, I believe the evidence overall as well as his past history says as much…

Do you doubt the choice?

I believe he has a condition but…

Did you consider the night of the murder he’d been drinking heavily?

At best it helped trigger another episode…

One which results in the death of an innocent soul

At worst, the alcohol is the reason entirely & he wasn’t having an episode 


Murdered someone because he has homicidal tendencies…

Our job is to judge based off the evidence given.

Has he ever shown any sign of being homicidal outside of these episodes?

The best ones, hide it well.

I’m not doubting your judgment per say…

We however, have a huge responsibility & I want you to keep in mind our decisions

…They have consequences…

-The Emotion Room: Subject 4-

Entry 253: The Day It Rained Blood

Were you there that day?

The day it rained blood?

Perhaps you were

If so

…You might already be buried…

So many bodies

*Devilish Grin*

So many to put to rest

So many souls collected for it

I must continue

…Burying them…

It was such a beautiful thing

Quite the amazing sight

It was all worth the prep in the end.

I did what they said

Now the others who doubted

Are dead

I relished all their screams

…They meant the world to me…

*Eyes wide & unhinged smiling*

I’ll tell you all about what I did

Leading up to it…

It all started for me

On October twenty

14 Days till the rain…

I’d been digging for a while

Late after school

I’d come home & dig

It’s pretty much all I’d do

I had to get everything ready

For the day,

The day it rained blood

*Hollow grin*

They weren’t ready

They never believed

I’d told them


Yes, they’d see

The day it rained blood

They would wish,

They had listened to me!

13 Days till the rain…

I haven’t slept

I must keep digging the graves


Yes, must prepare for it

Tomorrow I’ll stay home

Prepare things…

Tonight I’ll do the right thing

I’ll kill them…

Mother will have to be disembowled

Yes, a knife

It must be slow

That’s what I was told

Father, I must bleed him out

Such is what I was told about

Little brother

I will bury in the back

Keeping his head out of the ground

I’ll cover him in honey

Then, I’ll wait…

I must watch him till he’s dead

Listen to his screams

I’ll record it

Sister will be tied up

I’ll save her for last

She is special like that

I’ll brush her hair

Smiling as I do

I’ll relish the terror on her face

As she ponders what I’m about to do

Slowly brushing

Slower still

I’ll whisper to her

All the pretty little details

The things I’ve done

I’ll show her the footage

Of little brother

I must remind her we live far away

No one will know what is happening

The fear will grasp her

I’ll make her some tea

Calm her down a bit

Before I get to the sawing

I must lay her out

Cut her into 6 parts

She’ll be alive through much of it

Then, I’ll bury her around town

She’ll never be found

12 Days till the rain…

Last night was great

Everything went perfectly

I still remember the look of shock

On each one of their faces

They wouldn’t listen

They were bound to become the dying…

After all,

I must prepare for the rain


I continue to dig the other graves

The instructions are specific

There is nothing anyone can do

I must follow the voices

I must do what I must do

I called my Aunt today

I need ash for the next part of things

When she arrives

I’ll beat her over the head


Off to the furnace

I’ll wait till she wakes up

It’s not required


I really want to see the look on her face

When I start up the fire

11 Days till the rain…

It went, BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!

Her face…oh THE RUSH!

She couldn’t believe what I was doing!


Today, I dig more graves

I must be ready

For when the rain comes

I’ll put the ash around town

Marking certain places

Letting it know

Then, more digging

No time for rest


I must be ready

10 Days till the rain…

I’ve invited my best friend over

She needs to know how I feel

I mean, she’s always kind of had a thing for me

I’ll give her what she wants

Two ladies, having all sorts of fun!

She’s likely going to tell me she loves me

I can’t wait!

I think when she does

*Eyes widen with sick glee*

That’s when I’ll do it

That’s when…

I’ll take the axe to her!

Once she’s chopped into tiny bits

I’ll cook her up

After some further cutting

Then she’ll be dinner

Followed by,

More digging!

9 Days till the rain…

I have enough meat

To eat till it is time

I’ve saved much of it

She told me she loved me

I told her I had a gift

Close her eyes

Then I told her open them

I looked her in the eyes

As the axe came down on her

She was so surprised!

Today I bathed in my Father’s blood

That’s what was called for

Now I’ve been told to get some sleep

That’s something I wasn’t expecting

8 Days till the rain…

I slept well last night

I dreamed of the dead

I smiled at them

Today I must dig more holes

Then off to hunt some vagrants down

I need some souls who won’t be looked for

Emily’s mom called me

Asking if she was alright

I told her she’s fine

She’s going to be staying another night

…I suppose she’s going to have to be dealt with…

7 Days till the rain…

I found a vagrant couple

Took them in

Fed them some of Emily

They seemed to like her

I poisoned their portions

Waited for them to fall ill

Then as they died

I watched them

Once dead

I skinned them

Buried them away

I’ll save the skin for the altar

Emily’s mother will be by tonight

I’ve got something special planned for her


…More digging…

6 Days till the rain…

It went according to plan

Emily’s mom wanted to know when she’d be joining us

I told her

She’s already here

She’s a part of us

It took her a second

Then things finally clicked!

She was mortified

Disgusted even

First she felt the rage

You could tell she wanted to kill me

Too bad for her

I gave her something

That made her a paralytic


When she woke up

I offered her a choice

A slow death


She could end it

It took a bit of coaxing

Eventually though

She realized, there was no escape

I tormented her with the sounds of her daughters death

I’d been recording things

Again and again she heard what transpired

Eventually it was too much

The constant reminders of how she’d lost her only daughter

The way I made her eat her too

It was much too much for Emily’s mother dearest

So it was she ended her own life with a gag

The choking of her last breaths


I skinned her,

Added her to the altar

Now I dig some more

5 Days till the rain…

Today was quiet

Much like the day before it

Nothing but digging

I’ve almost prepared for it

4 Days till the rain…

I haven’t slept in a bit

I finished the holes

No more digging

I had to go out

Kidnap & kill a few more of the forgotten

I finally have enough skin

I’ve completed the altar

The voices tell me to get some rest

I think I smell the first hint of what’s coming

3 Days till the rain…

Today I fast

Meditate a bit

Chant prayers of thanks to it.

2 Days till the rain…

A day of silence

I’ve not spoken

I’m told to sleep now

I can smell the it coming

1 Day till the rain…

Today I went to school

I stood there & stared

They tried to move me

It wouldn’t let them

I just stared & smiled

Nothing more

I can smell blood in the air…

They’ll all be dead soon

The rain is coming

-The Day It Rained Blood-








Entry 252: I Only Have Eyes For You

Out of bed

Into the shower

Off to eat

Out the door

The same routine

Every day

5 o’ clock, back home

Different show

Depending on the night

Then dinner

Followed by scrubbing the teeth

Off to bed…

Next day,

Starting all over again

Married to work

No one to call home

All alone…

It’s been the same since buying a home

Same routine

A boring existence

Today though

It all changes

A knock at the door

Flowers from a mysterious stranger?


A bit confused

Some life now within you

Every morning

A new card

Your secret admirer

Join me?

Time goes on

Things begin to change

Your routine

Is no longer the same

Your new john

Has become your friend

Time passes

Things get


Days, weeks, months go on

Could this be the one?

You ask yourself this

Quite a lot

Pondering such sweet

Romantic, thoughts

Tonight though

Things change

Instead you find a note on the door

Waiting for you…


You open the door

Follow the chocolate & rose petals

They’re your favorite

…After all…

On the table sits

A lovely candlelit feast

The aroma,


You speak the name

Of your one true love


What game he’s played

Such a thoughtful soul



He’ll propose to you tonight?

Opening the bedroom door

Your surprise awaits

Shame you’d taken a bite already

Even more so for you upon learning the truth

There is your object of affection

Heart pinned to the wall

Body hanging from a meat hook

Inside your home

I suppose this is quite new to you

You should know

I’m coming for you soon

My dearly beloved…

-I Only Have Eyes For You-

Entry 251: It’s Time For A Late Night Drive

You are an angel

A true testament of beauty

I see you there

Replaying in my head

Time & again

I saw you there that night

I’ve seen you every night since

You look so beautiful

The way the rain poured down your face

The last moment when we met

I’m sorry I drove so fast

I wish I hadn’t

Now you replay in my memory


Night after night

I see you in my dreams

Reliving a single moment

A moment that brings about suffering

You see,

As beautiful as you are

I wish we’d have met differently

I wish it’d been in person

Your perfect red hair

The way your pale skin glowed in the headlights

Yes, you are a moment that replays

Frozen in memory

I see that beautiful face

That yellow dress

I see these moments

Just before your death

I was a good soul

I’d never harmed anyone in my life

Till we met

On that fated night

If I’d have been driving slower

Perhaps you’d be here today

Then again…

We probably never would’ve met

If that were the case

I’m conflicted you see

Because I feel the pain of your death

Yet, the delight of my awakening

I’m a different man today

Perhaps, this is who I’ve always been


Strange it is how a stranger can affect our minds

You & I meeting

Just once

Has completely changed my life

I am sorry for your death

I truly am

Yet, they never found out I did it

So now,

Every time it rains

I feel you calling me

I take my car

Leaving in search of you again

You’ve guided me well

Still, never have I found

Anyone as beautiful as you were that night

I’ve run soul after soul down

Through reasons unknown

The evidence of my evil is never found

Just another memory

I cherish them all still


No one compares

To you my sweet

No one has a face so beautiful

I’m always chasing you

I bet I always will

Do you hear that?

I hear the rain begin to fall

The thunder a sign of your call

I see your memory in my mind

-It’s Time For A Late Night Drive-

Entry 250: These Walls Speak Many Things

I’ve been working on this place

For 100’s of years

I like to think of it as the perfect host

I built this place from scratch

I constantly add to it

Always building, never stoping

For a place like this will never be complete

It will expand eternally

There’s never enough done

When I add a room

I’m told,

Build another

I don’t mind this

I always comply

I need to keep this place alive

It must thrive

Outshining all the rest

Yet still kept, a tightly guarded secret…

I built it in the middle of nowhere

I warped it into a special place

Hiding within one of Black Winters

Many realities

It can grow forever more

Always consuming

It’s a beautiful place indeed

Quite often, people are fond of the way it’s painted

How did it get that red hue?

All the visitor’s ask

I always say,

Allow me to show you

Then I lead them into a room

I call it

The workshop

I show them things beyond their darkest thoughts

This house helps me steal their souls

Sometimes a saw does the trick

Other times I plaster or cement them alive,

Making statues of them

All of them must die

None can ever escape

I don’t want this beautiful secret

Told to everyone

So, every now and again

I lure people in

Sending out mental invitations

When the time comes for new renovations…

Someone always comes

Or is lead here

Drawn in by that beautiful splendor

The paths that lead each soul here

Are infinitely different

As they come from other realities

Yes, these walls say many things

At least while those buried within them

…Are still living…

So, if ever you happen upon a red house

In a dark place

Within a dream,

Or you happen upon it

Within waking reality

Come on in

See the beauty within

Listen to a bit of its history

Become a part of the place


-These Walls Speak Many Things-

Entry 249: Are You Alone?

When you’re in the shower

While you sleep

Perhaps while you study?

When you’re all alone

When no one is around

When there is no sound

Ask yourself

…Are you alone?…

Perhaps it’s late at night

Or maybe

2 in the morning…


Pay attention to your surroundings

Ask yourself

If you don’t hear or see anyone

…Are you alone?…

Have you looked around as you read this

Was there an odd knock on your door?

Are you feeling uneasy?

…Are you alone?…

As you read this

What do you feel?

Listen closely,

Can you hear breathing?

Perhaps, that was just the wind?

At any rate…

Did you make sure to lock everything,

When you came home?

Did you check your closets

Even the tiniest nooks and crannies?

Has something been moved?

Is something missing?

…Are you alone?…

Last week someone like you

Swore they’d done everything you’re reading

They’d locked the doors

They’d checked the windows

Everything was quiet

Not even a sound

They asked themselves

…Am I alone?…

They weren’t the first,

They won’t be the last…

They were reading this,

…Just like you…

When they were showering

They didn’t see him

They were alone


When they were sleeping

They didn’t hear his breathing

As he stood over them

Studying the next night

They thought they were alright

They were alone

In their mind

If you tell yourself you’re alone

You are…


If you’re alone

No one ever hears your screams

Late in the night

…Are you alone?…

Would anyone know if you disappeared?

Did you double check the charge on your phone?

Would 911 get to you in time

If he knocked on your door

Late at night?

It’s okay though…


You are alone,


You have nothing to fear

Just like everyone else who’s read this before

None of them saw him

None of them heard him

None of them felt him

As he watched them

None of them knew,

Anything was wrong

This is just as silly thing they read

They were alone…


You, staring at your screen reading this right now

-Are You Alone?-

Entry 248: I Write Your Death: #1- Mr. Bretts Death

Mr. Brett

Always having a hard time at the office

Couldn’t get that date

Was dealt a bad hand

He grew sad

Mumsy his cat had died

Life piled it on him

All the time…

Now he sat in an office

Looking at a woman named Gladys…

Mr. Brett

Why so sad?

Gladys asked…

He said nothing

Instead he laughed

Then turned towards Gladys

Face twisting

Mind deteriorating

He promptly told Gladys

She works in HR by the way…

A bright smile on his face

Contrasting the tears

Pouring away…

That he was terminating his employment



-I Write Your Death: #1 Mr. Bretts Death-

Entry 247: Your Dearest Maggie

I hear you

Through the foggy snow

I feel your warmth

In spite of the biting cold

It feels as though it was yesterday

Since you disappeared

In truth it’s been about 20 years

I’m alone out here

Always searching for you

Always praying I’ll wake up

You’ll be by my side

Hoping, tonight is the night, I find you

I have the same dream

Night after night

I’m searching in this cold place

You are there

I can feel it!

I’m sure, I heard your voice

I’ve taken to taping records of my dreams

Upon waking

I’ve begun to notice

I’m making progress

In some way…

You’re missing from my life

All the dreams appear the same

Still, each night,

I awake,

Suspecting not all is the same

I hear you cry Maggie

I hear you calling my name

I couldn’t see you initially

Though, little by little

I feel I’m getting closer

I’m sure of it

So, as I sit here

In a dream like trance

I’m quite sure I’ve found you now

At least I will for sure

So, I’m leaving a letter with my thoughts

Should someone be reading this

I’m no doubt gone

In the last dream

I saw a place

A black house

Far away

I’d never seen it anytime prior

Then I saw you John

I saw you standing there

In the window

Staring at me

I can’t make out what you’re shouting

Why you are pointing my way

I looked behind me

I saw nothing

So I’ve come closer still


I imagine I’ll enter this place

The spot for which you’ve surely vanished

It’s funny

I can’t help but feel

You haven’t aged a bit

In 20 years…

I’m sure we will be together soon

I love you…

-Your Dearest Maggie-