Entry 367: Mr. Opley

For all the darkness & despair

Within Black Winters homes

There walks a traveling man

For which has well renown

They call him Mr. Opley

A kinder soul you will not meet

Giving candy to children

Roses to the family of the deceased

The man well dressed

In his all black suit

He can always be found

Just in time to soothe

With a smile & a shake

He’ll take all your problems away

He’s always there in times of mourning…

Usually he arrives just before as well

Wherever he senses he is needed most dear

He’ll tell you stories of 2 great wars

Of a world for which everything changed

The moment a great mushroom erupted into the sky

Forever changing everything

In two calamities forever remembered world wide…

He speaks of times when all people knew

Were diseases & war

Plagues long since no more…

Sometimes he’ll speak still

Of a woman well known within Black Winter

One who stood strong in the sight of horrors most profound

Sacrificing herself

To take a certain Clock Tower down…

If you happen to see him

You could ask him still

About the infinite realities he’s walked through…

For wherever a reality lay

Mr. Opley will say

There is always a need for my associates & I

We walk endlessly

Helping those in times most trying

Some with kiss 

I with a shake

Soon after taking all of a souls troubles away

Leading them to what is next

Before moving on

To continue our service…

With a wink he continues to walk on

Such is the man of mystery

They call…

-Mr. Opley-



Entry 366: They Feast In Shadows

Listen close

Listen well

If you hear them

Run like hell

The voices of the damned cry

When close they lurk

In the night

Blending into the shadows themselves

They hunt their prey

If they consume you

Only your screams

Will be left

Ever lurking in the night

Near the next victim

Soon to die

No one has ever seen the sight

Of these things that prey in the night

Only have they heard the deathly screams

Of their preys latest victims

So if you hear the screams at night

Run as fast as you can

Run for your life!

For such screams are the warning they hunt

Sniffing out souls…

-They Feast In Shadows-

Entry 365: The Sin Of Vanity

So lovely

So full of grace

So handsome

So perfectly in place

All the different features

Some beautiful

Some strong

All the things they will see

Just before it all goes wrong

So full of themselves

So enamored by the vain

They never truly see

The ugliness hidden inside of them

As their life slowly drains away…

Perhaps that’s why so many never leave

So many are trapped in time

Behind the glass halls before them

They never saw the slow creeping pain…

Just as in life

They couldn’t see the truth

How they hurt those they looked down upon


How they never felt the grief they doled out

In this place they stare at themselves

Until they are preyed upon

Their souls slowly drain from their bodies

Their minds slowly growing more out of place

It’s all quite subtle

Till eventually they succumb

The sins of their vanity

Leading to the end of life itself…

They never saw the truth before their eyes

They couldn’t see past the surface

Of the simple disguise

So it is they became ensnared

Slowly dying

As they stared

Glorified by their own images

Even as they were eaten alive

Consumed slowly as they withered away

Till it was too late to keep their lives

Just as those before

Who knew only of the beauty skin deep

Here their souls now lay trapped

In the halls within

Their minds shattered,

The house of Mirrors has consumed them

Trapping them eternally within,

Never will they leave again

All this for…

-The Sin Of Vanity-

Entry 364: The Grove

Ticktock goes the clock

Another one buried

Another night gone

Such is the fate

For the one who digs grave

As he must dig them eternally…

A man who in life

Knew only Death

Everyone he knew died around him…

Now he stands in The Grove

Each night,

Tending to the denizens within…

Burying the bodies

A new one each night

Another in waiting

…Ready to die…

The souls locked here

All lived in sadness & despair

Everyone killed too early in life

Their families fallen in pain

As they took away their own existence

Leaving nothing to chance

Nothing to fate

They felt life was a burden

So they tried to escape

In the end they died

Their souls relegated to a limbo

Where they’d relive their deaths again

For it is in The Grove

The Gravedigger listens

To the sorrow of their ends…

Such a sad fate

He being the only one who came

Not having met a fate

Of his own hands…

Why is The Gravedigger here?

What did he do to deserve his fate?

Such is a tale for another time

For now just know

He digs graves

Prepping them for the souls

Who gave up too early in life…

All young

All scream

All beg for freedom


Once he digs a hole for you

Your soul will be bound within it soon

There will be no escape

You’ll feed your final resting place

As you cry in misery each night

Reliving the final moments of your life

All eventually wish

…They’d changed…


He digs another grave

Each & every night

Feeding The Grove

…For eternity…

-The Grove-

Entry 363: Cry Before She

The night the church bell rang

They found the bodies hanging

The blood running from their eyes

The twitching as they slowly died

There was no way they could save them

No hope for them at all

For you see

The souls found

Were long since dead

Mangled bodies twitching

They were trapped within their fate

The team that had come to rescue them

Knew not

For they

Only Death awaited…

The bodies now fallen to the floor

Slowly they all stood

A smile gracing their lips

Their razor sharp teeth now shown

All at once they gazed to the heavens

Mouths opening wider than their heads

A chanting soon over took the minds

Of the soon to be dead…

Cry before she

The one who you will soon dread

Cry before she

Your skin will soon shred

Cry before she

Think only of Death

For before she

You will cry in the end…

Blood, flesh, every little cut 

With each you will be born anew

Your organs displayed

Your faces contorted

You will die slowly

Your souls will join

To lull the next

Your deaths a reminder of her will

Cry before she

As the rain falls upon the roof

Fall into despair

As soon your blood will run

It is not over

For your death is just the beginning…

*Distant Screams ring out*

-Cry Before She-

Entry 362: My Dearest Puppet

There I stand

Silence enrapturing me

There you stand

Lost in this dark fantasy

A world you’ve awoken to

All alone & afraid


I follow you,

You hear the faint gurgles

Of victims past

The choked cries

Just out of sight

There I breathe

Slowly upon your back

Smell your scent

As you go deeper into the darkened path

Down those steps you wander further still

Floating behind you

I can’t help but begin laughing…

I sense the chill

That runs down your spine

The fear that takes over your mind…

Yes, I think as you turn around

As I fade away

You see nothing of me yet…


I whisper into your precious little head

Then just like that

You head further in

Unaware of the puppetry

I am orchestrating…

Down into the station full of blood & sin

You find a flash light


Picking it up

It comes to life in your hand

Scanning the room

You see the chains hanging…

For a moment you stare closer

Then flashes of the dead begin to arise

You fall back

At the blood & disgust

Dropping the flashlight

As you turn to run…

Shame for you the doors now close

I let you see it

So you know…

Your time is short


We’re not done quite yet


I want to watch you panic…

So quickly you turn

Picking up the flashlight again

I soon begin

Lowly humming

The song resonates through your ears

In your head

It takes you to past years

You remember the beautiful smile

Upon your sweet wife’s face

Just before

She met her tragic fate…

I push the memories

As the tears roll from your eyes

I pretend to be your wife…

A flash of light you no longer see the truth

You’re in bed with your wife

No idea I’m actually the one you are making love to…

It’s not like it’s real


I feed upon the emotions…

You feel happy

Forgetting the danger surrounding you

…For just a moment…

A snap of the fingers

You are brought back to the Subway

Jumping back,

You are startled at the sight of a dead baby

The horrific images of your wife & would be child

Smiling & laughing

Quite twisted I might add…


You scream out in despair


I say in response

As my smile grows wider

That fear, that despair


I’m slowly stalking you

As you cry inside…


Looking around in fear

I remind you

I control all here

One second a subway station

The next a field of red

Flowers fading to black

As red rain pours down upon your head

It’s the blood

The blood your wife didn’t have

It’s the sound of your dead childs cries

Of which, I felt I’d add…

Go ahead, run…CRY!

I relish in your despair

It makes me feel ALIVE!!!!

Running forth, you chase the images of the dead

You’ve forgotten where you actually are

Which I’ll remind you soon enough

…I assure you…

In the field, stands your dead wife & child

Their images soon fading as I come up behind you…

Grasping your body

Holding it in place

I remind you of everything you hate

All the pain & despair in life

Just before revealing to you

You’re going to die

The long nails digging into your skin

Awaken you to the truth of things

I lick the side of your face

Such a handsome soul

I’ll have fun with you later…

Your emotions are at their peak


We will have sweet release

You hear it


It’s too late

The Subway comes for you

Such is your fate

As the fear rises within you

I begin to feed upon your soul

Tasting of the sweat

Of the inevitable…

You give out one final scream!

I smile

As the train runs over you.

Coming to a stop

The doors open up

You’re forever mine now…

-My Dearest Puppet-

Entry 361: I’m Alone Always

I wander in memories

Not all my own

I look for a way out


I walk here alone…

I’m not sure how I wound up here

Or why so many dream of me

I do know I can find no way out

Every day,

I feel myself losing my grip

On my sanity…

Today I saw a gas station

In it rang a phone

No voice on the end

Just emptiness

Reminding me,

I’m alone…

Yesterday I was in a house

A woman was fighting with her spouse

It reminded me of things I don’t quite know

I never remember my biggest memories

Before coming here

I wish I had a way out

Still, I sit here…

One memory I saw

Was that of a man

A shadow for a face

One eye that’d open

The demented look within its gaze

Was enough to make my hair raise


It was nothing compared to what came next

The mouth opening

I saw many things

I saw another life

Another world

The gnashing of souls

Long since disappeared

The mans tongue flailed quite mad

I ran

Overcome with sadness

Rushing up steps

I saw a place

Tall buildings all around

I didn’t recognize it.

The tongue had stopped giving chase

The man

He’d faded…

Nothing ever makes sense

Though as I stand up

Feeling this gas station shift in place

I know the next reality

Won’t be the same…

It never is,

I’m not sure what connects things

I do know

No matter what or who I may see

It’s all an illusion

A place out of time…

-I’m Alone Always-

Entry 360: The Hole

There is a hole

In a wall

In a place

Darker than all

Peek inside you’ll see something,

What it is may change

Depending on the person

Who meets its gaze

In this hole you may find

A future life

Or even Death in time

Past memories

Future truths

One can only be certain

That this hole

Will change you

Rest assured the place of its existence

Remains the same

The place however,

Moves each & every day

Should you see the giant 7 sitting upon the old sign

Reaching high towards the heavens on high

Walk within the old place

Search for The Hole

As it draws you nearer to

Once you see that black spot

Sitting in the wall

The black vapor like mist

Leaking from it all

Peer deep inside

See the truth set before your eyes

What you see will be personal to you

Use it

Should leaving,

Be allowed to you

For you see,

Sometimes people look deep within

Soon after vanishing…

Do not fret,

Do not fear,

Keep that which it has taught you…

Live or die

A truth will be revealed

One quite important to everything you’ve seen here…

Black Winter can reach far beyond the confines of what you believe

In this place

The Hole

Is just a piece

Of the larger puzzle

You’ve yet to see.

So, please, seek this place

*Many voices resonate*

…We hope to see you someday…

-The Hole-


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Entry 359: To Endure For Her Serenity

I saw her,

In the cold eerie rain

Holding the dead bodies

Of the children we made…

I touched her as close to Death I lay

I knew her, in a time & place of my own making

I died a thousand times to be there for her

Trapped in time infinitely…

For you do the craziest things for love

No matter what the means

Crying her name out

As the demons claw upon my sanity

I fought for her

As the hell hounds came

I gave my soul on a platter

I burned in Hell time & again

Just to console her

I took the punishment

Her crimes, my skin…

I gave myself

…To protect her…

The taste of Death

Lay on her sweet lips

The twisted madness

Claws inside of me

I just want to keep her safe

It is not her fault

The sacrificial pain

I live


You may say,

It is all for naught…

That I’m a fool

Who deserves the suffering I’ve wrought…

Perhaps that’s the truth?

Perhaps that’s who I’ve become?


In the shadows of torment

The endless hells of life

Her beautiful whispers

Set an inferno upon the ice in my veins

My blood burning from her song

My soul accepting its pain

She is my life

She is my wife


She did not kill our children

In anger & hate

She did so in sorrow

To protect us from what they had became…

She is the reason the demons now prey

Branding my skin with their eternal tormenting!

Each & every night

A new torture in place

I’ll do so forever

I’ll burn in flames…

Nothing could compare

To the feelings I have

Every time I get a glimpse of her

Just before the next Death arrives…

She is why I’ve accepted the infinite sorrow

Upon my soul

The only way to keep safe

Her & the children we had before…

I will fight for her

…Forever more…

It was her sins that wrought upon me my punishment

A deal made, long before our relationship


Be that as it may

It was my choice…

-To Endure For Her Serenity-