Entry 391: Of Madness…I’ve Seen The Truth

I’ve seen true madness

It lurks within the depths

Singing the most beautiful song

It woos you into peaceful happiness.

Out in the late of night

Alone you hear its sweet song

You never see the truth of things

Till your ship will soon be gone…

The song is like that of a Siren

But a Siren this thing is not…

For when it grows close

You will begin to hallucinate

I’m not speaking of true hallucination

Instead, I speak of seeing the madness in truth

For if the truth be acceptance

I wish not to see it again…

It is a many-armed truth

That starts with many bodies as well

They float from the depths

As the ocean grows still…

A redness fills all

Then a shadowy darkness appears beneath…

Its eye a piercing white

That slowly turns red

Faces manifesting from within the eye

An eye the size of my ship!


I’ve seen the truth that is madness…

From the shadows, the bodies soon float all around

Their skeletons singing a song in unison

No doubt letting you know

You’re in it now!

The language is one you don’t understand at first

As every horrific sight floods your mind

Nothing makes sense as

The arms soon grow out from the sides

They look of human flesh

At least,

They did when I saw this thing…

They grabbed my boat, stopping it dead

Then down I went!

As I looked over the deck the eye opened up

Sharp razor laden fangs

Grew from the fingertips of its arms & the eye now turned mouth!

The eye billowed a voice

One that echoed within my mind

A disturbing language

One that terrifies me even as I write of this thing now…

No scarier sight since have I found

I leaped overboard

Turning in time to see

My ship & crew sink into the depths…

I heard their screams as I swam

The ocean becoming a massive drain

I swore I was to die

But, suddenly…

…It all came to end…

Just as quickly as the vortex had appeared

Everything had met its end

I floated for what felt an eternity

Listening to silence…

As I recount the tale now

I still hear the song

The screams of my dead crew

As well as…

…The silence afterward…

-Of Madness…I’ve Seen The Truth-