Entry 325: My Play Things

The blood of the dead

Is so sweet…

I like to drain them slowly

Watching the life

Leave their eyes

I feel a rush

Most, exhilarating!

Be they hanging upside down

Or laying open,

Draining into a bag

I…love…their faces!

So lifeless,

Like a beautiful piece of art

Grim, in the best sort of way

I’ve been asked,

Why don’t you just drink from the necks?

Like most vampires might…

To this I say


…It would be boring…

I prefer to watch the twitching of the body

The hopelessness as they realize there is no escape

The feeling of dread

In the event I choose to cut them open

The life, as I’ve said…

…Leaving them…

What’s the point of doing the typical thing?

Living up to the stereotype of society?

I like to be unique

I love to do something fresh

One might call it playing with my food

I call it


I’ve been doing this for thousands of years

I won’t stop soon



I do not waste the bodies


I use them to decorate

Sometimes I hang them for others to see

Other times

I prop them up

In my museum…

Forever preserving those ones

So future victims can see

The beautiful art

Of Death…

…That I’ve created…

I won’t lie though,

Sometimes I use it to gloat

Show the other vampires

They’ve got nothing on me…

Most are boring

Many a time,

I toy with them as well

Life is nice

When you’re a queen

I do so love…

-My Play Things-

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