Entry 326: The Elevator

Down and down the elevator goes

Deeper & deeper the despair grows

All the good deeds

Meant nothing in the end

The secret things you did

Your silent sins

Are what fated you to the desolation

You are now facing…

The horror, the shock

The fear of the unknown

All are nothing

Compared to the reality you are about to be shown


…More desperate your soul now gets…

You’d never imagined

A soul could feel such dread.

Down, down, down

The elevator continues to go

Your past memories now overtaking

You fade in and out

As you begin to hear the screams grow


Further down you continue to go

Now you think

You aren’t sure if you want the elevator to keep going

Or you wish it would stop?


The screams are unnerving!

The pain,

The hate,

The sorrow

The sins…

All the souls are becoming more audible

In their torment…

How did it come to this?

You think to yourself

What led you to an elevator to Hell?

Perhaps it was the gambling?

Maybe just the greed?

Maybe it was the woman you left

To carry your seed

The child who grew up

With a mother who cried

The kid who grew with resentment

Till the day his mother died

She’d hung herself,

She lives down here now too

Your son now a killer

…All because of you…

People don’t care about their actions

Or sins

Till judgment comes

And they are sentenced to their ill fated end…

They know from birth

One day they’ll die

Yet most waste this chance

A chance at eternal life

Down, Down, Down…

The elevator continues to go

Your head is throbbing

You’re panic growing,


Yes…soon you’ll know…

The pain you wrought

The suffering you’ve sewn…

The elevator ride seems like it’ll never end

Little do you know

You’re already being tormented…

For part of your punishment

Was to go to a place without end

Forever afraid

Of that elevator stopping

In truth it moves eternally on


Left only with your thoughts

Listening to the screams of others suffering

Wishing your pain,

Your fear would end


Down, Down, Down

The elevator continues


-The Elevator-

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