Entry 394: Her Empty Soul

Her empty soul

It went through unrelenting pain

Many would’ve died 10,000 times

Under such torment

Yet, still, she sat

Her soul, empty

She could not feel grief

She could not feel pain

In her soul was a void unending

In her soul sat a universe of nothing

Till the night he wandered into her house of disrepair

A man sent to a strange town

A man lost and confused

Wandering this empty home

Noticing its empty nothing

A flicker of life awoke within her eyes

The gateway to her soul

She twitched alive

The man wandered further

Not sure where he was

Deeper into the webbed walls

The darkened halls

This place of nothing

Every step he took

He felt he was being watched

Still the surroundings

Made no noise

The cries of the past did not greet him

Perhaps if they had

He would’ve noticed her smile

The blackened eyes watching him in the dark

The haunting aura of Death

…Slowly following him…

It was at this moment she saw his face

It was in this moment the lights sparked life

It was in this moment her empty soul cried tears

A moment that fell upon no other souls ears

It was here he walked in the darkness

The shadows a web all their own

It was here she salivated

Once again

Unable to control

The desires deep held

The things that drive her on

Tonight she would feed

Tonight she would tear the wandering soul apart

Piece by piece

It was in her empty soul

The man would scream in unending pain

It was in the taste of the eyes plucked from his skull

The juice of his once whole home

It was there she’d feel a tinge of the sweet

It was within his lifeless corpse she’d see a glimpse of another

Another who felt pain

Another who she’d never understand

It was in his memories that she absorbed

She saw a life full of love and feeling whole

These are feelings she’d never truly know

For all was quiet

All was without feeling

In her empty soul

The taste of the man’s flesh

The screams that fell on the air as though deaf

Another life consumed

Another soul is taken away

Another victim never heard from again

She felt nothing

As all fell silent again

…Silent darkness filling the halls within…

-Her Empty Soul-