Entry 325: My Play Things

The blood of the dead

Is so sweet…

I like to drain them slowly

Watching the life

Leave their eyes

I feel a rush

Most, exhilarating!

Be they hanging upside down

Or laying open,

Draining into a bag

I…love…their faces!

So lifeless,

Like a beautiful piece of art

Grim, in the best sort of way

I’ve been asked,

Why don’t you just drink from the necks?

Like most vampires might…

To this I say


…It would be boring…

I prefer to watch the twitching of the body

The hopelessness as they realize there is no escape

The feeling of dread

In the event I choose to cut them open

The life, as I’ve said…

…Leaving them…

What’s the point of doing the typical thing?

Living up to the stereotype of society?

I like to be unique

I love to do something fresh

One might call it playing with my food

I call it


I’ve been doing this for thousands of years

I won’t stop soon



I do not waste the bodies


I use them to decorate

Sometimes I hang them for others to see

Other times

I prop them up

In my museum…

Forever preserving those ones

So future victims can see

The beautiful art

Of Death…

…That I’ve created…

I won’t lie though,

Sometimes I use it to gloat

Show the other vampires

They’ve got nothing on me…

Most are boring

Many a time,

I toy with them as well

Life is nice

When you’re a queen

I do so love…

-My Play Things-


Entry 324: Hate

It starts as rational thought

It breaks into something that is not

First it’s an opinion

Then, it’s crazed

Perhaps you’re just having a bad day

You think…

Then, that simple opinion

Becomes so much more

You become enraged

You don’t even understand why anymore

The next thing you know

You are pushed further still

The emotional outbursts

Soon lead to your first kill…

It spreads from there,

Every person around you

Each one you encounter

Infected by your despair…

It was just an emotion

An opinion in the beginning you thought

That was before you took a knife

To the person

In your bedroom…

Here you stand,

You’ve turned on the news

The infection is growing inside of you

It’s clear it has made its way to the rest of the world too

Madness is taking over

No one understands why

None of them can think clearly

Act in a manner rational to their fellow man

They only wish to fight

To bring about pain!

It escelates…

No one knows why

Sure, there are opinions & reasons

Or so they are projected all the time…

Ultimately, however,

It is too late

Without rational thought

So grows the hate

The disease was implanted long ago

This is just the nature of humanity

…Or so it goes…

In truth,

I’ve been there all along

Whispering your never ending sweet suffering


…You’ll all kill one another off for me…


Entry 322: The Broadcast

A tune went out

We all heard it well

The tune spoke to us

It said to KILL!!!!!

So as soon as it was broadcast

The killing began in mass!

Murder grew

The body count did too

Yet, no one stopped to consider

Where the broadcast we heard had come from

Nor why,

It caused us to commit murder.


It stopped one day

Only the lives that remained

Were left calm at first,

Then horror struck at what they did!

Followed by the ponderings of what came next?

The broadcast had ended as suddenly as it began

Man & woman killed until then

Your religion,

Your views of world peace

None of it mattered when you heard the signal call out

Some killed themselves after the fact

Assuming they were going to hell after their acts


Some lived broken but, survivors none the less

All pondered

How, where & why

The broadcast had played?

What was the origin of its existence?

Was it a live test ?

For something military?

Why did it stop?

All answers we will forever wonder about

-The Broadcast-

Entry 321: My World Of Peace

Once I wished upon a star

That my world no longer grow apart

No more wars

No more pain

Surely that’d be a perfect existence

For everyone…

Closing my eyes

I thought to myself

If people stopped hating

We’d stop growing apart

Everything would be perfect

If we all had a heart

Nuclear war was a possible thing

Till I awoke the very next day

Suddenly guns were turned in

All citizens were happy to let go of them

The nuclear war we were about to start

Suddenly fell apart…

All nations agreed to give up such arms

Citing if humanity is to last

We can not keep such things

All hate in people’s hearts

Had suddenly been forgotten

No one cared about ones race or creed

Who they loved

What nation they came into reality from

Religion was no longer a thing

All anyone wanted was peace

Crime had suddenly stopped that day

As the weeks went on

There wasn’t any…

The worlds economy had boomed

Everyone now lived in harmony…

A more perfect existence could not be found

I couldn’t believe it!

My wish

Had become

My reality!

I grew happy as I no longer saw people sleeping on the streets

Every person had a home

Everyone was happy!

That’s when I first saw him

The man with the smiling face

A scar shut his right eye

He held a book in his left

Watching from afar

He then wrote something…

The next second

A car had wrecked

A woman had been hit by a drivers mistake

Or so it seemed at the time…

The woman died at the scene

The man soon collected the light that came from her body

A simple wave

A smile that never left

The man vanished before me…

The ambulance left with her body that day

I felt something was off with reality

I slept horribly that night

The mans face was still there in my mind

Suddenly a loud banging came

I awoke

A cold sweat overtaking me!

Looking through my peep hole

There was nothing there

Unable to go back to sleep

I turned on the television…

The news was on

There was a story about the accident

Just as the story was about to really get going

The knocking started again

This time the sound was growing

I checked my door again

The woman from the accident

Covered in blood

She screamed!

Begging me to let her in!

HE’S COMING! HE’S COMING!!!! she said

Then suddenly she vanished before me

In her place as a final scream rang out

The man with the smile & the scar stared at me

Putting a finger to his lips

I realized he wanted silence from me

Then with a wave that sent chills down my spine

The man said

Have a wonderful day!

Before vanishing before me…

I did not sleep the remainder of the night

Every time I tried, he was there

Smiling at me

The world was at peace

Things were perfect

So what was wrong

In that moment?

What was off about that man?

What was I missing

That likely sat

In front of me?

The next day,

The news was on again

The woman’s death was ruled

A suicide

Apparently the driver that hit her

Had not made any mistakes

Apparently she’d jumped in front of him…

I stood to get my coffee

When suddenly I heard a scream

A woman’s body fell past my window at great speed

I barely caught it before


Looking down

She was no longer among the living…

In the crowd grew a horrific scream of shock

Looking amongst the screams though

I saw him again

Standing over the woman’s body…

As though he knew I already watched

He looked up

Putting his finger to his teeth

He smiled & asked silence of me…

A chill grew across my spine

Then suddenly a light came from the woman’s body

Soon enough it faded

Along with the man

I wasn’t sure what to think of it?

What was wrong?

Why had she killed herself?

We lived in such a perfect world…

Who would think to end their life?

Now that my wish brought about paradise?

The days went on

The suicides grew

It was all the news would talk about soon

Like rain,

The bodies began to fall

A man on a subway killed himself

Another intentionally drove off a bridge

One man had cut himself to bits

The scarring was sickening to say the least

The blood that flowed out of his body

Creating a most gruesome scene…

In the reports I could see the man

Always standing in the distance

Months went on

The body count grew

Including both of our local news anchors


On live tv

Decided to burn away reality

One drank battery acid

The other set themselves alight

I felt shock!


I felt myself losing my grip


The months went on and the suicide count went up

I felt myself growing sick

Sometimes I’d sleep

Then I’d see the deaths

Along with the man collecting them…

The reports would pop up on the news

At a later time

After the dreams…

I felt like I was losing my mind!

One year

Then the next

I began to lose track of bodies I’d seen

The world was in a mass suicide

I didn’t understand


Still, they continued to DIE!

I couldn’t sleep…

The nights I didn’t,

They were still there

If not in dreams

It was visions

The man along with them,

Their deaths,

Clearly as they were happening

I was losing my mind, right?!

No…it’d become apparent…

…It’d happened too many times…

I was seeing the deaths as they happened

They were being reported later


I could never stop them

There was a knocking soon at my door

A man stood there

Before saying

Special delivery!

I’d not ordered a package

Still, I figured

What could it hurt?

Maybe I’d be murdered

No longer having to live

This reality…

I opened the door

The man looked up

There was a terrifying smile

Then a loud laugh

An explosion!!!

His blood and bone had flown

I should be dead

Am I?

I felt a happiness at the thought

Before behind the man that had blown up

The one with the scar stood

He spoke to me

You yet live, for you cannot die…such is your wished reality…



I screamed in protest!!!

A finger now moved to the mans lips & his wide grinning teeth

Oh but it is…

You wished a world without war

A world with no more hate

A world that couldn’t exist

With humanity

Your wish has been granted

You will never die

You will slowly watch

As the world is gone

Soul by soul I will collect

Death after death you will see as my witness

Then when you are all alone

You will know the world you wished

Your world of peace

Such is your eternal reality

I felt a shock

A gnawing from deep within

Then I lost myself



I threw myself threw the window

Falling to the ground

Not a single bone broken

Nothing was wrong with me…


I continued to scream

Soon throwing myself

Into the headlights

Of a big rig truck!

The truck rolled

I was made direct contact

Still I stood

No blood

Not even a single speck!

I ran further to the nearest subway

Then threw myself in front

Still after it was all over

I stood,

The man appeared

A never ending smile upon his face

Accept it.

He said…

Then, with a finger to his lips

He soon turned

Vanishing before me

The next few months I tried every way

To kill myself each day

Eventually it became evident

As I saw others die

I’d gotten my wish

…This would be my eternity…




…I’d have my wish…

*Frantically begins crying*

-My World Of Peace-

Entry 320: They Call Us The Crimson Dread

I like to draw them out

Take them slowly,

Many a man has been in my bed

None have left

…In one piece…

I like to take the blood

Use it to create the paint

The crimson look, I splash upon

My instruments,

Makes me feel complete…

The skin I twist & tweak

Till it meets my needs

Eventually it will play the most beautiful tune

…For the violins & cellos within my symphony…

I take the meat

Using it as a feast for those who play

Together we eat the meat

Praying a blessing

Just before each symphony…

The souls I keep

Each one consumed

Giving to the sound,

The audience caught in our allure

As silently the souls scream songs…

Such is the nature of each concert

As slowly I draw them in

The men for which I bed

…Their sins never forgiven…

I kill women too

Though they I kill with song…

Suffer the souls do with each note

Every new soul taken added within

Making the perfect sound

For which to kill with again…

We’ve played many a symphony

Some to gain new souls

Others for the already dead

We played for the leader of Death

During their coronation…

We’ve played for the Devil

At Gates Of Hell

Watching as the sinners begged

Mercy be on our souls!

Forgive us our sins!

The beautiful soliloquy of Death I sang

Promised no mercy would be given

Everywhere our songs are heard

All know we are skilled

I lead each symphony

You can call me Red

…The rest of those who hear us…

-They Call Us The Crimson Dread-


Entry 318: Lullaby

Hush now dear little one

Sleep quite well

By the time you wake up

Momma will have you something swell

It’ll be delicious

Full of meat

All the nutrients

You’ll ever need

You’ll be eating it,

For the next several weeks

Maybe if you really behave

I can get one for you as a pet…

So sleep now my sweet

Get plenty of rest

You’ll be happy when you awake

I assure you of that…

Listen to the sound of the rain

As it falls down

Or the drops of blood

From those in the meat room

…As they silently pray for a way out…

If you listen real close

You’ll get quite the lullaby

The beautiful screaming

Of what will soon be on the dinner plate…

So know peace my little bundle of joy

Mommy will keep you safe

Dream of the death

You’ll one day create

The tears of those

Who will  beg you

To spare them

…At least one more day…

Meanwhile you’ll devour them,

Their families as well

Providing for your own little one

Who will be…

…Your world…

*Child falls asleep to the sound of distant screams*


Entry 317: Peresephone’s Chance

If you care to take a chance

Go down to Hotel Sin

Ask for Peresephone

She’s a witch

The gatekeeper of dreams


…Your eternal torment…

Play a game

Meant for two

She’ll have the dice,

Understand the way it rolls

Depends on your life

It isn’t about good or bad

It is how you’re judged to have lived

The parameters of which

Change person to person…

If you manage to survive the game

Find your way to the end…

You can claim whatever you like


Lose & The Chamber will be

Where you spend the rest of your afterlife.

The Chamber is a place of souls

Stricken in darkness to no end

You don’t see what comes

You only hear the horrors

The songs of misery that know no end…

You see…

Down there…

You will come to find,

Torment & suffering to be your only friends!

So what is it you wish?

What is it you’d like?

An eternal life?

Riches beyond your wildest dreams?

Perhaps a way out of Black Winter?


Some other secret thing?

If this is the case

Then head on down to Hotel Sin

Ask for Peresephone

Then the game will begin

The dice roll of your eternity

Perhaps you might win?

The name of the game you ask?

-Peresephone’s Chance-