Entry 268: BWL&L: The Flower

In a place so dark & grey

Lay a plant for which never decays

A flower of the reddest red

Stands tall in a land that is the deadest of the dead

The ruins where once stood a castle stood

Now is home to a beautiful flower

Any who’ve tried to pluck it wound up dead


Or something on events of a somewhat similar thread

A curiosity to be sure

Seeing as it rains here constantly

Rarely is there a ray of sun to be had

Perplexed are souls who pass by it

Furthermore the land it stands on is haunted

In many ways, by twisted things

All around this flower

Spirits of the dead scream

The purpose of the flower?

No one knows

Many believe it could be the key to immortality

If someone were to know the proper spell

Alas these are legends ever old

That from generation to generation have been told

Nothing about this flower is truly known

Save for the fact

It is a thing of beauty

In the midst of a land

That breeds only Death

-The Flower-




Entry 267: We Who Feast

*Heavy Breathing*

There you sit at the edge of your bed

Trying to sleep

Imagination bringing you dread

Wondering what’s that noise you hear?

Calling your Mom

Only for her to find nothing at all

Checking the closets

Under your bed

Still I sit here breathing

Practically tasting your dread

Your Mother won’t see me

Your Dad will have no clue

No one will ever figure out what happened to you!

One morning they’ll come in

You’ll be gone

They’ll call the police

Everyone will get what happened wrong

You’ll be a missing case

Forever unsolved…

*Heavier Breathing*

What was that sound at your window?

Perhaps it was just a tree?

That shadow, surely isn’t me?

The low thumping of your bed

It was nothing

Just the house shifting

The wet feeling you feel on your face

Surely isn’t me salivating


*Extremely Heavy Breathing*

Can you feel it?

I’m breathing on you

The tears in your eyes

Showing the fear welling up in you!

This is it

Now is the time

The moment where all your nightmares

Come alive!

All those tales about how monsters aren’t real

Soon you’ll see…


*Muffled screams*

*Heavier Breathing*



Licking your face

You are already tasting great!

Mmm…I love the taste of helpless suffering!

Such a nice meal for me

Time to whisk you away

Using your own bed sheets!


…They’ll never know your suffering…

They’ll never learn the truth

They’ll never know the identity of

…The ones who ate you…

-We Who Feast-

Entry 266: Grandma’s Pie

My old bones work hard

Retired though I may be

I make the best pies

In all of town,

You see?

My grand kids are so sweet

Always trying out all my new recipes

It’s nice to have that family time

Rare since the advent of technology…

My sweet little dears don’t care

At Grandma’s they have no reason

For technology

They say

Grandma, bake us a pie please

We want some of those tasty treats

These old bones go downstairs

Grab the meat & start to prepare

I tell my little grandchildren to stay out

No interrupting ol’ grandma’s process

If you want the best pie in all of town

You need to put those old bones to work

You need to make them grind

Doesn’t have to be your bones you see?

Simply need some of the sediment for the pies themself

Another great thing to have

A sound proof prepping lab

These pies can scream like you’ve never heard

Saying the most horrid things

“I have a family!”

“I won’t say anything!”



It’s funny to believe the words said

They are pies as far as I’m concerned

You can’t believe they create real speech

No, that’s a trick of the heat

As they cook in the old oven

What’s that sound I hear?

Turning around I see my granddaughter…

Oh dear

What have we here?

She looks a tad shocked!

Oh well…I suppose it would happen eventually

Going back up stairs after prepping one last pie

My grandson says my pies are extra delicious!

He asks where his sister is

I tell him

…She’s feeling a bit sick…

In a few days time, he’ll accept the story of her sudden sickness

Her unfortunate death

If not, he’ll taste quite delicious

Just like his sister

His Mom

& also

…Dear old Dad…

-Grandma’s Pie-

Entry 265: In The Depths

In the depths far down below

I hear you screaming

Each night, deeper I go

Still you continue pleading

Wishing for hope

I cannot give

The lower I go

The colder it gets

The other night I felt ice upon my face

Still, deeper I went

Your screams grew louder

I lost more of a grip


My reality

For the closer I get to your final resting place

The sadder I feel internally

For I was the one

Responsible for your fate

Every night diving deeper into this place

I search for an escape

Tonight I dive even further down

The ice is even colder now

I see you there

I pray for change

Knowing it will change nothing

I push even further still

You cold glassy eyes

Stare me in my face

I think to myself

Surely I’ll die this time

Maybe I’ll gain an even worse fate

Then, just as we are about to meet

I awake

The knowledge in my head

That it’s my fault you’re dead

Last night

I swam again

Into that dark place

The one which sealed your fate

It’s the only place I dream of now

Sadly though…

I’ve started the swim over

You’re always so close

I just wish to say sorry

I didn’t mean to run you off the bridge

Nor did I anticipate

Such regret

This is the way it is

Your dead

Clearly in unending pain

I suffer eternal grief

Maybe one day I can find a way

To make right

My mistakes

Another night is upon me now

As my eyes grow dreary

I prepare another dive

…Deep down…

-In The Depths-

Entry 261: The Ocean Of Souls: Isla’s Light

I see its light

Far off & away

I seek its light

Praying my pain away

I just want my dear wife

I wish to see my sweet child

The light is brighter as I continue on my way

It revolves

That’s what light houses do

My love & my baby

I’m coming for you

It won’t be long now

I assure you of that

Soon enough

We’ll be together again

The beam of light hits my ship again

I can faintly hear the echoes & cheers coming


That beautiful sound

Won’t be long till we make it to the harbor

I’ll see them again

The agony of my long trip

My aching love for them

No longer a pain

In my old soul

I’ll spend my beautiful time with them

I’ve got the ultimate haul

I can finally retire

Never again will I ever have to leave

My hearts desires

Yes, we made the best haul anyone will ever see

We found it

A treasure deep within these black waters

The light is getting closer now

I can feel the tears welling within my eyes

I’ll be there soon you two

…I promise…


Oh sweet Father

I write this letter to you now

I’ve spent the last 19 years

Visiting the harbor

I always look for your ship

Sometimes at night

I swear I see it in the distance…

Mother died of heart break

5 years ago

Hopefully you are with her now

I still hold out hope

You could be out there for sure

I love you Father

I’ll keep praying for you now


The light house

Shrouded in fog

It’s getting brighter

As is my hope!






Dearest Father

The other night I sat in the lighthouse

The keeper let me

We watched the waters together

We prayed a prayer for the lost

I silently prayed a prayer for you

I wish I could see you again…

I know it isn’t likely

I’ll always hold out hope

Still, it’s been 20 years now

Since your disappearance

I won’t lie

Part of me knows the cold truth

You’re another lost captain

Out in those waters

Still, another part of me says

You might be okay…

That part is like the light house

Shining the light of my heart

Like a beacon of hope

I’ve learned so much

I’ve come so far

In the end

I know you’d be proud

Of the woman I’m becoming

Of who I am now


I can see the coast now

My dear sweet wife & daughter

The strangest thing is happening though

I hear cheers

Yet, I can’t quite see anyone there

Perhaps it’s the fog

Or maybe just exhaustion

I’m sure you’re there

I mean, I hear the rest of the town

The light has guided us

It won’t be long now


Dearest Father,

I’m writing to let you know

I’ve met a man

A truly sweet soul

It’s been 30 years since you’ve been missing

We’re going to get married

Hopefully someday have kids

You’d be proud of him

He’s a sea captain

Just like you

I miss him

When he has to go

I pray now for his soul also,

Still, when he comes into harbor

There’s no greater feeling

Kind of like when you would return



My wife & Daughter

I’m beginning to grow scared

The light house

…Its light…

It is fading

It did this once before

I can’t quite say how long ago

It seems now though

The final light within


…Beginning to flicker…

We aren’t quite in harbor

It’s getting hard to see

I’m hoping we won’t crash

I certainly don’t wish to become a victim

Of these seas

The cheers are growing fainter

I’m not entirely sure how

I’ve got to get outside my own head

I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon now


Dearest Father,

We still await at harbor

I just want you to know you aren’t forgotten


I’ve accepted it now

You are one with the sea you loved so much

I miss you here

The town has turned you into a sea faring legend of sorts

Your memory will live on


The mystery of your disappearance

Is something that will never be solved

You & your crew

Simply vanishing

Still, I wish to write you anyways

I want to let you know

I’m finally ready to let go

The pain in my heart

I need to move on

So I’ve chosen to do just that

This will be my final letter to you Father

I write it as I wait with your grand daughter 

At the harbor

We wait for my husband

We can see him coming closer

I just want you to know

You’re never forgotten




My wife & daughter

I don’t understand!

I wish I knew how to explain

The light house light

It died off

We can’t see anything now!

There’s a faint red that lights up on the horizon

A low, disturbingly loud growling rings out!

We turned on our searchlight

Trying to see ahead

The strangest thing happened

We only see black waters!

It’s the sea again

No sign of a light house or shore

We did however

Happen upon a chest

I think we’ll open it

I’m looking at it now

It appears to be a box of letters

Opening the first one

The hand writing

…It’s quite familiar…

Dearest Father

It was with those words

Realization set in


I wonder

…Can you feel your Father’s soul…


-The Ocean Of Souls: Isla’s Light-

Entry 260: Fates Fantasy

Film is a beautiful thing

It captures a moment

In a way someone’s soul

It can make us smile

It can make us cry

It has the power to engage us

Which is why

The curious case of Primly Drive

Fascinates Black Winter residents

On this drive sits a theater

It goes by the name Fates Fantasy

In this theater the power of immortality

…Of a sort…

One who’s lost all hope

Or is strong in the belief

Their fate will be much better

May visit this place

Taking a chance on being chosen

To live a never ending

Happy eternity

For it is here

That the owner sits

She goes by the name Fate

She is a high class woman

Who makes a simple claim…

She only wishes to give souls

A chance at a happier existence

Depending on the soul

This could be true

It could even happen to you!

Curious to know the process?

Well if you wish to go for a show

Simply pay for a ticket


If you’re here for a chance at a better existence

Then make an appointment with Fate

You’ll be brought to a room

Where you’ll speak to her personally…

First you will be asked a series of questions

Pertaining to your existence


Fate uses magic

To put your soul into a film

Another world completely


This also means you die

If you are still among the living

Also, one should note

If it is deemed the entrant is undeserving

They will be cast into a darker part of this

Film world

Forced to live a different form of death

Each film


The parameters for the decision?

These are not entirely known


If you’ve come to Primly Drive

Seeking this way out

Instead of simply to see a show

You are likely among the desperate


The extremely confident


For once put into film

In time,

The projector itself

Makes new films

Starring the souls inside

…This continues endlessly…

Depending upon a souls fate

This could be eternal bliss

Or possibly

Never ending suffering

Some have been cast into horror films

Doomed to die again & again

Others are the stars

Of much happier tales

Blessed to live happily

…Forever more…



If you wish to take a chance

On a form of escape

Take a stroll

To Primly Drive

Make an appointment first

Then when it is time

Knock on Fate’s door

Once let in

She’ll ask you of your existence

Be honest,

Whether you were a kind soul

Or someone full of hate

By the time you enter for an appointment

It’s too late to escape

You can only hope

That honesty might sway the decision

Of where you wind up ultimately…

For sometimes a thief

Can wind up in happiness

Forgiven for their sins

Other times…

A Saint

Left in eternal despair

Simply based on a seemingly harmless lie

About the state of their lives…

Though this is a means of escape

Regardless of your fate

You should take heed

It’s basically trading your soul

To live in another world


There’s a chance

A gamble like this

Can burn you in the end

Then again

If things go well

You could have the happiest eternity

Starring in your own cheery series of films

Watched & cheered endlessly by many of

Black Winters residents!

So what do you say

Do you wish

To take a chance


-Fates Fantasy-

Entry 259: This Is Only The Beginning

They wanted to be found

There was nothing we could do

Perhaps, never doing the deed

But, we already had

Living it up in the hotel room one night

I, a family man

My friends a criminal past

First came a knocking at the door

Then a laugh

The next thing I knew

I had a gun in my hand

A pull of the trigger

A choice that haunts me to this day

I shot a man dead

For what reason?

I don’t believe I can blame it on drink

The strangest thing was I didn’t feel bad at all

There wasn’t a rush like I’d expected

It was strange

I’d made a choice

Almost on a whim

I’d shot a man

Someone I never knew

For seemingly no reason

Other than I was asked to

We drug the body in

Cleaned up outside blood

Wrapped it in a sheet and blanket

Rolling the body out the window

A buddy of mine had made a call

Someone was already waiting

Finishing the preperations

Soon enough

They were gone

Yes, long gone

Into the bottom of the ocean

They’d never be a problem again

I thought

No reason to feel guilty

A strange feeling occurred to me

A man of religion

The question took right then

Would I be granted entry to Heaven

Upon death?

Could I possibly be given forgiveness for my sins

Regardless of whether this dark secret

Was ever uncovered?

I went on with my night

Watching the beach

Then the strangest thing happened

It was as though reality blinked

Suddenly, amidst the other tourists

There you were

Your blood soaked body bag

Somehow pushed back on the beach

From the ocean!

Had the weights fallen off?

It seemed so

I calmly picked you up and redressed you

Your hands, your feet


They were starting to show!

I was getting odd looks

My friends saw this

We all created a silly distraction

No one had come close enough to see the truth

A body was what I held

Scurrying away

I took a swim

Laughing all the way

Eventually I buried you again

I made sure this time would be the last

I’d never see or hear from you again

A little of the blood had leaked onto the sand

I covered it up

Ironically saying a silent prayer

Before moving on again

We had some more drinks

Went on with our lives

A few days later we saw the sack again



A child poked the back

Ran to his mother

We hopped out of the window

Scurrying to recover you

The strangest thing happened

I picked up the sack

You were far more decomposed

In fact you were almost non existent

Your blood however…

It looked quite fresh

I scurried to the other room

With your bloody sack

Blood had leaked but, my friends cleaned what they could

We were lucky once again

As though the guests were suspicious

No one seemed to have realized what was actually going on

The kid didn’t realize, there was a body

Or at least most of it’s blood within

It was Halloween weekend though

So perhaps he thought it a prop.

A few days went by

The heat was low

We made our move

Borrowing a car for taking tours

We drove passengers all day

Waiting for the right moment to get away

Eventually we found one

Burying your remains quite far away

In a place no one would look

A forest no one would find you

I finally believed once & for all

We were done with you


To my shock & dismay

Upon returning to the beach

Planning to grab another drink

Suddenly there was your sack

Bloody as can be

Your body parts

Somehow rematerializing

All the police number tabs

You usually see

At a crime scene

All the blood we cleaned

Suddenly had come back again

I kept walking

Having not been stopped just yet

However, as I approached my room

My friends soon followed

One even offered to take the fall

Keep me free

In the end I ultimately decided

It’d make no difference if he did

The blood was on my hands

I’d never escape that reality

So it was, when the police had come

I’d decided to take the blame

For all the crimes that had happened

The other two had no clue I said

I fabricated a story

To help them out of things

I ultimately payed

A life sentence

Something I suspect wouldn’t have happened

If it weren’t for your influence

No doubt still torturing me from the grave

Until today…

The day I lay on my death bed

I hope you know that crime never pays well

As I breath my last breaths I hear your voice


-This Is Only The Beginning-