Entry 319: I Want You To Hate Me

So…what’s your name kid?

Oh, sorry, hard to speak gagged, huh?


You can call me Gregg

I’m gonna have a fun conversation with you

Before we begin with the festivities my friend…

It has to do with the world as it was


Why it is the way it is now…

According to me at least,

Which by all means

You are more than welcome to disagree with

Doesn’t change what’s gonna happen


What I’m going to teach you…

*Big smile*

The world used to be safe

You used to have a place

All cozy & warm

Thinking your ideas were best

The beauty of such things


Sometimes you are not right…

Sometimes you are so wrong


Am I right?


I suppose since I’m the one presently not gagged

I’d be right.

I’m not all bad though…


To teach you a thing or two first

You’re strung up because you are weak

You were weak before The Fall

For the same reason you are weak now…

Because of your beliefs

The world went to hell

Then suddenly,

You wanted those you hated

The strong ones

For which you tried shaming

…To help…

The bombs went off

The disease spread

Now here we stand

Everything having been reset.

You don’t have a platform of social media

To spew the hatred you felt safe doing anonymously

You don’t have a “safe space” to protect you from others beliefs

I’d say after the chemical attacks

We all fell to even

Now without anyone to care about your gender, race, or creeds

No one who gives a single FUCK! about your beliefs

Here you are

Strung up before me…

Here’s the truth that was true even before your virtue signaling days

*Whispers into ear*

Life isn’t fair…

I bet when the world was alive & thriving

You never imagined you’d wind up in a place like this


While you were off trying to make the world

A fair

Safe place

Full of “equality”

Warm fuzzies & hugs

Yet, ironically only including the ones

Who agreed with you

In case you can’t follow what I’m saying…

It isn’t equality if you feel the need to hate

Berate or censor those that don’t agree with you

People like me were preparing

The writing was on the wall

It was only a matter of time before The Fall

Now, here we stand

Trying to survive

The playing field level

No longer a warm cozy existence


A survivable one

…For now…

You see,

Where you are scared


Where you cry




Today could be my last

It could be horrific!

You see,

Weakness breeds weakness

Of this I am sure


It’s easy to judge someone you don’t know

Especially behind a window

That hides your face

A place

Where you never have to face

The soul you judge so quickly…

At any rate,

I’m rambling a bit too long

So, I think it’s time for the festivities to begin!

One last thing…

After I’m through making you watch me

Breed strength into your wife & kid

…Your daughter smells sweet by the way…

I want you to remember this moment

I want you to harbor it

I want it to FESTER within you!

Just before I let you loose

Giving you a shot to kill me

I want you to feel that strength.

That RAGE!

I want you to see the consequences

Of what weakness brings


I want you to use that to become stronger

*Laughs & smiles*

This is a teachable moment my friend

If you think you can cut yourself loose

Wriggle free

Escape by whatever means

If you think you can stop me from what is about to happen

I invite you to try.

The new world needs that strength!

It is the failings of your generation

The failings of “equality”

That led to this moment.

The strong survive in the world

That’s an absolute truth you must remember

If you want any chance at surviving

At any rate…

One of two things is about to happen compadre…

You are going to grow strong


You are going to break completely

Remember the strength that comes from the rage buddy

*Mans begins to try to break free*

If you use that hate & rage

Perhaps you’ll survive

In the mean time,

I believe I have an appointment

…With your daughter & wife…

Oh & as you watch


-I Want You To Hate Me-


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