Entry 45: Nova Daniels #2

I saw a message on a wall today

In blood, this is what it had to say

7 words hold a key

Rearranged into 5

If you solve this

Then there is a chance you will survive

Unlocking a piece of the puzzle

That is the mystery of this town

Black Winter holds so many things

Potentially answers to questions you ponder

I know this is why you wander

If you seek your husbands fate

Then answers you will need to make

Start here and answer this

Soon enough you will find other puzzles to solve

You can even enlist the help of others in a world beyond

Likely they are reading your plight

Unaware they might someday to

Find themselves awaking in a town they thought

Only a fictional mystery, with an eerie history

That is all I can say

Enough of the 4th wall has been broken for today.

So it was I found a pen

Sitting on top of a trash can and with I wrote

A message of my own

If anyone can see this I pray, an answer you will have for me today

Here is what I found with the pen

A simple message held within

It reads:

Oh Atheistic Wonderfulness Oft It

So if you are reading this I pray to you

Help me solve this puzzle please

I need to find my husband soon

Lest my mind be left in ruin

So would you help me please

To solve this and any other mysteries

I’m putting my trust in you

Please come through

Thank you…

-Nova Daniels #2-