Entry 412: Black Winter Legends & Lore: Her

Have you heard of Her?

Don’t speak her name if her real name you knew

Avoid Lake Park this time of year

Steer clear of your windows at midnight…

…if you know what’s good for you…

Have you heard of Her?

She walks the park at night

Often near the lake itself

Sometimes with a lost look in her eyes

Some say they’ve seen her eyes

Some say they’re a beautiful blue

Some say they’ve seen Her eyes

Some say they’re black as the most evil soul

I hope this isn’t true

She like many wanders this place

A town that comes to you

Black Winter has never been known to let go

So why would it do it for Her?

Get a clue!

All my friends who have seen her

Say she scares them straight through

There is a twisted gnawing deep within their souls

It’s as though she feeds on them

One time I saw Her

It wasn’t here though

It was just before the truck hit me

Her eyes as black as the night

I looked & then WHAM!

All went black

…I died that night…

Most say she is evil

I am unsure

I can share though that there never has been a terror

More sincere

From deep within

Than I felt in my soul

Seconds before

My end.

-Black Winter Legends & Lore: Her-

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