Entry 316: The Music Box

There sits a box most profound

In a Museum

In the center of town

Such is its present resting place

Having arrived after many owners

Met their fates…

The simplest of gifts

Its beauty is grand

Hidden within the beauty

Lay ones end

For every soul that has owned this box

Has died shortly after listening to it

The sound is said

To be the most beautiful of tunes

One you’ll never forget

It is rumored to be a mix of the voices of the deceased

The souls trapped within the music box

Forced to sing eternally.

The box warping its tune to will the sound it wishes

An angelic harmony to some

Regardless of the sound that comes

It is considered to be most magnificent!

How do we know

You ask?

The journal of one of its owners long since passed

She speaks of the beauty she heard

Followed by the realization

The impending dread

She said it was:

The most beautiful sound

One that beckoned you to comfort

To the idea

That very soon

…You’d meet Death…

Another soul had written in a note just before his death:

I’ve heard the song of Angels

It speaks of my end


It is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard


…Will ever hear again…

There is a number

That sits on the top

Of this most interesting music box

The number currently reads 1,000,002

The number is speculated to be

The number of souls


So, while you are free to visit its present resting place

To see the many fascinating things within

The box is kept behind a piece of glass

No one being allowed

To listen to the boxes music


-The Music Box-