Entry 386: These Halls Of Suffering

In this place, there is only death

A world of suffering

Violent ends

In this place, blood runs from the walls

Those who enter lost to all

In this place sits a souls dying breath

Replayed in the deaths of all who come after it

A room with a ceiling that comes down

The sounds of bones slowly cracking,

Screams unending,

These souls will never be found!

In this place, you’ll cry for God

Torment will be all you have

In this place, Death is no escape

You’ll relive your death again & again

Guaranteed only an eternity of pain!

In this place, you’ll cry for hope

Many will do so as they slowly choke

For no soul who enters this house of pain

Will ever leave again

In this place there sits a woman who cries

Those who hear her weeping

Will silently die

All air leaving their once healthy lungs

Suffocation so slow

It is all they will ever know

In this place

There sits a hall of laughter which never ends

In this place people will ask an end

The demented cackling goes on & on

Eventually, all who hear it do themselves in…

In this place lay a secret most profound

None will share it though

In this place lay so many ways to an end

Such is the way


-These Halls Of Suffering-


Entry 385: The Hammer Beckons…

Slam is the sound

As I pound the ground

Your head a peg

My hammer meeting your crown

The rain pours

Your screams ignored

The sound of the thing

Can be heard craving more

The bloodshed

It is fed

I go to the shed

To begin steps for the next…

Down in a dark place

Where reaches only the sounds of each death

Waits another head

Another body attached to it

Writhing in pain

Begging for mercy

No help will ever be made

Another soul

For which there will be no hope

Only the eventual end…

The body buried in place

The hammer coming down upon the crown

The bloodshed in the rain

It is sated once again

I try to step away

A voice echoes from its bloody face

-The Hammer Beckons-


Entry 384: The Voice At The End

I can hear their footsteps

As the rain pours outside

I stand alone in a telephone booth

Shadows surround me,

In them, I feel eyes…

The phone rings

I pick up

On the other line

Is a mysterious voice,

Telling me I’ll soon die…

I feel terror

As the voices cry

I’m so alone

I’m not sure anyone else is alive…

There’s a loud rasping

The rain pours harder now

I’m terrified for my life!

I see a flower

Slowly wilt & die

What little light is left

Begins to fade

In the darkness, I beg

I cry for my life

In the pouring rain

I feel terrified!

I ask for another chance at life!

With a cold echo

I hear the voice on the other line

It says

You are the last to die

Alone in the darkness

The final soul in a world

Destined for demise

I bang on the phone

I scream! I CRY!

I hear them slowly getting closer

I try to lock myself inside…

Soon the lights go out

There is a silence as the line goes dead

I hear them & I know

…I’m about to die…

-The Voice At The End-


Entry 383: The Church On MayBar Lane

There sits a church

On MayBar Lane

Which holds an evil to this day

It smiles when you aren’t looking

It feels all safe & warm

It assures you of this with your religion

Hiding its true form…

In this place sits a council of many souls

People worshipping a God,

They don’t see the places true intent

They don’t hear the screams of their young

That those who promised to help in faith

Are secretly Devils,

Grinning at these souls mistakes!

So it is

Year after year

They are conditioned in this way

So it is victims are abused

Never to tell the truths of the place…

There sits a church on MayBar Lane

In it sits an evil

That smiles at the devoted’s face

Blind are the ones who worship here

In some way all are victims

In time…

…They all disappear…

Sacrificing their souls to the Church

Complicit in their oblivious ways


A pact is made…

To assure silence

To assure ascension to God!

Secrets of the past will forever be buried

…In the grave…

-The Church On MayBar Lane-

Entry 382: The Walls Tell All

Every night I awake

Making the same conversation

It always ends the same

The walls see all there is

Weaving tales about their ends…

They tell me of Dan

Who once owned this place

They tell me of his financial failures

How he ended everything

They speak of Mary

Full of sin

The religious didn’t approve of all her fornication

They spoke of how they burned her alive

Telling her to repent of her sins

Then ending her life

Johnathan was an artist

Who never quite got his break

Until the day he died anyways

Lenny was a gambling man

His debts eventually caught up with him

They laughed as they said

Lenny “drowned” in his debts in the end…

These stories are quite nice

I sleep to them

Each and every night

There are more…

All of them grim

The walls even speak of someone buried in them

These stories keep me warm

Helping me sleep peacefully

Again & again…

-The Walls Tell All-

Entry 381: Dear Daughter









I see the memories

I have no control

I turn & run

Something lurks inside

How do you escape the walls?

The prison which resides in your own mind?

My daughter is all I have

She is all I want

As her Mother

I will NOT…give her up…

The walls of skin…

The halls of death

I’ll walk through them,

Standing on the precipice of my own end

I can hear Deaths calling…

Dear daughter,

I love you with all my soul

Please keep running

Don’t lose yourself…

…Don’t lose control…

This place is dark

The blood runs thick

The memories are there…

The ones I can never forget…


As I sit on my knees

Everything in my body

Wants to give up on itself

As I point the gun into the abyss

The darkened halls call out…

I pull the trigger into the darkness that lives

I see only Death & madness within…

…Hope is almost non existent…

Dear Daughter,

I pull the trigger again

I hear a chiming

The floor slowly consumes me…

I hear them…

I hear it

I know soon

Shall come the end…

Her face looks like glass

She has no eyes

She hears all

She feeds upon life…

*Vomits Blood*

Just before I let this place take my soul

I want you to know

I will find you my sweet daughter

I will hold you once again,

As I put the gun to my head

Please know…

There is still hope for you


…Keep running…


-Dear Daughter-


Message 3: 12-1-21-7-8-20-5-18


Entry 380: Dig…

I look at you

I feel relief

You’re a dead soul

You’re hate has been ended…

So it is as I stare at your corpse

I say,

Consider this our DIVORCE!


For the sound the shovel makes

Each time I take some dirt

Slowly dumping it on your grave…


For every time you smacked my ass

No matter how many times I told you I didn’t like that…


For all the times you forced me on your lap

At all the events you’d take me too…

You called me your property,


All the other holes are for those who laughed

I’ll get to them

…Soon enough…


For the time you took me to bed,

Using me, despite the fact I said no in the end…


For the way you’d make me watch

As you did horrible things to me…

The way you recorded us in bed…

Me too ashamed, to stop you

Unable to fight back

One piece of the puzzle

That led us to this…


For the way you used money to keep me in the Hell I lived…

No matter what I did or said,


They simply, forgot my claims…

No worries,

I’ve got them all

I’ll finish torturing them soon enough…


For the tears I’ve cried

The way you abused me as your trophy

Caring less about my being your wife…


For those who never believed me

No matter how much proof I had…

Dig for the bodies that’ll soon be in holes too

The reporters & judges who burned the evidence I had on you…


For the police who came to our home…

Tore apart the place

Taking all the copies of all you had done wrong

Taking me to their station & having their way with me soon after…

*Slight laughter*


For the look on your face when I finally had enough

Smashing you with a bat to the face…


For the way I tied you up,

Forcing you to make love…

Not so fun when you don’t want it


Then again, maybe it was the bat

I rightfully SHOVED UP YOUR ASS!



For the way you looked as I pulled out the saw

Putting it to your head

…Well…one of them…


For the screams that rang out

How stupid you were

Giving me time,

Leaving me alone for a month…

Having your way,

Cheating as you always did…

While you fornicated with those other women

I began the soundproofing…

No one was going to hear

The end of your hatred!

DIG! DIG! DIG!!!!!!!

For the screams that came from you

As I sawed off your dick,

Soon after cauterizing the wound,

Before feeding it to you…


As you choked & you gagged

Your once proud manhood

Slowly killing you…


As you cried & you begged

Slowly I burned you again & again…


For how you spit venom with words

Claiming you had a meeting tomorrow

They’d find you & I’d be dead…


For the fact that they’ll all soon be dead

…I assure you of that…

I’ll bury them next!




For the burns I put into your skin

For the longest night of fun I’ve ever had…

Your death was slow,

I didn’t let you choke completely at first

No, I wanted you to know

The pain you gave

More pleasure for me

Before you entered your grave…


For the sadness in your eyes

As you realized your dear old wife

Finally snapped…

That soon you’d DIE!

*Hysterical Laughter*

I think it became obvious

Just before I took out your eyes!


For the pain you felt

As I began to pour acid into every cut…


The sound I make on top of your grave

As I pat in the final dirt over you…

You a body choked dead

On his once proud

Symbol of “manliness”…

I’m not entirely sure what ultimately killed you…

The pain,

Your dick,

Perhaps it was the ants I poured down your throat

Maybe it was the bat that so happily

Went up your ass!



Especially now, that you lie in a grave…


…For the others I need to bury…

As well as those who I must torture yet…

No worries,

I’ll tell them you send your regards

…As I bury them…