Entry 408: From Her Soul

From her soul came a sound

From her soul came an epiphany most profound!

From her soul were uttered the words heard only once

Words so powerful

All who heard them

Became one

In her words they found a flame

An all consuming fire

One that still burns them today

From her soul they now cry

Imprisoned but, happy.


No one can say for sure


Should you hear her words you will join them as well

They smile in their torment

Their flesh burned again and again

They laugh in their punishment

A grin most disturbing

Simply seeing such is enough

To end ones life

A price given willingly…

From her soul you’ll hear a name

A name so profound it will spirit you away

In her words it is said you’ll hear your truth

Welcoming eternal torment

Giving yourself up…happily.

-From Her Soul-