Entry 373: I Can Hear Screaming

I awoke this morning

It was not quite the same

I could not remember who I was

Those I asked

Told me I have no name

I searched a city

For which I had no memory

I walked from door to door

Many were locked

The ones that opened

I wish did not

Running & running

I kept on

Looking for who I was

Gaining nothing at first,

I became lost…

The city whispered

The city laughed

In its center

Stood a man


I could not see his face

He wore all black

Smiling he asked…

What brings you here kid?

I stood confused

I can no longer remember…

Do you?

A smile

A cigarette in hand

He laughed

Soon disappearing.

Now I stand in darkness

I can hear a faint toll

Somewhere underneath the city…

-I Can Hear Screaming-


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