Entry 410: Layer 1

Every night I awake here

Every night I hear it


*Click Clack* *Click Clack*

Then I head up

Do a check


I pause for a moment

Look all around


*Click Clack* *Click Clack*

The sound rings off again

This time I hear it down below

I head down

Have another look around



*Click Clack* Click Clack*

I believe I am hearing something…

*Click Clack* *Click Clack*

I know it is something…

*Unintelligible Groaning*

You hear that, right?

I should warn you while I have a chance

I’m having dreams of…


I don’t remember the last time I needed to eat food

I don’t remember the last time I had a visitor at my door

The last I remember I was readi-

*Click Clack* *Click Clack*


Yes…I’m speaking to you…

…Listen, for I must warn you…

If you’re reading this


If you are dreaming th-

*Click Clack* *Click Clack*

*Shivers & Cries*

It’s at the top of my steps

Waiting in he dark…


…You reading or seeing this…

*Click Clack* *Click Clack*

…It sees you too…

-Layer 1-

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