Entry 216: The Willow Tree

In the tree, it is said

You will find many dead

The dead souls scream in the woods


Sometimes using mimicry to lure you in

Be wary for you could soon be a part of them

The Willow Tree is said to be the source

The reason this forest is most malicious!

It is said, within it’s bark

Lay the spirit of one so dark!

If you hear its moans & cries

You’d be wise to stray away

Lest you die!

Sometimes it offers riddles

Sometimes it offers new chances

Perhaps it offers the soul of your long since passed

Love…now dead…

Just one more chance to see them

Maybe even an eternity with them?

Heed not these words for if eternity is spent

Reunited in a place like this

You will find only torment & pain

A dark, twisted suffering!

Nothing in the forest of sorrow

Brings any good

The Willow Tree bringing the worst of it!

A man once disappeared within

His wife soon after wandering through…

Looking for him

He stood there, clear as can be

Looking full of life

Someone truly happy!

The truth was, he wasn’t him

Another twisted part of the forest within!

The woman followed him to The Willow Tree

There she found his torso, hanging from the noose!

Blood and entrails having disappeared

The tree and earth eating his blood

The inhabitants feasting on the rest

The Willow Tree soon sent others after the woman!

She ran, she screamed!

She fought as well as she could!

Still, her pursuers continued!

All along the way she saw her husbands ghost

Staring at her, smiling…

He looked happy enough

Though now she knew the truth

Still he smiled as though the truth would be news


She pressed on

Then she saw his death like an old film

Every tree she passed, acting like a slide

She watched her husband slowly beaten!

Seeing his flesh slowly ripped apart

The way the souls of the dead raped him!

They used his body to provide seed

Over & over continuously he screamed!

Then when they were done

They tied him down, torturing him, cutting slowly!

Bit by bit, brambles tore at his flesh

He was to be the next sacrifice for The Willow Tree

The torment went on for weeks

Till soon his body could not keep…

Laying there, being told how he would die

He’d be used to lure in his wife

They’d send him in dreams

He’d smile all along

He was their puppet,

She, their next victim

The Willow Tree needed to continually feed

It lusted after the souls it ended

The stronger the bond

The more sustenance it’d reap!

Beaten, broken, surely to die…

They hung him from the noose

Lifting him high up

Then finally, wrapping a barb laced wood

Around his waist….

They slowly twisted around his body

Sawing him in two!

At the height of his pain

They lifted his body completely

This was how the woman’s husband died

Still, she ran, trying to survive!

The forest itself pursued

Seemingly extending onward endlessly

Changing as it saw fit

Eventually however, she found a way out

How though, no one knows…

Wandering into the streets of Black Winter

Half naked & traumatized

She was taken in by a nurse who felt pity

There she sits to this day…

Eventually chronicling her pain

Sometimes she screams out in her sleep

Still watching her husbands reaping!

Here she remains to this day…

No way back home…

Her baby forever without a parent…

The child would have to be raised by family

The family would always wonder…

What happened to the missing parents?

So many questions, never an answer…


In dreams…

The Willow Tree now calls to the child

Hoping to lure them to Black Winter someday

Gaining the victim it missed in its mother…

Deep within The Forest Of Sorrow

Awaiting another victim,

There it waits…

-The Willow Tree-



Entry 215: In My Waking Reality #1

It all happened so fast

He was there, then he vanished…

Hey baby, he said

I’ll be back soon…

Then, he wasn’t…

The news said he was a victim

Another soul gone missing…

The whispers on the streets said…

…He left me…

My father, what happened to you?

Why is it I hear you at night?

Who is she?

I see her in my restless dream

I hear her laughing at me!

Is she why you’re gone?!


…Can convince me…

You abandoned us.

Mom took the only way she knew out…

I on the other hand, refuse to believe

You are gone eternally

I know I’ll see you again…

My heart aches for when!

Father where are you now?

I swear I hear you, even now…

I think I hear your screams

I think I hear you calling me your baby…



*Dark laughter echoes all around*

I’ll find my way to you my sweet daughter…

Realize, I’d never leave you alone forever

*Whisper inside his mind*

You’ll never find her

I’m not sure who she is?!

She shows me these horrible things!

I think your mother may be here too?!

I’ve seen her, I hope we’ll all reunite soon…

Please though, if you hear this, promise me,

You won’t come looking for me!

*Twisted laughter continues*

You’ll be reunited soon…


Dad, if you are out there and you come home to this…

I’ve had enough with barely sleeping…

I can’t stand to wait any longer,

I’m coming to find you!

You have my number…

Call me if you come home and find this…

She laughs at me night after night

Preying upon my sadness & loss…

I think I know where you are now

I’ve seen it in my dreams

I’m coming for you father…

Even as I write this…

…I can hear her laughing…

What I once thought just dreams

I am hearing more and more

-In My Waking Reality-


Entry 214: Things Heard In The Static #6: Always Smile For Lady

It’s good to smile

It’s polite…

It’s good to smile

It makes you a delight!

Smiling is good for all!

Little Timmy smiled

Just before he won the race!

Susie’s smile got her an A!

Janes smile made her family happy!

Toms smile lead to another baby!


So you see, smiling is good for all!

Smiling will keep her away

Her own horrid face a disgrace!

She waits in the darkest places

When you think you’re all alone

If you ever see her

Smile & she’ll leave you alone

You see if you don’t smile

She’ll come for you

If you don’t smile

She’ll devour you!

If you don’t smile

She’ll carve off your face!

If you don’t smile

You’ll go to an early grave!


Lady is what she’s called

Crying her tears of mad remorse!

No one loves Lady


Looking into the mirror one night

Lady screamed madly!

She carved her face off with a knife!

Then seemingly died…

When the maid came in to check what was wrong

She screamed!

Soon after her face was carved off

Her heart ripped from her chest!

All this in front of her kids!

Fading into darkness

Not heard from for quite some time

Citizens of Black Winter started to see her ghost

Countless faced a deadly fate

Save for a kid who smiled at everything

His family butchered in front of his eyes

He kept smiling, the entire time!

The authorities asked why?

The kid laughing like mad

Told them…

-Things Heard In The Static #6: Always Smile For Lady-

Entry 213: Until The Next One

Oh the rain,

How it pours

Such a perfect night

As is yours

I really love the time we spend together

The conversations we have

It’s been a bit,

Which made me sad

Tonight though

Will be our last

I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay

The food & drinks I’ve made

The past few rains were nice

You even got an extended stay

Tonight though, is your last day

Sadly this rain will be our last together

The water levels will be high enough I think

The glass coffin will finally be ready for your eternal sleep

So once the water is over your face

Be sure to take a deep breath

Remember fondly the memories of the past

The things that led to this…

Remember your love for me my sweet

I’ll be sure the sunlight doesn’t bother you,

When you finally do sleep

I’ll pour dirt over this place

The world will forget you anyways

All your stresses will be gone

No one will come looking for you

Remember the first time we met?

You were wowed by my red dress

Taking me for drinks at the bar

You thought you were so clever

*gasping and drowning sounds*

What’s that my sweet?

I am indeed gorgeous

I’m glad you’ll remember me that way

I hope you remember the smile on my face

The one I get when I’m turned on

Watching you drowning…


Well, you’ll be checking out soon

It’s been fun…

No, really!

This is fun…

…For me…

It’s cute the way you squirm

Knowing you’ll never break free of your chains

Please, continue fighting for me

The water slowly filling your lungs…


It isn’t all bad…

I’ll remember you



-Until The Next One-

Entry 212: Shadow Creek: Video 3

*Playback begins*

This place,

I feel lost

This place,

I’m forgetting something…

This place,

Who’s faces are these?

This place,

Why do you seem so familiar to me?

This place,

Something has been lost in the fog

This place,

Am I dead?

Why is it, you stare at me?

Your faces haunting me!

Oh sweet child,

Why is that knife in your eye?

Please sir, explain to me why

You wear that smile?

Too happy for explanation…

Is this something to be happy about?

Passing by a church

I feel it’s important

I’ll never remember why

This place,

It haunts me

I went inside,

Hoping to find the truth

I find only MADNESS!

The man looking statue

The woman’s face in the halls

This place,

It makes no sense

Why is everyone seemingly frozen in time?

I see no breathing

I however hear their cries!

Wailing of sorrows

For which I’ll never be able to explain

This place,

Has a basement

I walk down,

I hear moaning & cries

None of it makes sense

I continue thinking why?

This place,

The door holds a symbol I vaguely recognize…

I open it, heading down

This place,

Feels familiar

The atmosphere suddenly growing heavy

Flickers of the child with the knife in their eye

The smiling man…

Wasn’t smiling at all…

The face was contorted by the one who hides within these walls…

This place,

I hear her laughter

This place,

It overtakes me


This place,

She made his face like that

I can see now it’s not a smile



…Carefully putting it on him…

This place is growing darker now

She’s walking in the shadows

I can hear her breathing…

This place,

It’s where…my family died!

The man with another’s face…

My husband…

The child with the knife in their eye…

My child…

The cries of the congregation…

The cries of her previous victims…

This place…

She’s behind me now…

This place…

I can do nothing…

*Screams ring out*

*Playback Ends*

-Shadow Creek: Video 3 –

Entry 211: A Happy Family

Here I sit, on your shelf

A part of your collection

You think, just like the others

My porcelain face,

Empty black eyes,

I good sir, have something to hide

You see, all those nights

I’ve been misplaced

Mysteriously turning up

At the end of your bed

Making you believe,

You’d left me there somehow

Twisting your thoughts, slowly…

I was whispering the thoughts into your head

I was giving you the happiness,

You so begged.

I’ve seen your dreams

I’ve heard your prayers

You thought God brought you Mary,

When in fact it was I

Placing her perfectly, into our lives

Soon you’d forget about Beth’s


You and Mary fell in love

Just as I needed you to

I’ve waited so many years

As you both made your vows

Married and…attempted to procreate

I made sure this one was fertile

Her flower bed would give life

Unlike Beth, who’s life stopped at the end of her knife

Sterile she was, a few whisper here and there

Then suddenly…

She killed herself…

I’m sorry it took so long for you to get past her grief

She’s rotting in Hell now though…

Right where she should be.

Gratefully for Mary, things worked out

Soon we’ll have a new born in the house

Time passes and I wait

You’ve set me over the crib

All to watch over baby

It’s here I stare,

Slowly taking her soul

Night after night

Year after year

By the time she’s 4

I’ve got the child’s soul

Her body a husk

I proceed to make us all,

One big family

I possess the child’s body,

Like a breathing marionette

Sending her to the kitchen

To fetch the tool we need for surgery

As you sleep, she walks in

Pitter pattering little steps

Sounding so innocent

Climbing up into the bed

The next moment…


You both awake in a shock

The knife plunging into you

Again and again!

You can’t move,

I whispered for your wife

To poison the food you ate tonight

Paralyzed you both may be

You however,

Can definitely feel,

Every single thing!

I know it’s painful now.

Unable to scream outwardly

Your pain held within


This is a part of the process…

You now understand the way it feels

Trapped within my body

Whispering things as I go from family to family

Slowly waiting…

Taking the souls of my victims,

These things take time


That’s fine,

I have an eternity to do so

I collect souls

Eventually, you’ll be in a doll too

The police will find your bodies soon…

They’ll never suspect

The true murderer here

They’ll sit in disgust

Seeing your bodies hung from the ceiling

Using parts of your organs and veins

To hang your arms in the air

Looking every part the puppets,

You’ll soon be for me!

It won’t be long,

I’ll get you all bodies too

I’ll collect more souls

It’s what I do

Then you’ll see,

It’ll be perfectly okay!

We’ll be…

-A Happy Family-


Entry 210: A Delicious Cake

I relish how you move

I love the way you sleep

It’s quite cute, the way you eat

How you look on your way to work

The smile you give when taking that selfie

I take pleasure, in all these things

Tonight, you’ll become a work of art

You sir, my latest masterpiece

You’ll make the perfect canvas

For which to choose to create…

I prep my tools

The knives are nice & sharp…

I’ve been waiting for so long

To finally show you…

Just what I’ve been doing

All this time…

You had no clue

As I approach your door

There I am knocking

I hear you come to

Things are about to escalate,

My dearest friend…

You answer the door,

Shock overtaking your face

It is then you are surprised

I, your best friend have arrived

Surprising you on your birthday

You look down to notice,

Something that has your face…


I’ve baked you…

-A Delicious Cake-