Entry 327: For My Father: Ghosts Of The Past

I heard my fathers voice

I entered the derelict ship

I thought I might find him…


It appears if he’s here

He’s somewhere deeper within

I feel this is a trap


I could never give up on him!

What if he’s here?

What if he’s still alive?

These thoughts

Drive me further inside…

A sickening air

Pervades this place

Something horrific happened here…

Something watches me

I can’t see it


I know it is there

Dad, if you’re alive

I pray for protection

While I walk inside


My radio goes off once again

This time it’s the voice

Of a child…


The voice plays back

Over & over again

I ponder if my radio has somehow picked up

On an old recording

Then, I see it…

Out of the corner of my eye at first

The girl stands,

Just out of sight…

Turning my light

Towards her face

I find nothing

Where once she stood in place…

Continuing deeper within the ship

My radio comes to life again



I hear my name spoken again & again…

The voice coming through

Sounds like a woman


I have your father…


*Radio falls silent*

Tapping upon the interface

Trying to get the voice again

Clearly a trap


I’ll never give up on him…

My radio is dead,

It won’t even turn on

A door opens before me

Into darkness I walk

I try my flashlight

Still, it doesn’t penetrate the shadows

Of the hall ahead…

Walking deeper inside

A silent prayer spoken…

I hear the giant doors slam behind me

As I walk in

Then a haunting laughter

…And darkness…

…Envelop me…

-For My Father: Ghosts Of The Past-

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