Entry 324: Hate

It starts as rational thought

It breaks into something that is not

First it’s an opinion

Then, it’s crazed

Perhaps you’re just having a bad day

You think…

Then, that simple opinion

Becomes so much more

You become enraged

You don’t even understand why anymore

The next thing you know

You are pushed further still

The emotional outbursts

Soon lead to your first kill…

It spreads from there,

Every person around you

Each one you encounter

Infected by your despair…

It was just an emotion

An opinion in the beginning you thought

That was before you took a knife

To the person

In your bedroom…

Here you stand,

You’ve turned on the news

The infection is growing inside of you

It’s clear it has made its way to the rest of the world too

Madness is taking over

No one understands why

None of them can think clearly

Act in a manner rational to their fellow man

They only wish to fight

To bring about pain!

It escelates…

No one knows why

Sure, there are opinions & reasons

Or so they are projected all the time…

Ultimately, however,

It is too late

Without rational thought

So grows the hate

The disease was implanted long ago

This is just the nature of humanity

…Or so it goes…

In truth,

I’ve been there all along

Whispering your never ending sweet suffering


…You’ll all kill one another off for me…


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