Entry 393: 5

5 times you lived

5 times you cried

5 times you said you’d do that thing

5 times you wondered why?

5 times you were warned of this end

5 times as many went with you

5 times they were warned too

5 times you saw this number

5 minutes just before death

5 seconds you had the answer to change things

5 times in those seconds…you ignored this

5 people will attend your funeral

5 will cry

5 will ultimately commit suicide

5 deaths you’ll witness

5 people with which you truly lived life

…5 times you said you’d do that thing with them…

…5 times you wondered why you never did…

…5 times the pain you’ll experience post-death…

…5 times you all ignored the most important sign you’d ever get…

…5 simple steps that would lead to your eternal regret…



Entry 392: A Choir Of Suffering

I sing a song

Their screams go on

I hear the violence wrought upon them

They pray all day

To a God who is not there

I sing on…

…Hoping to ease their suffering…

In the dark

You can’t see their hearts

Nor witness their souls aching

The souls of the lost

Who had no idea the cost

Of ending a life they deemed not worth living

Now they sit lost

Feeling their regrets and wants

Amplified eternally…

They wander night and day

Suffer an emotional pain

My song is the only light they’re given

So I sing on

Drawing inspiration from their faults

Trying to weave a narrative of hope

Sadly though,

The darkness grows

I sometimes hear these souls shaking

I try to grant them relief

Though sorrow is all they’ll reap

I feel it’s my duty to help

Sadly I sense their pains

Their never-ending torment

The sadness brought upon them

They didn’t understand why

Existence was a thing

They thought they created a new beginning…

All died in different ways

I sing of these things

I try to be the hope they were missing

I can only sing

They can only cry

…Together we create…

-A Choir Of Suffering-