Entry 160: SinisterStoryTime #7: I Love You

I see you sleeping

Every single night

I see the way you wash yourself

When you think you are alone

I’ve seen you pleasure yourself to porn

Oh how lovely it is as you stroke yourself in bed

Thinking, I’m safe, all alone at home

I will admit, I really wanted to jump in

Not just yet though

A real lady waits her turn

I ponder, if you ever think of me?

The shy gal from work

Did you know, I made a copy of your keys

The one day you said they were lost

Pinning the note to the office lunch room wall

I softly giggled to myself thinking

I’ll return your keys soon

Off I went to make the copy

Upon doing so, leaving the keys on your desk again

You asked around the office

I never admitted it was me

So you said thank you to your anonymous savior

Inside I felt myself grow warm

Was this love?

Time would tell

I sent you flowers, anonymously of course

That was back during Valentine’s Day

You know, when Betty openly showed interest

I did some shopping that night

A nice axe, some things to torture the bitch with

Needless to say when she was on the news the next day

It wasn’t for her looks

Body parts everywhere

No one the wiser that it was me

A message in her blood that simply read

I love you

Still left them with no clue

The media assuming it was some crime of passion

Which was quite true



The message left had no real address

I kept it anonymous

Hoping you’d somehow sense it was from me to you

A love letter, for which you would get more soon

Remember that night you invited Sally inside your home?

Not very lady like was she when she took advantage of

Your drunken state

You poor innocent man


It really was a beautiful thing when I followed her home

Sneaking silently behind her

A bat in hand

I knocked Sally out and dragged her into her home

She would need to pay for the sins she committed

No one should take your innocence

You sweet lonely man

I’ll show you in time

You’ll be mine

As for Sally, it’s a lovely place she has

Out in the the country, all safe and warm

No one to bother you

No one to hear your scream

It was a truly beautiful thing when I chopped her to bits

I pinned her heart to the wall and wrote I and you around it

Black Winter PD were growing suspicious of you by this point

I made sure that there was no evidence to convict anyone

My methods are messy

I’m organized where it counts

Rest assured there will be no DNA evidence

Linking anyone to that whore’s death

I wonder if secretly you can sense my love for you yet?

Jennifer was fun

I saw her staring at you from across the way

So that night I ended her life

Making her into a stew

Leaving behind in blood:


Jennifer stew was all the rage at the pot luck the next day

This was of course before

The police realized she was missing

I saw you eat her too

You even told me I did well

That you enjoyed my cooking and wondered

What I did to make the food so good?

I smiled shy and said

I used love

So now I stand Thanksgiving having just passed

Watching you like I have been

Over the past few months

Wanting to tell you how I feel


You’re in the shower now

So I think I’ll make my move

I’ll leave you the chocolates with a note that reads


I Love You

Here you come from the shower

I lay hiding in wait

I dropped all my clothes

Standing naked in the closet just behind you…

Watching you…taking you in…

I can sense your instant dread

The moment you see the note

Still, I can’t help myself

I slowly open the closet behind you

Silent as can be

You turn around and see my naked body

Still in shock

Probably from how good I look

You can’t seem to do anything

I move in real close

Kissing you as I do

You’re still in shock

I begin making out with you

You are so hard and so firm

Unable to resist

You take me to bed and we go at it

It’s a beautiful thing

True love finally made

I confess my sins

Tell you everything

You punish me in return

I love the way it feels

A turn on to say the least

We go at it again and again

We can’t help ourselves!

I knew the first moment I saw you

I chose right

You were the man for me

It was love at first sight…in my eyes

Eventually we married

Our honey moon was truly fun

We’d made a habit of inviting attractive others

Into bed with us

We’d had a good time for sure

Always being careful as we decided if they’d die

Our honey moon was one such time

A woman named Vanessa, she was fun

Quite the attractive red head

She seemed to have a real thing for the both of us

Still, a slut she was and die she would for her sins

That was what she got for cheating on her husband!

We kill together you and I

We make the perfect team

Eventually we even made a baby

Our little boy is the sweetest

One day he’ll learn about…

…True love too…

-SinisterStoryTime #7: I Love You-



Entry 106: SinisterStoryTime #6: Tabitha’s Basement

*Thump Thump* *Thump Thump*

What is that sound?

*Pound! Pound!* *POUND! POUND!*

It comes from beneath my feet

*Rattle! Rattle!* *Rattle! Rattle!*

Something tries to open my basement door

It happens this way every night since I bought this house

There was no mention of this when I signed the lease


Her cold voice whispers into my ear

Come down here sweet soul

The disembodied woman’s voice sends ice through my veins

Mommy? Mommy?

A voice perfectly mimicking my dead daughters says to me

It’s not my daughter, this I know

She died a long time ago…

One night I decided I’d had enough

I’m leaving this place and never looking back I told myself

I ripped open my front door only to find as I stepped outside

I was still trapped within


Desperately I tried again and again…yet I’d always be in my livingroom…

I honestly don’t believe this is the house’s doing

Somehow, someone way…the woman in the basement is doing this

Mallory? Mallory? Why don’t you come down and play?

Come down it’ll be fun…just ask that husband of yours…

He was brave coming down here all alone

Trying to keep you safe from the sounds only you heard

We had lots of fun…don’t you want to see what became of him?

*Moaning and sounds of passionate sex*

THUD! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I hear my husbands screams, impossible as that may be…

Seeing as he has been missing since night number 3

OOOooohhh yes…we had LOTS OF FUN!!!! HAHAHAHA!

I tried calling the police but none of my phones did anything

She was always the one on the other line, constantly taunting

It’s night 104…I’m not sure what to do anymore…


Somehow though, the pantry was always stocked with fresh food?!

I thought I’d go on a hunger strike once…but she somehow stopped me…


I’M….SO…..SCARED! She gives me all these horrible nightmares!

I’ve dreamt of suicide, torture, pain!

Anything would be a sweet release from this…SUFFERING!

How is it she controls even my dreams?!

I tried stabbing myself, she took away my knife

I was going to shoot myself but somehow I heard only a

*Click!* *Click!*


Mallory? Mallory? Come down tonight so I can end your suffering…

I can’t do this anymore…OKAY YOU FUCKING BITCH!

Slowly I get up and walk down to the basement door…

Turning the door knob I hear a


As I walk down each step I hear the door slam shut behind me!

I reach the bottom of the steps to see dead husbands eviscerated body!

She torutred him again and again…still feasting on his heart…or what’s left of it

I also see my dead little girl, she’s being fed on by dogs, she’s been ripped to pieces!



From the shadows I heard a sound…she was now behind me

There was a mirror and in it I saw a woman in a long black dress

Long black hair, shadows obscuring her face, except for her lips

Still soaked in blood

Slowly, erotically she licked her lips, giggling as she did.

Hi Mallory…I’ve prepared you a bed…

Licking my face she smiled and said

Let’s begin…shall we…

I was quickly brought over and thrown into bed

My clothes ripped off, she had her way

I could do nothing but pray it would all end soon

Please God, let his end quickly!

It did not though

It seemed she liked to play with those she tortured

She even had a camera recording everything!

I asked her what her name was as she shoved my face between her legs


She cried out in bliss!

Then she pulled me up by my chin, cut me slowly with a knife on the face

Rubbed my blood on her lips…before making out with me.

As the night went on, she became more rough

At one point turning me around, grabbing me by the hair

Smiling into the camera she took her knife and rammed it between my legs

Again and again I screamed in AGONY!

Everytime I screamed Tabitha would moan

Long was this night that would never end

She did worse things to me…

Stringing me up with razor wire from a pipe above the bed

Tabitha relished in slowly cutting on my naked body

A cut here…a cut there

Slowly she let the blood drain from my body

Delirious and weak, I watched her collect the blood she didn’t drink in bottles

Occasionally she would burn me with a cigarette

I only wish to wake you a bit my pet…wouldn’t want the fun to end too quick

Whistling into the shadows I saw my dead husband several other things come

All were male or so it looked…though not all were human

Tabitha took me down and removed the razor wire from my wrists

She then handcuffed me to a pipe at the end of the bed…

The sick bitch made sure the camera got my face



Oh, they had their way as I cried out in pain and shame…

Torturing & raping me, I thought when would this night end!

Eventually it did….she recorded everything including my death…

I was ready when it came…

It didn’t make it any less painful when she gleefully took a chainsaw

Showing it slowly into me from behind, the metal teeth slowly ripping me to shreds!


I died that night, thankful it would all finally end…until that is, I heard a music box

To my horror I awoke, I knew I must be dead!

Still, there stood Tabitha once again…her smile sickening me…

Oh you thought death is where it would all end?

A tape played on a tv in front of me…

It was of everything I’d experienced until death

Strangest thing was I was strapped to a chair to watch this tape

Every emotion I felt, every pain…I FELT IT AGAIN AS IT HAPPENED ON TAPE!

Tabitha smiled and kissed me on the cheek

Now that you’re dead, the real fun can begin

You’re mine my sweet, and now we have an eternity of these tapes

So many memories we will create!


-SinisterStoryTime #6: Tabitha’s Basement-



Entry 98: SinisterStoryTime #5: The Legendary Gambler

I have a story I’d like to share

One about an ocean not to far from here

You see, so many things can be found there

They call it The Ocean Of Souls

A dark abyss, waters blacker than the blackest night!

It is a place you go if you seek legends or death

They say you will find only one

This is very true

This is my story to you

The time I found something most only wish for

Are you ready to hear what I have to say?

Good then, it is quite the length

I was but a poor young man back then

I had nothing

In Black Winter most only find death

This day I found something quite the opposite!

I decided, with nothing left to lose

I’d seek what I could find

I would brave the dreaded black waters of The Ocean Of Souls!

If I died, what worse could it be

Black Winter had not exactly been good to me

I’d lost all I had in Hotel Sin

I’m a gambler and I bet everything!

What did I lose you ask?

All my youth to some bitch named Rue!

She had me bet on Dead Man’s Hand

It’s a game where you guess just who will die next!

There are 7 contestants and one has been marked for death

This is all based on the card placed face down on their right hands

These poor souls have no idea which one of them will die

You basically guess which one you think is marked for certain death

The odds are 1 in 7 obviously, and you only get one chance

I’d had a gut feeling it was number 4

I gambled the odds

Fucking shit, it is number 4 Rue!

I’d bet my youth on it, and all my money!

You see, at this point in time I was a handsome man of 21 years

That bitch knew exactly what she was doing!

Fine by me sweet young thing, if you lose I get your youth, your money

Oh…and your eternal servitude upon death!

Still care to make that bet?

Oh, I’ll do that and even wager the soul of my wife Beth!

I am sure we can work out something.

What do you say, do you believe in your husbands luck?

Will you accept his wager Beth?

I was a fool, we were both young and no doubt she just wanted to show faith in me

I never should have drug her into this!

She always tried to please me…she always believed in me.

Alas we both signed the contract and the cards were flipped

All showed life except…for number 6.

I’d lost, I went from 21 to 93!

Instantly my wife was grabbed, given a uniform and taken away

Oh no worries good sir, I assure you your wife will be put to good use

As for you…I’ve given you 12 months to live.

Make the most of them…

The cruel bitch smiled and then started the next game

It was as though nothing had happened at all

Everything was business as usual

I stepped out of Hotel Sin, no money, nothing!

It was then I saw him

A Devil all in black, he smiled his voice holding a darkness that corrupts souls

He spoke of my only hope

Hello stranger…I see you’ve lost to Rue

Fuck off!

Okay, guess you don’t want a chance to get it all back then?

I paused in shock!

You’re serious?!

Deadly serious friend…

You ever hear of The Ocean Of Souls?


Legend or death, you will only come back with one

You don’t have much to lose…so care to get what you seek?

I don’t know if it was the way he spoke, or simply his tone

No doubt this was a corrupter of souls but he was right

If I sit here and do nothing, it is death for me anyways

The Devil In Black held out his hand and I did the same

One simple shake and I was transported to an Abyss…

Black waters that screamed stood before me

I stood on a boat, the Devil In Black on the shore

With a smile he kicked my boat!

Fog covered the waters and the Devil faded

His smile suggesting he was up to something

I didn’t have much of a chance to contemplate before I felt the boat shake!

A low and viscious groan came from the black depths below!

Something…was circling…the boat…

A sudden bolt of lightning struck the black waters below!

Suddenly the boat shook again as out from the waters below came a black shadow…

It’s eyes were red and its smile most wicked!

Never have I felt a chill such as this before

Hello Gambler, I come to you with a game

Will you gamble for immortality?

I had nothing left to lose and so I said


Very well, the game is Choice & Consequence

The rules are in the name

Life or Death?

Bah! Life of course!

Pleasure or Pain?

Come on, that’s easy…pleasure!

Freedom or Imprisonment?

Freedom…isn’t this supposed to be more difficult?

Immortality or Beth?

This one hit me with a cold quake through my body!

If I die, I suffer eternally to Rue…

If I get immortality though, it would be a loophole

I never face death, I never serve Rue

Perhaps I could help her somehow too?

Immortality I say, thinking to myself I’ll save you somehow Beth

These answers are final…are they set?

I looked this shadowy fingers in the eye and said


Very well, the following is put into place

You will be granted life, Beth death.


You will be granted eternal pleasure, your wife Beth…eternal pain!


You are rewarded with your freedom…Beth imprisonment


Finally you have been granted immortality, Beth now has no chance…

I told you the name was in the game and your answers are set!

Goodbye Gambler…

A bolt of lightning struck from the sky and hit me between my eyes

Then I awoke, a legend…of a sort

I’m the Gambler and I’ve gambled once too many

I’ve gained immortality and anything I could ever want…

Except for my dearly beloved…

The one thing I truly desire

Now I reside in Hotel Sin, a tenant eternally

Care to play a game?

-SinisterStoryTime #5: The Legendary Gambler-