Entry 399: Changed

To Whom It May Concern,

I saw a man near the urn

He stood in that damnable hall

He was roughly 8 foot tall

This isn’t the first time I’ve been perplexed

Something, someone, sometimes several things

I always find them in this place

The problem being the place is never the same

It is constantly changing

I’m not talking about the building as a whole

Just the hall

Or should I say, Halls?

It’s usually something more subtle than a person or thing

Still, I’ve lived here long enough to know that can change

Sometimes it’s the mere color on the wall

Sometimes only the light switch changes are noticeable

I do know one thing is for sure

If you are reading this now

Observe your world

Note the dates, times, things you see

Subtly check on them again

Note what isn’t as it seems

If you notice anything change

Make sure to keep close track of it!

This includes the notes you have

Keep them on you and read them daily!

Sometimes even those will change

Always subtle and you might forget if it’s what you wrote

So to be extra safe

Record your recordings

Make sure everything is the same!

In my case, it’s always these halls

Sometimes I hear whispers come from them

Other times I’ll see them…

…Never mind, it’s best not to mention them…

I’ve already said too much

Just be wary

If you read this note

Observe that which you see

Notate and record your notations

Leave nothing to speculation

Or imperfect perception…

…If you’re reading this…

…It is likely too late…

Subtle things have probably already…


Entry 398: Something

The first day I felt a little off

The first night, something hung above my cot

The second day I felt a little pain

The second night I saw something unexplainable by sight

The third day, I felt a little funny in the head

The third night I heard something skittering

The fourth day I went to a hospital for help

The fourth night I was home not knowing what was wrong

The fifth day I felt a lot more pain

The fifth night I thought I heard something inside my brain

The sixth day I could hear the clawing begin

The sixth night something began oozing from my skin

The seventh day I began to lose my hair

The seventh night I cried in fright

The eighth-day strange pustule growths began to replace my now lost hair

The eighth night the nose bleeds led to haunting hallucinatory  sights

The ninth day I feel some of the sacs pop

The ninth night I lay here as something hatches and begins eating me from the inside

The…day…it is too br-A-IG-h-t

The dark time…brain…



*Body Falls*


Entry 397: She Smelled Of Honey

*Tape begins playing*

Hello Mom & Dad

I have a story to tell

It’s quite grand

It’s about a little girl

Locks as brown as can be

Someone from your family

While you’ve all had times where you laughed and smiled

Lately, it’s all been tears and cries of

*Moves Mouth on another body*

“Where’s Our Daughter?!”

Well no worries

I’m here to put your fears away


Daddy’s Little Girl has been a fun toy…

Then again,

Perhaps I’m getting way ahead

I assure you

I didn’t do anything untoward

Till after her final silence…


As you’re watching this

I’m sure you are wondering

How did this nice guy

Get my daughter into bed?

Well, the answer is simple…

…I watched you all quite often…

…From the woods…

Anytime you felt eyes

You shook off an eerieness you shouldn’t have

Anytime you felt like you weren’t alone

I was there recording things

Planning my next film

You can call it location scouting

You can call it people watching

You can call it whatever you want…

I promise in the end I picked the right one!

Her skin as fresh smelling as the body wash she used in her baths

I still keep her fresh even after her silence

I remember the first day I saw you all

Your wife with her nice rack

She’s quite beautiful


You needn’t worry though Dad…

I prefer my toys less living and even younger than that…


*Smells the hair of girl*



I can’t tell you how many times I watched from the woods

The many times I broke in and smelled all of you

The night I made the copy of the key

You idiots were sound asleep!

I watched her over the years

I watched as she grew

I learned her fears

I walked all along the way

Smiling as I watched her play

I waited till the moment was right

Then as you all slept

I bound and silenced her

I kept in her room

I kept her really quiet

I know she was trying to scream

*Moves mouth of dead body*


Still, I had her bound and gagged

At that point deciding to carry her to her doom

First though, laid her down in the living room

I moved my hand slowly across her face

Then I lifted it

Motioning it over her figure

She smelled so GREAT!

I then took my camera and went to your room

I watched as you idiots slept unaware of your daughter’s future doom

You looked so quiet, your wife smiled

I had a silent dance as I thought of your child

I then left your home, locking the door

Taking your daughter to my place

I promised her future would be a FUN ONE!

It was there I kept her for more than a year

Slowly torturing her

Learning her every tick

Her every cry

So many times she said

*Motions dead bodies mouth again*


I assured her it was okay as I cut on her body some more

Starving her and beating her

Prepping her for more…

Eventually though…

…As with all living playthings…



You see,

She maintained her want to live until the end

She even did so as I sewed my initials into her skin

You have a brave little girl

I’m sure you’d be proud

One night though, I gave her a new scent

I put her in a box,

Slathered her in honey

Then poured the ants in…

I listened as she struggled,

I listened as she screamed

I relished in the visuals

As I played my own game

…She…smelled…of honey…

After many hours

Possibly days

I poured the water in

I drowned the ants

It was at this point

I pulled her out

Looking at how I’d taken the beauty away from her

Well…I mean…that’s in the eye of the beholder, am I right?


I’m sure you can guess what we did next.

*Tape goes black*

*Final words appear on screen*

-She Smelled Of Honey-


Entry 396: Thump…Thump…Thump…


The sound drives me NUTS!



It matters not how many times I stab him

How many times I bury him

Burning him alive

I dropped him in acid once

At least, I think I did that night!

Ever since I murdered him

I hear him again and again




Maybe there is a way to make it end?


He tells me to do it…


The gun is laying in the den