Entry 277: The Queen Of Dreams

Blessing you with happiness

Sometimes wracking you with fear

The world you enter at night is completely dependent upon

What she deems you to see or hear

Wandering through a maze

Tending to a garden

Maybe you win 1st place in a race to the oceans bottom?

Anything is a possibility in the world of dreams

Even being trapped within one


It matters not whether you are good or bad

What you’ve done in life,

Whether you are happy or sad

You are at her whim & mercy.

So pray only that she sees fit to let you come back

No matter your reality

No matter where you live

So long as you live & breathe

Once you close your eyes

In her world you will be.

Not much is known about her

Nor, when she came to be

Some think her a God

Others a mere trickster

Capable of warping realities.

Ultimately however,

Once you close your eyes

In the moment you are gripped by sleep

You are a plaything,

A puppet,

At the mercy of…

-The Queen Of Dreams-

Entry 276: TV

We all love

Our big TV

It tells us what to do

It tells us how to be

It tells us everything we need…

The news giving us updates on all the deaths

Our favorite television shows show us

Life is hilarious!

Our favorite channel though is one hidden away

We turn it on when we really want to play

It plays static at first

Or that’s what it wants you to believe


Next thing you know,

You’re killing little Billy!

It told me how to dispose of the neighbors cat

Down the garbage disposal with you

That was the end of that!

My sister Cindy had an issue with her ex

The TV told her to incinerate him!

No more beatings from that prick!

So what else can you learn besides disposal

& the delicate way in which to build a flame thrower to fry your ex?

You can learn how to build a bomb

50 ways to get rid of trash (of the human variety)

You can even learn the best way to decapitate someone with an axe!

So what are you waiting for?

Get your family together!

Spend some quality time

Enjoying the fine things you can only find on…


Entry 275: She

Barbed wire wrapped around my wrists

Never ending whispering from her lips…

Always a plan for her

Endless torture for me

The type of suffering you love twistedly

My blood the ink

My mind slowly splitting

Reaching within my soul she begins her puppeteering

Write for me

Your inspiration I’ll be

Telling you tales of the worst kinds of things

You’ll feel the emotion

Wracked in pain

Slowly I’ll keep the cogs in your mind turning

She speaks & tells me truths!
She speaks & tells me truths!
She speaks & tells me truths!
She speaks & tells me truths!
She speaks & tells me truths!
She speaks & tells me truths!
She speaks & tells me truths!

…Your secrets aren’t hidden from her view…




Entry 274: Jackie

I love my Jackie!

She brings me jubilation!

I love the taste of her food!

I love the scent of her hair!

She’s the most amazing part of my life!

I live for my Jackie!

I’d die for my Jackie!

There’s no one else like her!

Lately though…

My Jackie has been ignoring me

I’m not sure why?

I say hi, she says nothing

I go to bed, she never comes to the room

My Jackie was crying the other day

She was kissing a picture of me

I asked what was wrong

I tried to console her

She moved away from my embrace…

…She shivered like she was cold…

I tried to tell her

I’m right here!

Still, I never got an answer

Who’s that other man?

The one you keep bringing home?



For FUCKS SAKE Jackie!

What do I have to do?!

Why are you going to the kitchen?!

Why is he going with you?!



*Knife flies across the room*


Why did you scream?


Why won’t you speak to me my dear?


Why are you laying so still?


Entry 273: The Death Clock

Tick Toc

Tick Toc

Every second passed

Feeds the clock

Onward you go

Moving about your life

Never knowing

When it will be your time

The Death Clock ticks and tocs

Chiming upon one’s death

Still, it never stops

It just keeps ticking…

You can run

You can hide

You can have riches

You can be the poorest person alive

The one guarantee

Is eventually the clock will chime for thee

It matters not how you’ve spent your life

Judgement will begin

Once Death calls you with your chime

So it’s believed you should adhere to a good life

Lest your soul be given

The harshest of treatments for all eternity

Tick Toc

Tick Toc

Onward moves…

-The Death Clock-

Entry 272: A Monsters View

The sky can be touched

Strange things walk upon it all the time

They do strange things


Staring at weird screens

Thankfully, they can’t see me

I study them

As they go about their days

Worried about, the oddest things

Putting clothes upon their body

Talking on strange devices

Performing strange rituals

Sometimes mating

The people in the sky had a child the other day

It makes strange noises

Keeping them awake

I like to stick close to it

I like to watch it anyways

I think it sees me

It acts like it for sure

Pointing it’s tiny fingers

Smiling at me

The others look towards me

They see not a thing

Tucking the small one in

They go to bed

I stare on

The small one…

Continues to laugh at me

Hours go by

It falls asleep

I stare at it

I’m always watching

I don’t need sleep

The sky people seem to

So it is strange when I hear screaming

There was a loud BANG!

Someone fell

I heard more screaming

Watching the door

Of the sky childs room

I see its mother

Run into the room

She slams the entrance closed

A banging is heard


I see the mother reaching towards her child

Coughing up blood

She is crying

Someone I don’t recognize

Now enters the room

It is covered in cloths

I can’t see its face

It comes towards the little one

Who lets out a scream

The thing points something at it



I eat off its face!


I tear at its flesh!


It agonizes in pain


I devour it


Shh…I tell the little one

You’ll be safe with me

I cradle it in my arms

It slowly falls asleep

I tell it

…I’ll watch over you…

-A Monsters View-

Entry 271: Tape 1

I’m a soldier

I’ve seen so much sorrow

So much…pain…

I’ve seen the sky light up with missile fire

Heard the roaring dread of explosions all around me

I’ve watched men, women, children…


I’ve seen all manner of horrors

Faced all forms of evil


I’ve never seen anything like what I see now

The skies talking

It’s roaring with such defiance!

I’m shaking as I record this…

Baby, I’m not sure I’ll be coming home

I’m not sure home will exist

…The sky is red…

I thin-

*Unintelligible Thunderous Noise*

I-I think I saw an eye!




Baby…if you get this…

I want you to know…

*Uncontrollable Crying*



*Violent Thundering*

GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Recording ends*

-Tape 1-

Entry 270: Heart

People say I have no heart

I’m here to tell you that simply isn’t true

I have a heart of compassion

A heart brimming with romance

My heart has a soft spot for you


I guarantee


I even have a heart of greed

How do I have a heart of so many feelings and things you say?

It’s quite simple…

First I lure them in

Then, I murder them

Sometimes I keep them alive

Just so they can experience the surgery first hand

I have many hearts you see

Some are happy

Some will never be

All have intriguing reactions to the experiences they’ve seen

Every single one of them fuels me

I spend a lot of time trying to understand your kind

You make little sense to me

Quite often you are irrational in the things you do

As though you give no thoughts or care

About those around you

Emotion, that is what drives most of you

Though, confusing to me…

I don’t need to understand you

That’s just a curiosity to me

You heart

Is simply fuel for me

A cold, unemotional machine

You can say I’m many things

This is true

Now, however…

…You can never accuse me of not having a…



Entry 269: 14-9-7-8-20-13-1-18-5

You’ve awoken

How do you feel?

Is the world a beautiful place?

Is it even real?

No doubt you’d like to stand on your beliefs

No doubt you are thinking, where could I possibly be?

I have the answers you seek

Even those you don’t realize, you need

In order to learn the truth

I require a simple sacrifice from you…


Two holograms of two earths stand before your sight

Choose one…

Left or Right?


Entry 268: BWL&L: The Flower

In a place so dark & grey

Lay a plant for which never decays

A flower of the reddest red

Stands tall in a land that is the deadest of the dead

The ruins where once stood a castle stood

Now is home to a beautiful flower

Any who’ve tried to pluck it wound up dead


Or something on events of a somewhat similar thread

A curiosity to be sure

Seeing as it rains here constantly

Rarely is there a ray of sun to be had

Perplexed are souls who pass by it

Furthermore the land it stands on is haunted

In many ways, by twisted things

All around this flower

Spirits of the dead scream

The purpose of the flower?

No one knows

Many believe it could be the key to immortality

If someone were to know the proper spell

Alas these are legends ever old

That from generation to generation have been told

Nothing about this flower is truly known

Save for the fact

It is a thing of beauty

In the midst of a land

That breeds only Death

-The Flower-