Entry 395: Out My Window

Out my window

Late at night

I’m afraid to look at what I may sight

Still, sometimes I can’t resist the urge

Terrified is usually how ends these ventures

One night I looked out

I saw a man

Smile he did

Candy he had in his hand

His beard was long

He wore a coat

This disturbed me as I’m only 9 years old

2 weeks later I hear a sound

I look outside and see something most profound!

There was the sound of digging

Followed by a yelp!

The man had dumped a poor dog in the hole…

As though he knew I was there

He slowly turned and smiled again…

I very quickly ran away

Hiding under my covers the remainder of the night

Terrified with fright

As closely I listened to heavy breathing far down below

It was the man…I know so.

A few nights later

What do I hear?

A disturbed laughter

Peering out

It’s the man with the beard!

He has a saw in his hand

A woman lay on a stump


Half of her did…

In this house, I try to use the phone

No one ever listens

No one ever responds

I’m always alone…

A few nights later I look out my window again

It is then, I see them…

My parents, long since dead

Slowly skinned

Nothing made sense…

I suddenly feel a jolt of agonizing pain

I see them murdered again and again!

It is then I see the man


A familiar head in his left hand…

Staring into those lifeless eyes

I remember it was this man who murdered me

…I remembered that I was no longer alive…

…Every night a new frightful sight…

Trapped eternally to witness Death most grotesque

Here I sit in my home…

…Watching the madness…

-Out My Window-