Entry 170: The Tattooed Lady

Have you seen it

That old school?

There dwells within

A woman

Short brown hair

No one ever sees her eyes

She always keeps them hidden


Never telling why

If you see her

You will surely die

She’s always waiting for somebody

No one is sure why

She steals trespassers souls

Eats their minds

Leaving only their screams and evicirated bodies behind

Why she is like this?

How she came to be?

No one is quite sure

Everyone knows one thing though

If you go into that school

Day or night

Be forewarned…if you hear her cries

Do not go to help

Ignore what she might make you see

The tattooed lady, hands over her face

Has eyes that are on the back of each hand

She sees everything

Knowing your every want

Sensing your every desire

Understanding your entire life history

She will use these things to lure you in

Just before she kills you


Why do people go into the school at all?

She lures them in…sometimes with crying

Other times with the sight of their dead loved ones

She can mimic the living too

Whatever you do…

No matter what you see…

Never go into that school

Or you will die at the hands


-The Tattooed Lady-

Entry 109: Black Winter Legends & Lore: The Road

There is a road that never ends

It is a place of many hauntings

It is said you can find any manner of things

Demons, Angels, long dead kings

Depending who you are and depending what you seek

This road will give you many things

It is a road that never ends

A road that echoes past sufferings

There is only 1 who has ever come back from this place

Her soul was forever changed

She spins tales of its existence

She can take you to its entrance

A word of warning though…

Anyone else who has chosen to go down that path

Has never come back…

-Black Winter Legends & Lore: The Road-