Entry 412: Black Winter Legends & Lore: Her

Have you heard of Her?

Don’t speak her name if her real name you knew

Avoid Lake Park this time of year

Steer clear of your windows at midnight…

…if you know what’s good for you…

Have you heard of Her?

She walks the park at night

Often near the lake itself

Sometimes with a lost look in her eyes

Some say they’ve seen her eyes

Some say they’re a beautiful blue

Some say they’ve seen Her eyes

Some say they’re black as the most evil soul

I hope this isn’t true

She like many wanders this place

A town that comes to you

Black Winter has never been known to let go

So why would it do it for Her?

Get a clue!

All my friends who have seen her

Say she scares them straight through

There is a twisted gnawing deep within their souls

It’s as though she feeds on them

One time I saw Her

It wasn’t here though

It was just before the truck hit me

Her eyes as black as the night

I looked & then WHAM!

All went black

…I died that night…

Most say she is evil

I am unsure

I can share though that there never has been a terror

More sincere

From deep within

Than I felt in my soul

Seconds before

My end.

-Black Winter Legends & Lore: Her-

Entry 390: BWL&L: Where The Pilgrim Goes

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

He burns all that show

Walking through the night

His flame lit bright

You’ll burn in fear if you enter his sight…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

He sees your sins inside

Never let him find you

Or he’ll make you atone

Your world ending

In screams of unimaginable pain

All sin ends in his flames…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old

If he finds you

All will see

The misery of the sins inside you

Shall burn brightly…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

Your ashes he will keep

Leaving a symbol behind for your memories sake

He will soon move on

Burning the next sinner at the stake

You can’t reason with him,

Kill him,

Bargain for your life in any way

Once he’s cleansed you in his fire

Your soul he’ll take…

Down to the gates of never-ending pain

You’ll suffer till the end of days

With a whistle and a hum

They’ll remember your name

Another damned soul

…Taken by The Pilgrims flame…

-Where The Pilgrim Goes-

Entry 310: They Who Searched For Hope


They breathed through their masks

Walking inside the caves

Praying beyond hope

The things they discovered

Were not the things they thought

They might…


The first drops of blood

Dripped upon one of the mens faces

Then came the chittering

Followed by whispering

Into darkness the last one in line

Was dragged…

Screaming as he disappeared

His team unable to help

Then came the screams

Blistering the remaining souls ears

For they knew

The next thing that’d happen

Is they would likely

Be missing too…


The screams rang on

Almost like a song

The remaining men tried to turn and run…

Sadly for them

The entrance was gone


Was their first thought…

Was it an illusion


They were lost in confusion

As soon another was snatched up!

This one vanished high above

Blood soon raining

Along with his guts!


The other men ran

Only 4 left

Half searching

For the missing families within.

Most in truth were now running

Crying and screaming!

Wondering why they ever showed up?

They were just volunteers

Looking for the missing families

That’d vanished over the years

Supposedly with not even a trace of dust…


How could they know as another was ripped in half

That they’d never leave this place again

They wanted to do the right thing

Guess sometimes

The right thing

Doesn’t end well…


Yet another man died soon after

His face eaten off!

2 left in his stead,

Soon they’d be dead

It was only a matter of time they thought…

What would they do now?

The men fired their guns

Into darkness unknown

Their screams

The only things that could be heard…

The gunfire was mute

It did nothing it’s true

As another soon lost his head!


One life remained

He tried to stifle his screams

As he heard silence soon fall…

His ammunition useless

He fired off his last round

Hoping he’d kill something

He thought…

No sound came

A low breathing soon felt

Just over the final survivors shoulder…


The little ones crawled

A scream was heard

Soon they began burrowing inside his flesh!

The mans died

The townspeople were scared

Still no one would dare enter the caves again…

What befell the lost families?

What killed the men who searched for them?

Many a question and mystery remained…


One thing was for sure

It is likely no one would ever truly know

Where the families had gone


Just what had killed…

-They Who Searched For Hope-


Entry 308: A Song Of Death

If you listen closely

Quite late at night

You can hear the sound of music playing…

The tune is quite old

Probably not recognizable to most

It is the first thing you’ll hear

Before your time is up…

The closer to your time

The more audible it will get

Eventually you’ll hear all of it

The song is meant to put you at peace

It is meant to keep your mind off the pain

To give you a chance to say a final prayer

To put to rest any second guessing…

A calm in the storm

That is your Death

The songs sound can change,

Based upon your life

It is the first hint

Of where you’ll be,

In the after life

So rest easy

Let the song take you away

May your soul know peace

After the grave

-A Song Of Death-

Entry 295: The Lighthouse & The Monster

There is a place

Older than time

A lighthouse

Truly divine

It’s a beautiful place

In the middle of an Ocean Of Death

The souls of the dead

Within the oceans depths

Helplessly screaming…

Wishing they still had a chance!

The light projects

The light protects

It brings safety to the passing ships

The ones which ride this Ocean Of Death

The ones with souls who still have a chance.

What does it protect the souls from you ask?

A darkness waiting to consume them.

A monster locked within space & time…

Forgotten by the living.

The light keeps it at bay,

Locked within the confines of this between state.

Inside this place however,

Even the ferrymen & Reapers

Who ferry the souls with a chance

Are in grave danger if not within

The lighthouses warm embrace.

The monstrosity is a horrid thing

Its influence seeping into other realities

The originator of evil itself

Much worse than The Devil it be!

No God could wish to kill

That which can kill them…

So it is,

They locked away

The darkest part of any history!

Though its evil thoughts slip within

The minds & hearts of many men

The monster itself is contained within

The Lighthouses ever watching eyes

No hope of leaving

So long as the beacon of hope remains.

On & on the lighthouse turns

Its lights spinning safety

Wherever they touch.

Still it is that it sits in the center of a storm

The monster encircling it near completely!

Blood soaked rains pour!

Thunder roars!

Lightning gives a glimpse of what lurks just out of sight!

The ferrymen are warned never to look

Into the monsters gaze

Lest they be driven insane!

Turning their boats far away

Leaving the lighthouse for darkness

Their screams piercingly loud

Played again & again

For the monsters own sick amusement…

Ask any ferrymen or Reaper

Who’ve sailed the Ocean Of Death

What is it they fear most?

They’ll tell you

…Ferrying the souls across the Ocean Of Death…

The Monster ever watching!

The Monster ever taunting!

The storm that churns eternally!

The chorus of the souls who scream just as long!

…The Lighthouse being ones only hope…

-The Lighthouse & The Monster-



Entry 283: The Eye

Look into the Eye

See how it stares

Know it knows your thoughts

Know it knows your prayers

The secrets hidden within

All the long forgotten sins

The Eye sees them

As it does you

If you blink

To oblivion it will send you.

You might think

That makes little sense


How are we to understand The Eye’s reasoning?

We know not why it stares you into death.

We know not why it reads all of your darkest secrets.

If the Eye happens upon you

It’s probably too late

Your fate is bound

Just accept it.

-The Eye-


Entry 282: The Film

Black & white

Such a beautiful sight

Watch it play

The tragic ends

Day after day.

Come forth

Enter the room

Dare to watch what happens

Within the film room.

A reel

Age unknown

Plays a specific event

Again & again

Adding each time it plays

A new found victim.

So come forth

Watch the black & white film roll

See the sad stories

Of the other souls.

The ones who dared to watch

Some for thrills

Others happened upon the obscure piece


It does not matter

If you close your eyes

So long as you are present when it starts to play

Trapped in the room

You will be.

The sad truth of the matter

As you attempt to close your eyes

Or look away,

In your mind

It will play anyways.

No escape

Nothing you can do

Until finally you are drawn within

The black & white world

Within the film,

Ensuring your doom!

It is at this point

Overwhelming sadness will occur

Your nightmarish reality

Overwhelming you.

There is no hope

The whispers will begin

Things that only you hear

As the film plays silently

Inside the room.

Soon enough you will be like all the rest

Another victim

Another of the dead.

Maybe you will hang?

Maybe you will take a gun to your head?

Maybe you will simply cut yourself to death?

The one thing assured from this place

Is you will take your life

…In some way…

-The Film-

Entry 277: The Queen Of Dreams

Blessing you with happiness

Sometimes wracking you with fear

The world you enter at night is completely dependent upon

What she deems you to see or hear

Wandering through a maze

Tending to a garden

Maybe you win 1st place in a race to the oceans bottom?

Anything is a possibility in the world of dreams

Even being trapped within one


It matters not whether you are good or bad

What you’ve done in life,

Whether you are happy or sad

You are at her whim & mercy.

So pray only that she sees fit to let you come back

No matter your reality

No matter where you live

So long as you live & breathe

Once you close your eyes

In her world you will be.

Not much is known about her

Nor, when she came to be

Some think her a God

Others a mere trickster

Capable of warping realities.

Ultimately however,

Once you close your eyes

In the moment you are gripped by sleep

You are a plaything,

A puppet,

At the mercy of…

-The Queen Of Dreams-

Entry 268: BWL&L: The Flower

In a place so dark & grey

Lay a plant for which never decays

A flower of the reddest red

Stands tall in a land that is the deadest of the dead

The ruins where once stood a castle stood

Now is home to a beautiful flower

Any who’ve tried to pluck it wound up dead


Or something on events of a somewhat similar thread

A curiosity to be sure

Seeing as it rains here constantly

Rarely is there a ray of sun to be had

Perplexed are souls who pass by it

Furthermore the land it stands on is haunted

In many ways, by twisted things

All around this flower

Spirits of the dead scream

The purpose of the flower?

No one knows

Many believe it could be the key to immortality

If someone were to know the proper spell

Alas these are legends ever old

That from generation to generation have been told

Nothing about this flower is truly known

Save for the fact

It is a thing of beauty

In the midst of a land

That breeds only Death

-The Flower-



Entry 260: Fates Fantasy

Film is a beautiful thing

It captures a moment

In a way someone’s soul

It can make us smile

It can make us cry

It has the power to engage us

Which is why

The curious case of Primly Drive

Fascinates Black Winter residents

On this drive sits a theater

It goes by the name Fates Fantasy

In this theater the power of immortality

…Of a sort…

One who’s lost all hope

Or is strong in the belief

Their fate will be much better

May visit this place

Taking a chance on being chosen

To live a never ending

Happy eternity

For it is here

That the owner sits

She goes by the name Fate

She is a high class woman

Who makes a simple claim…

She only wishes to give souls

A chance at a happier existence

Depending on the soul

This could be true

It could even happen to you!

Curious to know the process?

Well if you wish to go for a show

Simply pay for a ticket


If you’re here for a chance at a better existence

Then make an appointment with Fate

You’ll be brought to a room

Where you’ll speak to her personally…

First you will be asked a series of questions

Pertaining to your existence


Fate uses magic

To put your soul into a film

Another world completely


This also means you die

If you are still among the living

Also, one should note

If it is deemed the entrant is undeserving

They will be cast into a darker part of this

Film world

Forced to live a different form of death

Each film


The parameters for the decision?

These are not entirely known


If you’ve come to Primly Drive

Seeking this way out

Instead of simply to see a show

You are likely among the desperate


The extremely confident


For once put into film

In time,

The projector itself

Makes new films

Starring the souls inside

…This continues endlessly…

Depending upon a souls fate

This could be eternal bliss

Or possibly

Never ending suffering

Some have been cast into horror films

Doomed to die again & again

Others are the stars

Of much happier tales

Blessed to live happily

…Forever more…



If you wish to take a chance

On a form of escape

Take a stroll

To Primly Drive

Make an appointment first

Then when it is time

Knock on Fate’s door

Once let in

She’ll ask you of your existence

Be honest,

Whether you were a kind soul

Or someone full of hate

By the time you enter for an appointment

It’s too late to escape

You can only hope

That honesty might sway the decision

Of where you wind up ultimately…

For sometimes a thief

Can wind up in happiness

Forgiven for their sins

Other times…

A Saint

Left in eternal despair

Simply based on a seemingly harmless lie

About the state of their lives…

Though this is a means of escape

Regardless of your fate

You should take heed

It’s basically trading your soul

To live in another world


There’s a chance

A gamble like this

Can burn you in the end

Then again

If things go well

You could have the happiest eternity

Starring in your own cheery series of films

Watched & cheered endlessly by many of

Black Winters residents!

So what do you say

Do you wish

To take a chance


-Fates Fantasy-