Entry 410: Layer 1

Every night I awake here

Every night I hear it


*Click Clack* *Click Clack*

Then I head up

Do a check


I pause for a moment

Look all around


*Click Clack* *Click Clack*

The sound rings off again

This time I hear it down below

I head down

Have another look around



*Click Clack* Click Clack*

I believe I am hearing something…

*Click Clack* *Click Clack*

I know it is something…

*Unintelligible Groaning*

You hear that, right?

I should warn you while I have a chance

I’m having dreams of…


I don’t remember the last time I needed to eat food

I don’t remember the last time I had a visitor at my door

The last I remember I was readi-

*Click Clack* *Click Clack*


Yes…I’m speaking to you…

…Listen, for I must warn you…

If you’re reading this


If you are dreaming th-

*Click Clack* *Click Clack*

*Shivers & Cries*

It’s at the top of my steps

Waiting in he dark…


…You reading or seeing this…

*Click Clack* *Click Clack*

…It sees you too…

-Layer 1-

Entry 399: Changed

To Whom It May Concern,

I saw a man near the urn

He stood in that damnable hall

He was roughly 8 foot tall

This isn’t the first time I’ve been perplexed

Something, someone, sometimes several things

I always find them in this place

The problem being the place is never the same

It is constantly changing

I’m not talking about the building as a whole

Just the hall

Or should I say, Halls?

It’s usually something more subtle than a person or thing

Still, I’ve lived here long enough to know that can change

Sometimes it’s the mere color on the wall

Sometimes only the light switch changes are noticeable

I do know one thing is for sure

If you are reading this now

Observe your world

Note the dates, times, things you see

Subtly check on them again

Note what isn’t as it seems

If you notice anything change

Make sure to keep close track of it!

This includes the notes you have

Keep them on you and read them daily!

Sometimes even those will change

Always subtle and you might forget if it’s what you wrote

So to be extra safe

Record your recordings

Make sure everything is the same!

In my case, it’s always these halls

Sometimes I hear whispers come from them

Other times I’ll see them…

…Never mind, it’s best not to mention them…

I’ve already said too much

Just be wary

If you read this note

Observe that which you see

Notate and record your notations

Leave nothing to speculation

Or imperfect perception…

…If you’re reading this…

…It is likely too late…

Subtle things have probably already…


Entry 373: I Can Hear Screaming

I awoke this morning

It was not quite the same

I could not remember who I was

Those I asked

Told me I have no name

I searched a city

For which I had no memory

I walked from door to door

Many were locked

The ones that opened

I wish did not

Running & running

I kept on

Looking for who I was

Gaining nothing at first,

I became lost…

The city whispered

The city laughed

In its center

Stood a man


I could not see his face

He wore all black

Smiling he asked…

What brings you here kid?

I stood confused

I can no longer remember…

Do you?

A smile

A cigarette in hand

He laughed

Soon disappearing.

Now I stand in darkness

I can hear a faint toll

Somewhere underneath the city…

-I Can Hear Screaming-


Message 2:



Entry 367: Mr. Opley

For all the darkness & despair

Within Black Winters homes

There walks a traveling man

For which has well renown

They call him Mr. Opley

A kinder soul you will not meet

Giving candy to children

Roses to the family of the deceased

The man well dressed

In his all black suit

He can always be found

Just in time to soothe

With a smile & a shake

He’ll take all your problems away

He’s always there in times of mourning…

Usually he arrives just before as well

Wherever he senses he is needed most dear

He’ll tell you stories of 2 great wars

Of a world for which everything changed

The moment a great mushroom erupted into the sky

Forever changing everything

In two calamities forever remembered world wide…

He speaks of times when all people knew

Were diseases & war

Plagues long since no more…

Sometimes he’ll speak still

Of a woman well known within Black Winter

One who stood strong in the sight of horrors most profound

Sacrificing herself

To take a certain Clock Tower down…

If you happen to see him

You could ask him still

About the infinite realities he’s walked through…

For wherever a reality lay

Mr. Opley will say

There is always a need for my associates & I

We walk endlessly

Helping those in times most trying

Some with kiss 

I with a shake

Soon after taking all of a souls troubles away

Leading them to what is next

Before moving on

To continue our service…

With a wink he continues to walk on

Such is the man of mystery

They call…

-Mr. Opley-



Entry 361: I’m Alone Always

I wander in memories

Not all my own

I look for a way out


I walk here alone…

I’m not sure how I wound up here

Or why so many dream of me

I do know I can find no way out

Every day,

I feel myself losing my grip

On my sanity…

Today I saw a gas station

In it rang a phone

No voice on the end

Just emptiness

Reminding me,

I’m alone…

Yesterday I was in a house

A woman was fighting with her spouse

It reminded me of things I don’t quite know

I never remember my biggest memories

Before coming here

I wish I had a way out

Still, I sit here…

One memory I saw

Was that of a man

A shadow for a face

One eye that’d open

The demented look within its gaze

Was enough to make my hair raise


It was nothing compared to what came next

The mouth opening

I saw many things

I saw another life

Another world

The gnashing of souls

Long since disappeared

The mans tongue flailed quite mad

I ran

Overcome with sadness

Rushing up steps

I saw a place

Tall buildings all around

I didn’t recognize it.

The tongue had stopped giving chase

The man

He’d faded…

Nothing ever makes sense

Though as I stand up

Feeling this gas station shift in place

I know the next reality

Won’t be the same…

It never is,

I’m not sure what connects things

I do know

No matter what or who I may see

It’s all an illusion

A place out of time…

-I’m Alone Always-

Entry 356: The Quiet Ones Home

This is a quaint part of town

Quieter than most

So small you’ll likely never notice it

If you blinked as you drove…

It’s a quiet place

Because we do not speak

You notice us not

Because we are more transparent than most…


If you should happen this way,

Perhaps you’ll be the voice of this place?

Stick around for a day or two,

Maybe you’ll discover where disappeared

The Radio’s tune?

It is on, sure,


No matter the station

It plays, nothing…

You may ask, why we don’t speak

To be fair,

That’s a another mystery


That’s the least of the oddities in place

As sometimes we see something on the horizon…

It looks a storm,

The sky is black,

It never grows night

Where we are at…


There it sits

On most days

Never really growing closer

…Or so it seems…

Then there’s the mystery of the umbrella graveyard

That’s what we call it anyways…

That is the place all the umbrella’s in town


To this day, they still remain…

It makes no sense,

You can not remove them from their place

They sit in a suspended animation

Unreachable to us…

There are other oddities afoot in this town

At noon every day

A man appears

Pale as a ghost

Old as the oldest person we’ve seen

He stands for 1 minute

Before vanishing

This town has no name

We are rarely ever seen

Should you join us however,

Perhaps you could solve its many mysteries…

We are a place all our own

We’ve likened to calling the place…

-The Quiet Ones Home-

Entry 353: Obscure Psychopathy

I watch as their eyes stare

See as their limbs twist

Watch as their bones crunch

The cycle continuing endlessly

Have you seen the woman who stares in 5 ways?

Have you seen the Devil who prays away?

Perhaps the eye that stalks you day by day?

The friend who’s a demon yet revealed?

I saw the sea of eyes

The way the screams echoed in the deep

The hatred of the lost one in the willow


I contorted!




The cackling demented lamentations of the priest with no skin!

The way the devil slowly smelled my hair…

The way she touched me without ever a finger placed anywhere…

The minds fading realities

The Death of the many who’ve fallen around

The faces of sorrow of those I’ve seen who do not see their Deaths yet to come!

There was a man, twisted in madness

Screaming the name of his God!

The rich agitation of the beast who constantly sews together their thoughts…

The smiling one with red eyes

Speaking demonically!

It’s horns speaking in anagrams

While the hanged watch on smiling!

Their smiles full of sun

Even when the world around them

Lives without one…

You’ve yet to sleep to wake in a place

It was supposed to just be a dream

Till I was there 2 years removed from my present standing!

The hall with no end

The checkered floor that screamed to them!

The blood of the children with no eyes!

The screams of the silent

Wailing away not through audible sound…

Hammering inside my mind

As they beckon for someone to listen to them!

The choir of the dead as they tell me their tales of sorrow

The one among them with no face

It speaks within my soul

Calling me to the Sanctuary without a place in space or time

The wailed sufferings of the mad one who cackles

Their skin splitting as the blackened eyes stare at all of them…

Them I refer to as those we don’t see

The constant madness of what we believe to be reality!

Yet I say unto you,

Closed once the eyes

Opened once the mind

Listening to the rappings at the door of the soul

Bleeding tears as you see them cry

Such is the nature of the things you’ll see

Even as the woman with no child

Beckons for the sight of her lost loved one


Circling around, the world moves with thought

Seeing the wheel of arms spinning

Reaching out for a single hope at life

The mad one hides in wait

Saying only that they wish to take your life…

The things most don’t see each day & night

How close they are to Death

Something they can not see with the normal eye

Has it been so long since your last close brush

Or have you felt the stroke

Sending a cold touch?

Feeling it as it crawls down your spine

Then ignoring it,

Not fully aware of your time…

Such is the unhinged truth of the one who holds the book

The nursery rhyme & lullaby

Of the dead children who’s life he took…

Speaking the chants

The ravings of those far away

Those never hearing

Somehow still listening

Acting out their rhymes!

Before them,

Off the edge of the cliff

Stands the abyss

The one with no more loss

Once dove into…

Taking over the darkness

That enveloped her within

Watching over the souls who continue living…

Punishment is a thing well known to the one with 9 eyes

Always suffering

Knowing how ends all lives.

Feeling the pain

In thought

As well as Death

Suffering the sins

Of those

For which…

They’ll never have met.

What I speak,

What you hear,

What you read,

It need not make sense presently…

Just understand

In time we all die

Understand that sometimes the places you go

When you sleep at night

Are not as fake as they seem

For even a ripple of the mind

Is speaking something…

At least that’s what the one with the long hat might say

Dressed as class

As one would expect him to be…

The rotting brains

The flesh melting away

The festering of the bugs

As they crawl beneath the victims skin…

The unfettered darkness

The depth of sin that knows no end

The ones who worship the madness

Dwelling deep within…

I saw a woman speaking to a child

A cross turning black

As came out the one with no lips

The psychedelic ecstasy as I felt their heat upon my skin

The woman in black

Telling me to focus

I saw all the faces as they sang

No home for them

No body to be seen

Once every great while

Speaking the most important song they sing…

I’ve died so many times

Seen Death so many ways

I can tell you things you’d never believe

For now though, I’ve spoken enough

Even as the mad one

Writes my ramblings…

There is more to say

Impossible amounts for which you’ll never understand

I can feel them telling me to speak

I can feel their agony!

Still the clock says to me

This is all you shall glimpse

For now

It never truly ends

Someday you’ll understand

Their fragmented prayers

…Such is the way…

-Obscure Psychopathy-

Entry 327: For My Father: Ghosts Of The Past

I heard my fathers voice

I entered the derelict ship

I thought I might find him…


It appears if he’s here

He’s somewhere deeper within

I feel this is a trap


I could never give up on him!

What if he’s here?

What if he’s still alive?

These thoughts

Drive me further inside…

A sickening air

Pervades this place

Something horrific happened here…

Something watches me

I can’t see it


I know it is there

Dad, if you’re alive

I pray for protection

While I walk inside


My radio goes off once again

This time it’s the voice

Of a child…


The voice plays back

Over & over again

I ponder if my radio has somehow picked up

On an old recording

Then, I see it…

Out of the corner of my eye at first

The girl stands,

Just out of sight…

Turning my light

Towards her face

I find nothing

Where once she stood in place…

Continuing deeper within the ship

My radio comes to life again



I hear my name spoken again & again…

The voice coming through

Sounds like a woman


I have your father…


*Radio falls silent*

Tapping upon the interface

Trying to get the voice again

Clearly a trap


I’ll never give up on him…

My radio is dead,

It won’t even turn on

A door opens before me

Into darkness I walk

I try my flashlight

Still, it doesn’t penetrate the shadows

Of the hall ahead…

Walking deeper inside

A silent prayer spoken…

I hear the giant doors slam behind me

As I walk in

Then a haunting laughter

…And darkness…

…Envelop me…

-For My Father: Ghosts Of The Past-

Entry 322: The Broadcast

A tune went out

We all heard it well

The tune spoke to us

It said to KILL!!!!!

So as soon as it was broadcast

The killing began in mass!

Murder grew

The body count did too

Yet, no one stopped to consider

Where the broadcast we heard had come from

Nor why,

It caused us to commit murder.


It stopped one day

Only the lives that remained

Were left calm at first,

Then horror struck at what they did!

Followed by the ponderings of what came next?

The broadcast had ended as suddenly as it began

Man & woman killed until then

Your religion,

Your views of world peace

None of it mattered when you heard the signal call out

Some killed themselves after the fact

Assuming they were going to hell after their acts


Some lived broken but, survivors none the less

All pondered

How, where & why

The broadcast had played?

What was the origin of its existence?

Was it a live test ?

For something military?

Why did it stop?

All answers we will forever wonder about

-The Broadcast-

Entry 302: Shadow Creek: Video 4

*Video Playback Begins*

Seeing her in all her grace

I thought I’d found the one for me

The taste of her lips

Made me lose control

She’s the reason I did it all!

You should of seen the things I’ve seen

Tasted the bliss of her body!

Never will I have someone like that again

Never will I feel like I’m living

Take me away

Lock away the key

It does not matter

For eventually she’ll come back for me.




She made a promise to me…

So gloat, sentence me


I did it all for her.



She even helped me tie them up

She licked up their blood after every cut!

All the stabbing that was done

Her idea…from the beginning…

She has a sick sense of taste


Set fire to me!


Whatever you do…


It will be NOTHING!

Sir, can you walk us through this again.

Who is this woman you speak of?



She is going to come back for me!

One day you’ll come to see where I am

I’ll never be seen again!

I’ll be safe within her warm embrace

Yes, she promises me this!

First though…




I’m fucking happy about the things I did to that family!

Now, she has another baby!


Sir, there are no other prints at the scene…

The footage you took of the murders,

There was no one there but you.

Forensics have no sign of another soul

Outside of the family

…And the baby…

So please…



You don’t get it!

She is not like you or I!

She exists within the mind.

She exists where she wishes to be

A goddess compared to you or me!

Now…she demands sacrifice…


*Cuffs break*


*Lights Go Out*

*Glass crashes as the lights flicker on and off again*







*Gunshots ring out as the man cuts his face off & holds it laughing!*




*Man drops dead*

*Video 4 Ends*

-Shadow Creek: Video 4-