Entry 218: She Seems So Familiar To Me

I saw her the other night

She was just passing through

I’ve seen her before

A time or two

Passing that old house

Continuing down the street

No one is quite sure why

She wanders Black Winters streets

There is speculation

Plenty of confusion

All I know

Is I see her

On occasion…

She smiled at me the other night

It’s the first time she’s noticed me

I smiled back

Such a dork I am…

She’s a young woman

About 19 I’d guess

She’s quite striking…

One night though

I saw her wandering the road

A man walking by

She snapped!

Ripping his spine out

Eating his flesh

Blood spraying all over her

She looked at me


Then she faded once again

Another night went by

She looked normal again…

Always making a point to notice me…

She smiles now, every time

I know she killed that man

He seemed innocent

I can’t help but feel though,

She’s still so sweet

A true beauty

I ponder if she killed the man for me?

He’d done nothing to me of course

Still, she seemed to be showing off

Is that even possible?

A night passes by

I see her again

She smiles up at my window and continues onward

Another night goes by

Again our eyes meet

If I didn’t know any better

I’d say, she’s the woman for me…

She’s dead though,

So could that even be?

Then again,

Black Winter is full of stranger mysteries…

The day comes,

I sleep

The night comes

I awake

The beautiful soul stares up at me again

The sweet smile on her lips

The red hue of the blood from her latest victim

Yes, she must be the woman for me

That’s the only possibility…

A new night has come

She is smiling again

This time she speaks…

“I love you Harold.”

She says to me…

Suddenly I’m overcome

Memories hitting me hard!

I look at my reflection


I’m floating

I try to leave the house

Even the room…

Then it hits me…


“I’ll continue our work, my sweet sir.”

Smiling she fades

Every night a new victim

I, left with the mystery…

I saw a beautiful woman tonight…

She wanders Black Winters streets

I’m not quite sure why

I think she noticed me

It’s strange…

-She Seems So Familiar To Me-



Entry 215: In My Waking Reality #1

It all happened so fast

He was there, then he vanished…

Hey baby, he said

I’ll be back soon…

Then, he wasn’t…

The news said he was a victim

Another soul gone missing…

The whispers on the streets said…

…He left me…

My father, what happened to you?

Why is it I hear you at night?

Who is she?

I see her in my restless dream

I hear her laughing at me!

Is she why you’re gone?!


…Can convince me…

You abandoned us.

Mom took the only way she knew out…

I on the other hand, refuse to believe

You are gone eternally

I know I’ll see you again…

My heart aches for when!

Father where are you now?

I swear I hear you, even now…

I think I hear your screams

I think I hear you calling me your baby…



*Dark laughter echoes all around*

I’ll find my way to you my sweet daughter…

Realize, I’d never leave you alone forever

*Whisper inside his mind*

You’ll never find her

I’m not sure who she is?!

She shows me these horrible things!

I think your mother may be here too?!

I’ve seen her, I hope we’ll all reunite soon…

Please though, if you hear this, promise me,

You won’t come looking for me!

*Twisted laughter continues*

You’ll be reunited soon…


Dad, if you are out there and you come home to this…

I’ve had enough with barely sleeping…

I can’t stand to wait any longer,

I’m coming to find you!

You have my number…

Call me if you come home and find this…

She laughs at me night after night

Preying upon my sadness & loss…

I think I know where you are now

I’ve seen it in my dreams

I’m coming for you father…

Even as I write this…

…I can hear her laughing…

What I once thought just dreams

I am hearing more and more

-In My Waking Reality-


Entry 212: Shadow Creek: Video 3

*Playback begins*

This place,

I feel lost

This place,

I’m forgetting something…

This place,

Who’s faces are these?

This place,

Why do you seem so familiar to me?

This place,

Something has been lost in the fog

This place,

Am I dead?

Why is it, you stare at me?

Your faces haunting me!

Oh sweet child,

Why is that knife in your eye?

Please sir, explain to me why

You wear that smile?

Too happy for explanation…

Is this something to be happy about?

Passing by a church

I feel it’s important

I’ll never remember why

This place,

It haunts me

I went inside,

Hoping to find the truth

I find only MADNESS!

The man looking statue

The woman’s face in the halls

This place,

It makes no sense

Why is everyone seemingly frozen in time?

I see no breathing

I however hear their cries!

Wailing of sorrows

For which I’ll never be able to explain

This place,

Has a basement

I walk down,

I hear moaning & cries

None of it makes sense

I continue thinking why?

This place,

The door holds a symbol I vaguely recognize…

I open it, heading down

This place,

Feels familiar

The atmosphere suddenly growing heavy

Flickers of the child with the knife in their eye

The smiling man…

Wasn’t smiling at all…

The face was contorted by the one who hides within these walls…

This place,

I hear her laughter

This place,

It overtakes me


This place,

She made his face like that

I can see now it’s not a smile



…Carefully putting it on him…

This place is growing darker now

She’s walking in the shadows

I can hear her breathing…

This place,

It’s where…my family died!

The man with another’s face…

My husband…

The child with the knife in their eye…

My child…

The cries of the congregation…

The cries of her previous victims…

This place…

She’s behind me now…

This place…

I can do nothing…

*Screams ring out*

*Playback Ends*

-Shadow Creek: Video 3 –

Entry 190: Have You Seen Me?

#1 Have You Seen Me?

Missing: Samantha Hayes

Age: 7

Description: 4′

Blue eyes

Red hair

Pale skin

Father: Daniel Hayes

Reward: $5,000 if found alive


#2 Have You Seen Me?

Missing: Samantha Hayes

Age: 8

Description: 4′ 2” (estimated height)

Blue eyes

Red hair

Pale Skin

Father: Daniel Hayes

Reward: $10,000 if found alive


#3 Have You Seen Me?

Missing: Samantha Hayes

Age: 9

Description: 4’5” (estimated height)

Blue eyes

Red hair

Pale skin

Father: Daniel Hayes

Reward: $20,000 if found…alive…


#4 Have You Seen Me?

Missing: Samantha Hayes

Age: 10

Description: Between 4’7”-5′ (estimated height)

Blue eyes

Red hair

Pale skin

Father: Daniel Hayes

Reward: $50,000 if found…


To my father

I write to you today

To take away your troubles

To ease your pain

To tell you I love you

I’ve seen all the posters

I could feel the tears

You must be so worried

After all these years

I’m alive, 


If you receive this letter

I could be dead

I have no way to know

If you will even receive it or when

Time is different here…

If you wish to find me

Come to Black Winter

Meet me here

I’m not sure how to get here

I don’t remember much

I do remember you

I remember the park 

I remember playing that day

Going to bed that night

Then I was here…

If you ever happen to find a way here

I hope to be alive

Be warned, this place is no fantasy

I’ve seen things I don’t understand

I find myself lost 

I feel forgotten

Perhaps not though…

I keep finding my missing posters

Here and there

How they got here,

I have no way of knowing

Perhaps it is a sick trick of this place…

I don’t know if you stopped posting these posters

Or if you are alive

I’m 19 now though, or I believe

Like I said,

Time is different…

If you are out there

Find me soon please

I’ll try to survive…

In the hopes of seeing you…

I love you Dad…




Have You Seen Me?

Missing: Daniel Hayes

Age: 42

Description: 5’7”

Red hair

Full Beard (same color as hair)

Blue eyes

Pale skin

Reward: $5,000 if found

Call local NYPD precinct if found or if you have any information

-Have You Seen Me?-


Entry 175: I’ll Soon Be Dead

Drawn into a dream

I was from moment one

I saw your face

I knew, you were the one

Still, I went

I continued to pursue

Did not matter, what I knew you would do…

Gone they all are

Missing as can be

No idea where

They could possibly be

Black Winter is full of things that kill

Yet, here I decide

I must know, what fate befell

The missing 9

It didn’t happen all at once

It goes as follows

#1 Amy, 9yrs old

Complained of sleep troubles

Nightmares she said

Always appearing in the same place

Night after night

What she saw

No one knows

All she said

I’ll soon be dead

A month this went on

Then one day…she was gone

No trace, no clue

Nothing anyone could do

#2 Joe, 32yrs old

A trucker by trade

He’d always complain

Sleep an hour

Dream an eternity

Always the same place

I’ll soon be dead

Was found on a note after his disappearance

He disappeared a year after Amy did

Still, no clue…

His 18 wheeler empty

Keys still in place

He vanished without a trace

#3 Carol 43yrs old

A house wife

She had 2 kids and a husband as well

6 months before she vanished

The woman complained

Saying she was in the same place every night

Terrified out of her mind

Her husband wanted to know where and why

She told him

I’ll soon be dead

She disappeared right from her bed

Husband was sleeping with her

Once he awoke

Found Carol gone

No note…


This was also a year after Joe’s disappearance

#4 Vanessa 18yrs old

Vanessa was a high school graduate

World in her hands

The future looked bright

For this Valedictorian

It was Summer when the first nightmare came

She was terrified knowing what happened

To the other missing

Crying to her parents

Pleading for help

Screaming obscenities

Her parents got a full security detail

The police as well

Every eye was on her that could be

Yet the night of her disappearance

She stood up

Looked at the camera and said

I’ll soon be dead

The feed went dead

There was no trace of Vanessa after that

No one saw her come in or out of the room

There was nothing

She was simply gone

Another victim 1 year apart

#5 Tim 13yrs old

This disappearance happened a year apart

Although he disappeared well before saying anything

One night he was fast asleep

Next day a message on the wall read

I’ll soon be dead

#6 Jana 73yrs old

Jana complained night after night

Same nightmare, same place

Every time the nursing home pleaded


As though possessed she would say

I’ll soon be dead…

She never spoke a word after this

Police waited in the same room with her

Wide awake, making sure she wouldn’t vanish…

…Like the rest…

No precaution seemed to help

One night she was there, silent as can be

Then on the one year anniversary of the previous vanishing

A staff member of the nursing home came in

Finding a slew of dead policemen

Blood everywhere

No Jana, anywhere

#7 Veronica 21yrs old

An art student

Things were bright

Till one night she complained

I had a dream in a place I’ve never seen

There was a woman, sobbing

I couldn’t see her face

Still, I knew…

I’ll soon be dead…

Though more information than most had given

She also vanished, without a trace

Another victim of this unknown lady

#8 Thomas 45yrs old

Thomas did nothing

He had no job

Nothing to truly live for

His neighbors said he was a bit of a slob

Heard him wailing one night

Called the police

Said he was screaming

I’ll soon be dead

Over and over again

The police had arrived

It was too late

Thomas was nowhere

Leaving behind only scribbling words

I’ll soon be dead

All over his walls

#9 Samantha 24yrs old

This one was quite personal

In case you didn’t know

Samantha was to be

My future wife

The first night she had the nightmares

She awoke afraid

Asking me to save her in some way

I did all the research I could

Still, I could do nothing

Some nights she was completely herself

Others she was tranced out

Drawing the woman she saw

The place she’d seen her

I’ll soon be dead

She told me one night

I fell to my knees

Telling her this couldn’t be

We had a life to live together

Why you? I said

She simply smiled and the lights dimmed

Soon dying…when they came on again

She was gone…

I cried myself to sleep that night

Having called the police as well

I had no trace, no clue

I’ve looked at all the art

I’ve reviewed all the evidence

Nothing could lead me to where she could be

My future wife…

Simply having vanished before me…

It’s been almost a year

I’ve looked high and low

I’ve tried mediums, witches, every manner of way

Still, I’m not closer to finding my beloved

Or her fate

Then…recently I’ve been having the dreams

I’ve seen the woman that the others spoke of

I never see her face…

I just know…

-I’ll Soon Be Dead-




Entry 170: The Tattooed Lady

Have you seen it

That old school?

There dwells within

A woman

Short brown hair

No one ever sees her eyes

She always keeps them hidden


Never telling why

If you see her

You will surely die

She’s always waiting for somebody

No one is sure why

She steals trespassers souls

Eats their minds

Leaving only their screams and evicirated bodies behind

Why she is like this?

How she came to be?

No one is quite sure

Everyone knows one thing though

If you go into that school

Day or night

Be forewarned…if you hear her cries

Do not go to help

Ignore what she might make you see

The tattooed lady, hands over her face

Has eyes that are on the back of each hand

She sees everything

Knowing your every want

Sensing your every desire

Understanding your entire life history

She will use these things to lure you in

Just before she kills you


Why do people go into the school at all?

She lures them in…sometimes with crying

Other times with the sight of their dead loved ones

She can mimic the living too

Whatever you do…

No matter what you see…

Never go into that school

Or you will die at the hands


-The Tattooed Lady-

Entry 165: Doll

Her melody a sure sign of your death

Best not have any regrets

The cracked porcelain face

A symbol of her fate

Don’t wander near her house

Don’t draw her ire lest she make you

Her next victim

No one is quite sure why

She is the way she is

Many are unsure how she picks her victims

Still, if you should ever gaze

Upon that porcelain face

Know that it is already too late

She’s picked you…

She will stalk you in your dreams

She will turn your nightmares into reality

You will suffer while you live

There will be no escape

Her last victim left to insanity

Taken away

Locked in a padded room

Thought to be safe

Was found evicerated!

No one was seen coming in

However upon coming out

There she was, that scarred porcelain face

She stopped long enough

To slowly look up at the camera

Then she vanished without a trace

The problem with this you see…

I was the one working that night!

You see, I felt…like she was staring at me!

My name is Linette

I fear for my safety

It sounds quite crazy


I’ve been seeing her in my dreams

She says nothing

She simply stares

It’s like she is waiting for something!

The other day I got a note

That simply read


That was it, nothing else


I’m not crazy!

I called my family, my friends

No one seemed to have a clue

They told me maybe I should stay with them

So, I took some time off of work and that’s what I did

That was something I’d wind up regretting

At first it was all fine

Then things started to unwind

I look out the window and she’d be standing there

Scared, I called my Mom into the room

I stared this thing in the face

My Mom….she said she saw nothing!

My stalker lifted a finger to her lips

As though to silence me

I asked my Mom once again, if she saw nothing

She smiled and said, I think you need some rest

Internally I cried

Something was very wrong

I headed off to bed, napping in the afternoon

When I awoke that night, she was standing over me…


I screamed and threw a punch but she was already across the room

Turning slowly, walking out the door

I saw her vanish before me

Suddenly I heard the most grim tune

Played on the family piano, just down stairs

I felt my heart sink

I slowly went down, what I found…

Destroyed me…

My Mom had a knife to her throat and a smile

Seconds after seeing me she said:

I love you honey

Then with the same demented grin she ended her life

I fell to the floor, crying

There was a bang in the study

It was clearly a gun

I ran inside to find my father dead

A single bullet

To his head

She stood over his body, staring

It was as though she were intrigued

Then she looked back up at me

The police were at my door

Breaking in, they soon began the questions

I tried to tell them that it wasn’t me

That it was a porcelain faced woman

She stalked me,

Tormenting me in dream and reality

They soon took me into the nearest station

In the interrogation room she stood in a corner staring

I wasn’t sure what to say as the police continued questioning me

So I sat in silence….

Saying nothing

I remember losing all hope

Knowing no one would believe me

I slept in the cell that night

She was there

Just on the other side…


Next day, more questions

Still no answers

Another night in a cell

She stared

A guard gave me his gun

I was confused

My stalker motioning her fingers to me

Telling me to pull the trigger

I didn’t want to

Even now…

Yet here I stand, gun in hand