Entry 411: The Room

There is a room inside my place

A room that doesn’t fit time or space

I can only access this room through one door

When I do I always find my body hits the floor

What was once a door is suddenly no more

My body on the ground I hear no sound

A single tv sits in the center of the room

Static playing

A sudden feeling of impending doom!

I want to run so fast

My body however just stares right back!

Now standing it happens the same way

Lately though small things have been changing

Tonight I hear the chime of a clock

The static continues

Suddenly I am able to walk


I scream to myself

My body however rejects this…

Instead it takes one step forward

The clock falls quiet

The static still mute

I once again hear nothing.

A moment later the static ends

I see something inside the television

It’s a woman…

She looks like myself

She doesn’t look to be in good health

Her face is cold

Her eyes like stone

Suddenly I hear myself?

I don’t want to be alone…

Blood begins to drip from the images head

I feel faint

The woman curtseys…

A smile suddenly appears upon her face

The blood continues to run

Suddenly I sway

Before I know it my vision is gone

A metallic smell…

A craving…

Soon, everything fades

I see myself leaving.

My body thrown out the door

I don’t feel myself at all

I’m falling

A black void beneath

I know I’m about to crash


When I land

I’m myself again

I’m in bed

The door is no more

In the darkness

Something snorts

I’m afraid to move

Afraid I’ll die

Then a voice asks


Slowly, I step out of bed

The floor feels of marble

Every step I feel breathing

I turn back

My bed is no more

Am I awake

Or am I still…


No, that can’t be!

I’m in my bed



I hear the voice again

A single light appears

A white tub sits within it

I take another step forward

I hear breathing beneath my feet

In the tub

She stares back at me

This makes no sense!

In the past I was always eventually let out

Could I still be trapped within The Rooms confines now?!

No…no way!

This is just a bad dream…


A sound somehow familiar

Yet unknown as well

That sound is crying.

A sudden laughter comes from the tub

I’m staring at myself again

I’m smiling.

The laughter is brief

My images skin begins to peel

A terror in her eyes

Followed by delight

Suddenly I’m overcome with chills!

I remember the crying


…I’m not sure why…

I feel my heart skip a beat

A sudden sorrow

Consumes me.

This seems familiar

Yet, it doesn’t make sense

That is until

She pulls her out of me

Between her legs


Covered in blood she holds my flesh

High above

A sudden flood of memories

Glimpses of another life

The crying is coming from the baby

She or I, I’m no longer sure…

…Stands in the tub

The blood runs endlessly

She holds the crying child out

A sick smile graces her fleshless lips

We must feed now!

Those words

I believe I’ve heard them before

I suddenly fall to my knees

My stomach is screaming!

For a second I can see a face near my hips

I blink

It’s gone again


That scent is there again

I can feel my skeleton LURCHING!!!!!

It…it smells so good!

So familiar

My head is faint again

Before I know it

I’m covered in blood

I awake again


The tub is full of blood

A woman hangs in the side of the room

Her stomach & guts

Decorate the bathroom

Inside my head I hear that babies cries

A pounding is on the door

I’m naked

I’m not sure I know why?

There’s a loud bang

I snap to

I’m once again in that room…

A tv plays, static muted

My lips taste metallic…

Someone is telling me

It is time to go

They strap me in

They drag me away

Suddenly I have an audience to go with this play

They all look so upset

Some stare at me with regret

I’m now moved to a place with a view

The audience continues staring

I feel something placed upon my head

There’s the sound of a switch

Then a sudden


As everything goes dark

I feel safe

That is until

I awake…

There is a room inside my place…

A room that doesn’t fit time or space…

I can only access this room through one door…

…I feel like…

…I’ve been here before…


-The Room-