Entry 361: I’m Alone Always

I wander in memories

Not all my own

I look for a way out


I walk here alone…

I’m not sure how I wound up here

Or why so many dream of me

I do know I can find no way out

Every day,

I feel myself losing my grip

On my sanity…

Today I saw a gas station

In it rang a phone

No voice on the end

Just emptiness

Reminding me,

I’m alone…

Yesterday I was in a house

A woman was fighting with her spouse

It reminded me of things I don’t quite know

I never remember my biggest memories

Before coming here

I wish I had a way out

Still, I sit here…

One memory I saw

Was that of a man

A shadow for a face

One eye that’d open

The demented look within its gaze

Was enough to make my hair raise


It was nothing compared to what came next

The mouth opening

I saw many things

I saw another life

Another world

The gnashing of souls

Long since disappeared

The mans tongue flailed quite mad

I ran

Overcome with sadness

Rushing up steps

I saw a place

Tall buildings all around

I didn’t recognize it.

The tongue had stopped giving chase

The man

He’d faded…

Nothing ever makes sense

Though as I stand up

Feeling this gas station shift in place

I know the next reality

Won’t be the same…

It never is,

I’m not sure what connects things

I do know

No matter what or who I may see

It’s all an illusion

A place out of time…

-I’m Alone Always-

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