Entry 367: Mr. Opley

For all the darkness & despair

Within Black Winters homes

There walks a traveling man

For which has well renown

They call him Mr. Opley

A kinder soul you will not meet

Giving candy to children

Roses to the family of the deceased

The man well dressed

In his all black suit

He can always be found

Just in time to soothe

With a smile & a shake

He’ll take all your problems away

He’s always there in times of mourning…

Usually he arrives just before as well

Wherever he senses he is needed most dear

He’ll tell you stories of 2 great wars

Of a world for which everything changed

The moment a great mushroom erupted into the sky

Forever changing everything

In two calamities forever remembered world wide…

He speaks of times when all people knew

Were diseases & war

Plagues long since no more…

Sometimes he’ll speak still

Of a woman well known within Black Winter

One who stood strong in the sight of horrors most profound

Sacrificing herself

To take a certain Clock Tower down…

If you happen to see him

You could ask him still

About the infinite realities he’s walked through…

For wherever a reality lay

Mr. Opley will say

There is always a need for my associates & I

We walk endlessly

Helping those in times most trying

Some with kiss 

I with a shake

Soon after taking all of a souls troubles away

Leading them to what is next

Before moving on

To continue our service…

With a wink he continues to walk on

Such is the man of mystery

They call…

-Mr. Opley-



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