Entry 294: I Couldn’t Save Myself

Sometimes I hear a knocking

Beneath my feet

Sometimes I swear I hear something

Speaking to me

Always during Winter

Always on the lake

Looking down though

Not a soul is around

…There is just me & the ice…


Looking up, I cry my name

I try to warn myself

Of a terrible fate

One that hasn’t happened

One that lurks beneath…

I’ve waited,

Knowing you’d arrive

I’ve spoke to you through nightmares

Still, here…

I find you.

No matter how much I scream

You can’t see or hear a thing…



I swear I hear screaming

I’m reminded it’s just the wind

I’m sure I’m alright

Just my mind playing tricks on me again

When I was little

I used to be afraid of this place

Then I took up ice skating

At which point

My fear, faded.

Sometimes, I get a feeling

Almost like someone is watching me


A darkness resonates from within

I can’t make it out

It’s probably nothing.



I try with all my might!

The harder I push on the ice

The more hopeless I feel inside!

Why won’t she pay attention?!

Then again, it makes sense

I never did

That’s why

…I’m soon to be dead…


When I’m skating

I feel a fearlessness inside!

Nothing can hurt me!

It’s when I feel the most alive!

*Skitter Skitter Skitter*

What was that sound?

I’m sure I heard something this time







I feel sick

Perhaps I should leave?

What is that clawing

Coming from beneath me?


It takes only a second

It followed her all the way

I can do nothing

To change things…

I feel myself fading

A projection of my own mind

My body now consumed

…I’m dying…



I’m floating…

I think I’ve lost my lower half.

I’m fading fast!

I never see

What has brought my death

Though in my final moments

I think I see myself?

Then I feel the crunch

…As everything goes black…

I Couldn’t Save Myself


Entry 292: Tape 3

*Playback begins*

What is that sound?

Do you hear it?

I’ve been in this place

For a decade or more

Still it lurks

Still it roars!

The walls shake

I can’t see outside

It’s been a long time

Since I’ve seen true light.

Something is high above

Sometimes I can hear screams


I swear,

It watches me sleep!

How is this possible?

Could it even be truth?

Surely there is no way

It could see me at all.


I’ve been in this bunker

For quite a long time

Cold, concrete walls

Very dim lights.

I don’t remember much

I awoke in this place alone

I’ve never seen another soul


Yet, outside,

They all scream!

They all cry!

Something is out there

Killing them


*Flesh peeling*


I’ve had this incurable itch!

It gets so bad


I have to peel my flesh!

The flesh grow back

The itching seems gone

Then it happens again,

In a different place!

Nothing makes sense anymore

Nothing is right.

Sometimes it all becomes too much

I’ve tried to take my own life!

If I do though,

Be it gun to the head,

Slitting of the wrists,

Taking all the pills & vodka I have,



It matters not…

I always awake,

Wounds always heal

I can hear its roaring

I can hear their screams

I itch

I feel it within my mind

JUST LET ME DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Bunker shakes*

*Playback ends*

-Tape 3-

Entry 284: Tape 2

*Recording begins*

I sit here on a boat

I know not the time

The world is cold

I see it

Through the foggy skies!

There glows a great red

Something lurks behind that.

At first there is silence

Then a constant resonant


A heavy breathing

I’m not sure if you can hear it


I’ve tried recording it too.

If you could see what I see with my eyes

The terrifyingly colossal monstrosity

Roaming behind the layers of the sky

You’d know as I do now too

…It’s all over…

…We’re all doomed…




-Tape 2-

Entry 283: The Eye

Look into the Eye

See how it stares

Know it knows your thoughts

Know it knows your prayers

The secrets hidden within

All the long forgotten sins

The Eye sees them

As it does you

If you blink

To oblivion it will send you.

You might think

That makes little sense


How are we to understand The Eye’s reasoning?

We know not why it stares you into death.

We know not why it reads all of your darkest secrets.

If the Eye happens upon you

It’s probably too late

Your fate is bound

Just accept it.

-The Eye-


Entry 268: BWL&L: The Flower

In a place so dark & grey

Lay a plant for which never decays

A flower of the reddest red

Stands tall in a land that is the deadest of the dead

The ruins where once stood a castle stood

Now is home to a beautiful flower

Any who’ve tried to pluck it wound up dead


Or something on events of a somewhat similar thread

A curiosity to be sure

Seeing as it rains here constantly

Rarely is there a ray of sun to be had

Perplexed are souls who pass by it

Furthermore the land it stands on is haunted

In many ways, by twisted things

All around this flower

Spirits of the dead scream

The purpose of the flower?

No one knows

Many believe it could be the key to immortality

If someone were to know the proper spell

Alas these are legends ever old

That from generation to generation have been told

Nothing about this flower is truly known

Save for the fact

It is a thing of beauty

In the midst of a land

That breeds only Death

-The Flower-



Entry 264: The Farm: Lambs To The Slaughter

Stepping through the next door I came to a dark room. Inside I could hear heavy breathing. Scanning around quickly gave me the answers as to why. There were bodies strapped to tables struggling beneath blankets. I pulled one of the blankets off to find a man with no eyes & no tongue just squirming.

I tried to loosen the straps but, as I did a whispering began to resonate through the room. It sounded like a womans voice which said:

Sheep wander into a wolves den
Thus they become prey
Strapping them down
Taking out the eyes & tongue
Soon they’ll be ready
As a sacrifice to Him
Soon they’ll become
-Lambs To Slaughter-


The whispers of the the woman stopped & soon I heard a horrifying sound! The sound of buzzing.

…The sound of a saw…

I struggled harder with the straps but, as I looked down I was taken aback as the man in the straps began suddenly began smiling! There was some sort of twisted, warped laughter that came from all the bodies! They had stopped struggling & though their tongues were taken…

…They still laughed…

A distorted cacophony that mixed in with the sounds of their bodies being sliced in two! I scanned the room again with my flashlight only to realize there were two saws, on a mechanism that moved around the outside at the same pace before finishing with a row & eventually moving inward.

I watched as body after body spewed blood! This mixed with the laughter was horrifying enough but, the amount of blood that flew everywhere made things far worse! I stayed low & waited for the madness to end! I prayed for it to end!

My internal pleas for an end to the madness were temporarily answered as the saws met in the center, at the man I’d uncovered and stopped. Though they had stopped, they had not done so before cutting through the man from end to end & spewing blood all over me in the process!

The sound of a door opening could be heard in the distance. I got up slowly, picking up my flashlight & camera before realizing my battery was low. Checking my pockets I took an extra set out and replaced the batteries in my camera before slowly walking toward a now open door.

It was dark but I could here a gasping from down below. I slowly walked down the stairs, making sure to be careful with every step. Upon reaching the bottom I noticed a woman in a chair. The woman’s wrists were slit & her eyes were missing. It was apparent she’d been dead for a while.

The womans red dress was already stained with blood & on her chest was another poem. Hesitantly I moved in closer and read the poem.

Jane committed a wicked sin
She thought it best to bring all to an end
Slowly digging into her wrists
She let herself bleed
He wasn’t very pleased
So to prevent her from finding her way
To the beautiful pearly gates
He removed her eyes
Leaving her forever blind in the after life
For her sins…
-She Will Never See Again-

What is happening around here?!

I didn’t have long to ponder the question before my flashlight began flickering. I quickly checked my other pocket, where I had some spares & replaced the batteries but, it didn’t help.

The flashlight flickered even more frequently. I looked ahead to see Jane looking at me with a demented smile. Surely my mind is playing tricks on me…right? My light flickered even more violently till it died.

Soon I heard a low laughter and my flashlight came on to show Jane’s chair was empty! My flashlight then died once again.


-The Farm: Lambs To The Slaughter-

Entry 263: The Farm: The Girl

I awake to the sounds of laughter echoing from a hall that wasn’t there before. Picking up my flashlight, I scan the room & quickly notice the door from before…the one I came through to get down here…

It doesn’t exist anymore!

I look ahead and notice the hallway stretches quite far. Seeing no other way to go, I slowly walk down the hall. The farther I walk, the narrower it feels like it is getting. Turning around I notice the room I was in is no longer there.

Whispers can be heard through the hall as I continue to press forwards. I hear my name repeated over & over again. I push further ahead and notice the walls which were practically suffocating me prior are beginning to give more leeway & the path was beginning to open more.

Up ahead is a door & as I open it & step forwards, I realize I’m in a house again. I hear the door shut behind me but as I turn around and look, there is no door there anymore. It is a black wall. There is no way back. I hear a low laughter again, up ahead. It sounds almost like a child laughing.

Stepping forwards I notice the doors on the walls of this hallway begin to rattle & soon enough shake violently. The laughter soon turns to the screams of a child, which echoes from the walls, growing louder the further I push ahead. The more I think about it the worse the decision to come here seems.

What happened to the other souls who came here?

Am I to become another of the missing?

Trying to push that out of my mind I walked to the end of the hall to see a mirror. Gazing into it, I see only darkness. The hall, my own reflection, none of it is reflected in the mirror itself. Instead I can hear crying from the other side as the screams of children finally subside.

“Help me…please.”

The voice of a child echoes from the other end of the mirror but, there still is nothing to see within the mirror itself. I put my face closer to the mirror & try to see anything at all. All I see is black & the muffled cries of a child asking for help again.

What is this? I ponder to myself.

It doesn’t take long before I notice something coming from the mirror. It looks like water, dripping from the mirror itself. A hand soon reaches out from the other end of the mirror & two eyes open wide! I see the horror, the want for help but, the realization that no one is coming for the child.

It’s as though they are asking some unseen force, praying for help as they now bang on the mirror from the other side! I take my flashlight and smash it against the mirror! The child continues to struggle to hold their breath as they smash from the other side of the glass!

I give the mirror another huge smack with my flashlight!


I begin banging relentlessly in the vain hope that it’ll shatter & I can save the child on the other side. What feels like hours but, I know, must be seconds goes by as I watch the increasingly desperate banging of the child on the other side of the mirror, begging for help!

Then…to my horror…

They are unable to hold their breath any longer and I watch as bubbles ring out & they fight for any hope! I’m helpless as I continue to bang on the glass! They fight harder until they thrash about and disappear! Suddenly I see their hand one last time, as they and their face smash against the glass mirror!

Their eyes are wide open! The shock of their imminent death is on their face! I back up to the wall and then run as hard as I can at the mirror before launching forwards with all my might!


I feel my body crash into the mirror but, to my shock the world around me has shifted & the mirror pulls me within itself like water! I fly out the other end of the mirror, crashing into a barely lit room with water flooding in behind me! Coughing and standing up, I quickly grab my camera & check it.

Somehow it is completely dry, as is my flashlight, despite I now being soaked! Standing up I scan the room and look to see a single tub in the center of it. The tub is full of water & inside is a girl in a white dress. Turning her over the awful truth becomes obvious.

She is dead!

This is the same girl I saw struggling on the other side of the mirror but, how?!

I take a few photos & also record her for a moment for identification purposes. On the off chance I make it out alive, I want to be able to identify & give closure to any potential grieving family members. Then again, she could be a victim of her own family for all I know.

Looking around some more I find another piece of paper with another poem. The poem reads as follows:

Little Mary prayed to God
Little Mary cried a lot
Nothing said & nothing done
Would ever save Mary from drowning
Death would come for Mary
Drowning would cleanse her soul
Death would take away all her pain
-Such Is His Will-

I took a photo of the poem & then set it back down. Half in shock & half pissed off I looked ahead to see there was only one door ahead. I would have to assume it was the way out.

Then again…

…It could be the beginning of another nightmare…

-The Farm: The Girl-


Entry 262: The Farm: Forgiveness

*Blue: Daniel & Emmy plays on the radio*

The place looks dead. I suppose it’s no surprise. They say something terrible happened here. Personally, I’m just here for my footage & in some ways the mystery. The small hope that perhaps, I’ll find the answers to the legends of this place.

Did the original owners kill each other?

Were they influenced by some sort of paranormal entity?

Did they kill themselves?

Why have so many disappeared around here?

What is going on at The Farm?

There are a lot of rumors & plenty of stories about this place. That’s pretty standard for any local legends, I suppose. Black Winter is certainly not short on mysteries or strange happenings but, I wanted the truth…

…As any good investigative journalist would.

My name is Jin Katayama & I’m going to be investigating the mysteries behind The Farm.

The man who agreed to take me up here is the only one I could find willing to do so. I suppose that isn’t an entire surprise. The air around here is cold & there is a dark feel about it. It’s like you’re being watched by something. As we got closer to The Farm, the radio began to grow more static ridden.

The Farm is way out on a massive plot of land. We are talking miles & miles of land owned by one family. The James Family worked generation after generation bringing this place to life & reaping the spoils. Now, the only remaining family member just lets it rot, swearing it is cursed.

They tried selling it but, with all the disappearances, came the legends & with that (as well as with what happened to The James Family itself here) people began to want nothing to do with The Farm.

It died, a once prosperous land, now nothing but a refuge for the missing or soon to be dead & a wealth of mysteries.

“We are here. This is as far as I go. Just beyond that gate, you head straight for another mile & you should arrive at the main home.”

My driver seemed disinterested in going any further & I couldn’t blame him really. I payed him, stepped out of the car with my backpack & gear, soon after watching him drive into the distance.

It was cold, which seemed normal enough for the time of year but, there was something in the air. It was so quiet & as I could see the sun getting ready to set, I thought it a good idea to start walking. I had been given permission by the last James family member alive to do as I wished on the land.

Investigate to my hearts content I believe were her words. She wanted nothing to do with the land. Nothing at all. The only thing she asked was who to notify in the event I went missing. I half laughed at the thought but, then I explained I had no one so she needn’t worry about that.

It took a short bit but, I finally arrived at the home. I’d been given the keys to every place I’d need to look into. I was told if there was a lock I didn’t have a key for, I probably didn’t need to be minding what was behind the door anyways.

Stepping up to the door & unlocking the home I walked in. The moment I walked across the threshold of the door though, I felt myself instantly taken aback by an intense pain in my head & then voices, screams! Seconds later, it was gone & I was fine. Looking around I realized the family home was in as much disrepair as the land itself.

I set up my gear & prepared myself for my first night alone on the land. I’d set up several cameras around various parts of the house and soon took my own hand held camera & a flashlight outside to scan The Farm. There was an old barn, and some empty pastures which is nothing unusual on a farm. There was also an old church on the land where the father, Gregory James used to preach.

The church has since been abandoned due to everyone’s belief that the land is tainted by the Devil or some other stories that are probably non sense. I decided to walk towards the church & as I did I began to hear a low humming. Approaching closer it became more distinct. It was almost like chanting. I couldn’t make out what was being said but, I stopped & filmed the church anyways.

Stepping away from the church, I was met with silence again. Curiosity was beginning to get the best of me as I decided to walk back towards the church.

*Low chanting continues again*

There it was. I couldn’t make out what was being said but, there was definitely some sort of chanting that grew louder as I stepped closer to the church. I was intrigued & partially afraid as I stepped closer. The chanting was growing louder & more intense as I stepped forwards. I began to feel a darkness in the air, I couldn’t explain.

My first thought was that someone was messing with me but, as I walked closer, I felt myself more compelled forwards, almost as though I wasn’t consciously walking but, being led by the sound of the chants on a sub conscious level.

Before I knew it, I was standing at the edge of the church doors. I could hear a faint sobbing as I reached for the door with my left hand. Touching the door I felt an dread for which I couldn’t explain. I listened to the other side of the door & clearly heard a sobbing beneath the chants that become very loud at this point.

The chants were in a completely strange language I’d never heard. I began to feel a low compulsion inside my head…almost like a sleep coming over my mind.


The sound of a womans screams rang out and shocked me out of my trance! I ripped open the doors to the church & saw nothing! The chants were gone but, there was a sound in the back. The shadows had taken over the church which was quite dark as the sun had set.

Looking around I heard an almost swaying sound as I slowly moved forwards. At the back, near the altar, I found the source of the swaying. Hanging from a rope, in the rafters of the church, was a woman’s body. Scanning her, I saw she was bleeding! It looked as though the blood…

…It was fresh?…

Looking closer, I realized she was cut open from the chest down to her bottom. There was a cold lifelessness to this woman. You could sense the torment and despair of her death & yet, in the moment, her face simply showed emptiness.

A low laughter rang out behind me & I turned to see if someone was there. Nothing visible was there. Turning back the woman’s body was gone. There was no noose, there was nothing.

There was definitely a woman there…right?

In my studies, there was never a record of occult activity or any form of cult. The church here was well respected until the tragic death of the family that lived on the land itself. None of it made sense but, I suppose that is why this place is such a mystery.

*Baby crying*

I shot my flashlight upwards as I heard the sound of a babies sobs. Looking around I saw a door to the left, and another to the far right of the building. Opening the left door, I saw stairs leading up.

I figured I should check this first as I could clearly hear a baby crying upstairs. Upstairs I followed the sounds of the crying to the corner of the attic. A blood soaked baby blanket lay in a crib, the sounds of crying now ceased.

The blood looked fresh but, there was no baby anymore. I looked around the rest of the attic & listened. I heard nothing but the creaking sound of the wood beneath my feet & the sounds of the old church settling. Dust covered almost everything in here. As I scanned the almost empty attic I suddenly heard singing below me.

Quickly, I rushed downstairs only to realize the singing was getting louder but, it was still beneath me. I scanned around to where the noise was loudest. Looking down I noticed a door & a lock. This wasn’t here before, I thought to myself. I searched through my keys & tried them all on the lock.


I decided to see if I could break the lock but, upon pulling out some cutters I realized it was too big of a lock for me to break off.


I turned around to see the door to the far right was partially opened now. I went inside to find it was the pastors office. On the desk was a piece of paper with a poem written on it. It read as follows:

Jesus loves me
This I know
For he tells me so
Every night as I try to sleep
I can still hear him whispering to me
I hear him say repent for my sins
I hear him tell me to kill them
Jesus speaks of love
He speaks of forgiveness
He says if one seeks forgiveness
They can find such only through pain
He told me to seek forgiveness
To be forgiven
I need only do one thing…

To my shock, I could hear a man whispering these things! At the end of the poem, a loud BANG rang out! I jumped back, nearly falling out the window behind me! Once I regained my composure I looked back at the desk to see a key.

On the key chain was the word:


I slowly reached for the key & picked it up. As I did I heard a shifting downstairs & the singing stopped echoing from below. I headed towards the door in the floor of the sanctuary & hesitantly tried the key on the lock.


The lock fell off and landed with a heavy boom on the floorboards. I pulled off the chains around the door & as I opened the door I heard a low laughter. I wanted to stop, out of fear. Every bit of me sensed this was a potentially horrible idea but, as I stepped onto the stairs, I felt myself compelled to know what was happening here.

The stairs creaked as I headed down. It was so dark that my flashlight only lit each step as I headed down. The sound of a clock began ticking. I couldn’t tell if there was actually a clock or the sound was inside my mind. It had a pervasive feel to it…like it was inside my mind & spreading over my body…possibly even into my soul.

Every step taken the ticking, as well as the back and forth of a pendulum grew louder. There was the sound of voices as I forced myself to press forwards. Eventually I made it to the bottom & upon scanning the area noticed bloody chains hanging from the ceiling above.

A television set turned on. At first it was static but as I got closer a tape began playing. In the background children were singing the poem I’d read from upstairs, over & over again.

…On the tape itself was a man delivering babies before cutting them open & chopping them to pieces…

The women on the tape sat in a circle & smiled as he did this.

…All the while…

…That poem was sung by children in the back ground…

I felt myself growing sick as the singing grew louder. How could mothers let this happen to their babies?!


I felt dizzy as the tape began to show the women eat their babies! More nauseous as they laughed & sang of forgiveness, thanking the man who killed & cooked the newborn children!

A chill ran through me as the camera panned in on one of the mothers.

“You will know his love soon too, Jin!”

How did she know I was here…HOW DID SHE KNOW MY NAME?!

Overcome by a nauseating smell in the air

…Everything went black…

-The Farm: Forgiveness-

Entry 261: The Ocean Of Souls: Isla’s Light

I see its light

Far off & away

I seek its light

Praying my pain away

I just want my dear wife

I wish to see my sweet child

The light is brighter as I continue on my way

It revolves

That’s what light houses do

My love & my baby

I’m coming for you

It won’t be long now

I assure you of that

Soon enough

We’ll be together again

The beam of light hits my ship again

I can faintly hear the echoes & cheers coming


That beautiful sound

Won’t be long till we make it to the harbor

I’ll see them again

The agony of my long trip

My aching love for them

No longer a pain

In my old soul

I’ll spend my beautiful time with them

I’ve got the ultimate haul

I can finally retire

Never again will I ever have to leave

My hearts desires

Yes, we made the best haul anyone will ever see

We found it

A treasure deep within these black waters

The light is getting closer now

I can feel the tears welling within my eyes

I’ll be there soon you two

…I promise…


Oh sweet Father

I write this letter to you now

I’ve spent the last 19 years

Visiting the harbor

I always look for your ship

Sometimes at night

I swear I see it in the distance…

Mother died of heart break

5 years ago

Hopefully you are with her now

I still hold out hope

You could be out there for sure

I love you Father

I’ll keep praying for you now


The light house

Shrouded in fog

It’s getting brighter

As is my hope!






Dearest Father

The other night I sat in the lighthouse

The keeper let me

We watched the waters together

We prayed a prayer for the lost

I silently prayed a prayer for you

I wish I could see you again…

I know it isn’t likely

I’ll always hold out hope

Still, it’s been 20 years now

Since your disappearance

I won’t lie

Part of me knows the cold truth

You’re another lost captain

Out in those waters

Still, another part of me says

You might be okay…

That part is like the light house

Shining the light of my heart

Like a beacon of hope

I’ve learned so much

I’ve come so far

In the end

I know you’d be proud

Of the woman I’m becoming

Of who I am now


I can see the coast now

My dear sweet wife & daughter

The strangest thing is happening though

I hear cheers

Yet, I can’t quite see anyone there

Perhaps it’s the fog

Or maybe just exhaustion

I’m sure you’re there

I mean, I hear the rest of the town

The light has guided us

It won’t be long now


Dearest Father,

I’m writing to let you know

I’ve met a man

A truly sweet soul

It’s been 30 years since you’ve been missing

We’re going to get married

Hopefully someday have kids

You’d be proud of him

He’s a sea captain

Just like you

I miss him

When he has to go

I pray now for his soul also,

Still, when he comes into harbor

There’s no greater feeling

Kind of like when you would return



My wife & Daughter

I’m beginning to grow scared

The light house

…Its light…

It is fading

It did this once before

I can’t quite say how long ago

It seems now though

The final light within


…Beginning to flicker…

We aren’t quite in harbor

It’s getting hard to see

I’m hoping we won’t crash

I certainly don’t wish to become a victim

Of these seas

The cheers are growing fainter

I’m not entirely sure how

I’ve got to get outside my own head

I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon now


Dearest Father,

We still await at harbor

I just want you to know you aren’t forgotten


I’ve accepted it now

You are one with the sea you loved so much

I miss you here

The town has turned you into a sea faring legend of sorts

Your memory will live on


The mystery of your disappearance

Is something that will never be solved

You & your crew

Simply vanishing

Still, I wish to write you anyways

I want to let you know

I’m finally ready to let go

The pain in my heart

I need to move on

So I’ve chosen to do just that

This will be my final letter to you Father

I write it as I wait with your grand daughter 

At the harbor

We wait for my husband

We can see him coming closer

I just want you to know

You’re never forgotten




My wife & daughter

I don’t understand!

I wish I knew how to explain

The light house light

It died off

We can’t see anything now!

There’s a faint red that lights up on the horizon

A low, disturbingly loud growling rings out!

We turned on our searchlight

Trying to see ahead

The strangest thing happened

We only see black waters!

It’s the sea again

No sign of a light house or shore

We did however

Happen upon a chest

I think we’ll open it

I’m looking at it now

It appears to be a box of letters

Opening the first one

The hand writing

…It’s quite familiar…

Dearest Father

It was with those words

Realization set in


I wonder

…Can you feel your Father’s soul…


-The Ocean Of Souls: Isla’s Light-

Entry 260: Fates Fantasy

Film is a beautiful thing

It captures a moment

In a way someone’s soul

It can make us smile

It can make us cry

It has the power to engage us

Which is why

The curious case of Primly Drive

Fascinates Black Winter residents

On this drive sits a theater

It goes by the name Fates Fantasy

In this theater the power of immortality

…Of a sort…

One who’s lost all hope

Or is strong in the belief

Their fate will be much better

May visit this place

Taking a chance on being chosen

To live a never ending

Happy eternity

For it is here

That the owner sits

She goes by the name Fate

She is a high class woman

Who makes a simple claim…

She only wishes to give souls

A chance at a happier existence

Depending on the soul

This could be true

It could even happen to you!

Curious to know the process?

Well if you wish to go for a show

Simply pay for a ticket


If you’re here for a chance at a better existence

Then make an appointment with Fate

You’ll be brought to a room

Where you’ll speak to her personally…

First you will be asked a series of questions

Pertaining to your existence


Fate uses magic

To put your soul into a film

Another world completely


This also means you die

If you are still among the living

Also, one should note

If it is deemed the entrant is undeserving

They will be cast into a darker part of this

Film world

Forced to live a different form of death

Each film


The parameters for the decision?

These are not entirely known


If you’ve come to Primly Drive

Seeking this way out

Instead of simply to see a show

You are likely among the desperate


The extremely confident


For once put into film

In time,

The projector itself

Makes new films

Starring the souls inside

…This continues endlessly…

Depending upon a souls fate

This could be eternal bliss

Or possibly

Never ending suffering

Some have been cast into horror films

Doomed to die again & again

Others are the stars

Of much happier tales

Blessed to live happily

…Forever more…



If you wish to take a chance

On a form of escape

Take a stroll

To Primly Drive

Make an appointment first

Then when it is time

Knock on Fate’s door

Once let in

She’ll ask you of your existence

Be honest,

Whether you were a kind soul

Or someone full of hate

By the time you enter for an appointment

It’s too late to escape

You can only hope

That honesty might sway the decision

Of where you wind up ultimately…

For sometimes a thief

Can wind up in happiness

Forgiven for their sins

Other times…

A Saint

Left in eternal despair

Simply based on a seemingly harmless lie

About the state of their lives…

Though this is a means of escape

Regardless of your fate

You should take heed

It’s basically trading your soul

To live in another world


There’s a chance

A gamble like this

Can burn you in the end

Then again

If things go well

You could have the happiest eternity

Starring in your own cheery series of films

Watched & cheered endlessly by many of

Black Winters residents!

So what do you say

Do you wish

To take a chance


-Fates Fantasy-