Entry 12: Black Winter Radio News-Update 2

<Radio fades in>

Black Winter PD released a statement today about the ongoing investigation into the disappearances around BlackWinter.

Cpt. Willows says they have no new leads on the disappearances of Sara BlackWell, Lucy Wells, or Emily Winters. They do have reason to believe that these may 3 were likely abducted by the as of yet unnamed serial killer lurking here in BlackWinter. They urge the public to call them with any tips and any leads they believe they may have, in regards to this case.

The names of the previous 12 victims are as follows:

Jana Renly (18)

Amber Delany (21)

Vanessa Constanos (28)

LeAnne Darby (17)

Hayley Melbeau (24)

Jessica Sanders (21)

Emilia Sogam (19)

Aurora Bailey (25)

Donna Hedey (40)

Lana Singh (64)

Valyrie Tinly (19)


Ann McGurdy (76)

If you have any information that could lead to the identity of these victims killer(s), this includes info on solving the dot code please call the tip line at 1-800 CrimeWatch or go online and contact the police by email. You can of course remain anonymous.

In other ne-

<Radio turns off>

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