Entry 36: Nightmares & Tragedies #1: Mr. Smythes Curious Life

Mr. Smythe had a scythe for which he loved

4 women he dated

3 he hated

Dalia loved to please and was very sexual indeed

Clara was super sweet and loved the taste of meat

Rayley quite often berated him daily

While Hayley up and went crazy

Knowing these facts and that one of these ladies had an axe

Of those involved who still lives?

Keep in mind only 3 wound up in coffins in the end

-Nightmares & Tragedies #1- Mr. Smythes Curious Life-


Entry 26: Daniels Journal: Entry #2

I haven’t found who I’m searching for…

Everything seems a bit strange.

I left the diner and headed through town, thinking I might get a better lead.

No dice.

Actually something strange happened.

As I drove down a road, just outside the downtown area of the city things started to look familiar. Too familiar. It is impossible but, I realized I was driving down the road to the home I grew up in! It isn’t possible though. I grew up far from NY and wherever this town, Black Winter, is.

I pulled down the street and sure enough, there sat my home growing up.


I don’t know how to explain it but there is something wrong with this place.

I felt compelled to go inside the old house and everything was as it was left…

Right down to my Dad hanging by a noose from the living room fan.

My Mothers room, still reeking of sorrow and the smell of other men.

The memories, their too much!

I slowly…cautiously check the closet, and there lay my Mothers decapitated body strewn all over the closet in pieces. She had been…killed by one of her Johns and he cut her into pieces. I came home and found her that way.

How could this be?!

Something was different though. Turning around, above my Mother’s bed, in blood was a message:

A nightmare from your memories past lies in wait, if you wish to find it you need only win my game.

Q1: I hide in shadows. I am truth and a lie. What am I?

I’ll stop there.

…This is too much…

-Daniels Journal: Entry #2-