Entry 7: Radio News-Update 1

<Radio breaks in>

In news today the police have uncovered the bodies of 12 victims on an old abandoned farm. They now believe they are dealing with a serial killer. The families of the victims are being contacted and when they are, we will have more details on who the victims were.  

In related news, police are still searching for Sara BlackWell. Not much has been released to us (the press) at this time past, the investigation is ongoing. Could Sara be another victim, or are these cases unrelated? We will update you when we have more.

Information has come forward now that there is now another missing person, but whether she is related to the 12 slain or Sara, is unknown. 19 year old Lucy Wells went missing only a few nights ago. What happened has not been released however police have said they do believe she was kidnapped.

On a brighter note, today the city of-

<Radio is turned off>

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