Entry 121: The Clocktower: Reset

It was blacker than the darkest night

When first I arrived inside

The Kid was nowhere to be seen

Silence was all that came


…It all changed…

There was a laughter

One that haunted my darkest dreams

Surely it couldn’t be

No, not this!

The darkness faded to an all to familiar sight

Shown in black and white a voice could be heard

I ran for escape but was pulled back

Flying towards the wall

My body slammed hard and the sickest

Most twisted voice said


Just like that I was let go

I tried to run but every door and hall

Led back to the same place

This place twisted and changed

Molding to allow no escape!

It was impossible it seemed

Endlessly running

Only to wind up in the same

Tormented nightmare


Eventually I heard a banging at a door

It was the bedroom door the night we all died

We had slept and everything played again

The moment the lock was picked

An inhumanely sick man

A smile on his face

Walking right in

Death, his game

I watched as he entered my room

There I slept, 21 at the time

Visiting from college

Something that was supposed to be Thanksgiving

Now going to be the twisted night

Of our killing…

The man just stood there

The same sick smile on his face

Watching me

Caressing my body

Feeling every curve

Then I woke up

Screamed for help!

The man just smiled and waited

My Dad entered first

He was met with an axe to the face

Falling over in pain, he tried to fight in vain

The man slowly pulled out the axe and began chopping again…

…and again…and again…

He did this many times

I still feel shame for being so afraid

I could only scream my fathers name

This man chopping up his body

That’s when my Mom came in…

He grabbed her by the hair

Threw her up against the vanity and smiled at me

Before smashing her face into the mirror

Slowly picking up glass and carving off her face

He continued to slice her body slowly

My Mom was still alive for much of the time

The man, kept cutting her again and again

Death was something that would eventually come

However, not before he gave her a few thrusts

With the glass in his hand that is

Eventually he cut her head off

Then threw it at me

I remember screaming

Having trouble trying to breathe

None of it mattered

As he got into my bed and had his way with me

It was slow, and he did it…again…and again

He forced me into so many different positions

Relishing every second of his sick game

He had robbed me of my family

He was now robbing me of my virginity too

So much for my eventual happy marraige someday

Instead some sick fuck was going to have his way with me

I remember watching this past version of myself

I remember being traumatized as each hour

Time reset

I now had to watch it all over again

Unable to move

Unable to speak

This place tormented me

I watched as this man felt me up

I watched as he forcibly made me choke on his cock

Only after he ripped out all my teeth

He said, there would be no biting for me


He rapes me again


I see my family get butchered again


I watch him string up my Dad’s body parts


He has his way with what’s left of my Mom’s corpse


Every hour

On the hour

I listened to my helpless screams

Seemingly they were a turn on for him

A man in a house

Way out of the way

No neighbors for miles

It was supposed to be a safe place

Instead it was the endless nightmare

The Clocktower replayed

Tormenting my mind

I fell to my knees crying…

I prayed it would end

The sick, fucked up suffering!

It did not

For another hour went by

I witnessed the gurgled chokings

Of my Dad

Helpless after the initial axe attack


There goes Mom


I’m tortured, he’s peeling off my skin


He is smiling!

If that was not enough

The next part would be

The moment he sawed my head from my body

You see, even if you wish for Death to take you

Even after the worst humiliation

The worst pain and suffering

Even then…I was crying what I could

He’d already carved out my tongue by that point

It was even then, I was afraid to die

Through tears it did not matter

The man collecting my skin

He took it with him

The only words he said were

For my collection…


I cry in despair


Is there no end to my psychological destruction





Nauseous, I vomit on the floor


I’ve run out of tears


I’m a quivering mess having to witness all again


I try to close my eyes but can’t

Then…it all ends…


The Clocktower changes everything

SARA! We are not done…

The voice brings me fear

My eyes wide with fright

The room is now some twisted mess

Body parts everywhere

A mirror in front of me

In the mirror is a more demented version of me

A smile on her face

She mimes instructions way too happily

She shows me how to kill myself with a knife

Stabbing, flaying, so many ways


It happens again


It’s pure psychological conditioning


I see all the ways


They put a knife in front of me


I put it to my throat…





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